Yearning to sink into the community this time! Come say hi :)

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by void404, Aug 11, 2021.

  1. void404

    void404 New Member

    Hello, hello, call me knives if you must!
    I don't mind being addressed by my "WoLs" name, but I am an enthusiast for roleplay so I just came up with a simple lil alias for any others with the same passion who may find addressing me personally by my Lalafell's name awkward--I totally feel the same way, heh. Anyways!

    I loooove this game. I'm already itching to have an FC someday based around a ragtag mysterious group of mischief & money making heavily based around RP. I am just a wittle level 30 so far though, so I have a ways to go before I can hope to start building a physical home for such a family! Honestly, given how rickety the market is when one is a novice to the underground, it'd probably be lots of fun incorporating that journey into the personal roleplay lore, but I digress!

    I actually completed ARR not too long ago, but found interest in my Viera withering a bit at the moment, as it sucks I'll never be able to make her look as I imagine and draw her to be super duper tall, ripped and riddled in scars haha.

    So I find myself falling in love with this Lalafell, Nenehe, whom I'm imagining to be quite the crafty little mouthy s**t; bratty and with a taste for the finer things in life without any interest in moving up any traditional ranks. Already twenty - something years into a long life to come, she doesn't want to waste anymore time. Places to see, things to wreck, names to take, gil to shower herself in, hot dates to fling, the whole shebang! One could say she wants to live her best life hundreds of times over, unshaken by the many tight spots she may trip herself up into being so reckless--Nenehe knows she's got the smarts to get her out of any bind sooner or later.

    I hope to make lots of friends, RP related or other!
    Feel free to let me know if you're interested in writing too!


    aha, also can someone tell me why there are two tags sections and what the difference is between Enter list of tags and Multiple tags may be separated by commas? i'm just gonna put the same tags in each field for now...

    p.s. i totally don't actually consider Nenehe an actual
    Warrior of Light if that wasn't obvious after all this
    word vomming, hahaha. too rowdy to be the protagonist!


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  2. discipleofmagic

    discipleofmagic New Member

    Hello, void404!
    I'm a newbie to this forum too, so I hope to be friends!

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  3. void404

    void404 New Member

    aw heck yeah, glad this place isn't too dusty after all!
    i always feel like i'm finding cool forum spaces for the game waaaay too late.
    excited to get to know ya!

  4. Jinzuku

    Jinzuku Vice Administrator

    Yo, welcome to the Realm. Always good to see an RPer. I'm not one myself but as an avid D&D player I do see the appeal.

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