Warrior Yoshi-P Elaborates on Warrior Buffs

Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by Nichigo, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Lion's Fall

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    I guess. But from SE it seems that it was a case of pallies being oped in a specific respect. No one was supposed to get through t5. The only reason theyre buffing wars is because they dont want to screw with coil. Idk if that was an honest reply on their part, but judging how these issues only arrise in end game I can see that being accurate.

    Not to mention that heal dependency is a war trait. That's why we have all those heal buffs, even more after 2.1.

    I guess to me its as if they filled a dungeon with an unmitigated dot race and expected pals to fair well. End game wasnt balanced for our class, I guess. And since end game is in limited supply there's no diversity of mechanics that include those that favor war. Thus a once viable class becomes less so. To me, it seems to be the dependence on big hits which effect us more than pals. Big hits that only come into play after garuda, but aren't common for 95% of the game.

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  2. gustachious06

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    Palis are Defs more OP the warriors at this moment , i know cuz im playing both as i love tanking ... warrior is a more rewarding tank to play cuz you have to be skilled to play them while paladin is an easy mode tank on steroids , mind you warriors defs make for a viable dps as well as tank :)

  3. Nichigo

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    I'm really looking forward to playing the new Warrior. I already started doing the first 3 dungeons, and it's been fun. I do feel squishier, but I can tell it's going to be alot more involving. PLD is cool too, but the 1-2-3 pop CD rotation gets old sometimes.

  4. Santi432

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    I'm Lvl 15 MRD I'm still having a bit of trouble understanding the class like what skills do you use on rotation and stuff like that do I go full str or vit?

  5. Scape

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    I honestly think the changes to WAR were not much. Defiance mechanics is probably biggest, not losing that healing buff to heal ourselves. But, now InnerBeast is reduced dramatically where HP healed almost isn't even worth it. Before it would heal for 300% of your damage! That's decent! Now, its 100%, and considering we don't do much damage as it is and Defiance lowers our damage by 25%... InnerBeast is a weak heal now. It sorta balances itself, IMO, like we are back at where we were before the patch. The damage mitigation from Vengeance is nice and all but it's only 20% for a very short time and on a long cooldown. Holmgang is worth using now but very situational. I get hit just as hard as before, except for the very short time Vengeance is up. And I now can not heal myself for as much.

  6. Demens_vir

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    For what it's worth from a healer perspective, pre 2.1 i had to keep a closer eye on warrior's hp, specially during multi group pulls.
    You still seem to take more damage than Paladins but it's compensated for by your larger hp pool and you are nowhere near as "spiky" as before.

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