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    8/24/13 @ 16:00 CST : Free Company Created!
    Who We Are:

    Wardens of Aether was founded and created by experienced MMORPG gamers (Who also happen to be brothers ;)) that truly want to build a mature, respectful, dependable, and like-minded Free Company. If that sounds appealing to you, you would definitely get along with the members at WoA. Like you, we're excited about FFXIV: ARR, but we know we will enjoy the game more by those we surround ourselves with.


    What We Offer:
    • Active Forums
    • Ad Free Website
    • Mature Members - Always
    • Private Teamspeak Server
    • Actual PVE Progression
    • Promotion Possibilities (Currently Open)
    • Members that will actually help you
    Why Choose Us?:
    Wardens of Aether has designed our recruitment process to identify things first-hand like:
    • Raiding experience
    • Maturity level
    • Age
    • Rules agreement
    • Acceptable demeanor
    • Guild history
    Obviously certain aspects of this process can help us identify a potential member's maturity, intellect, and overall ability to be a dependable asset to everyone at WoA. To put it simply, if you let just anyone join, you're going to have A LOT of problems. Because of our recruitment process we will end up with better quality members. Better members will result in you and everyone around you enjoying themselves more, and that's what every sensible MMO player wants anyway.
    Our members are laid back and of all different play-styles, casual to hardcore. Raids, events, leveling parties, and more will be planned on a regular basis through our active forums. There will be a ton of activity and you will always have a crew that has your back and is ready to game.

    We offer an ad free website to track the latest about gaming news and keep up on your community through our active forums. A Teamspeak server is available and ready to go for launch.


    The Administrators:

    We figured we'd add a little about ourselves so you, the potential recruit, could see who's leading this train and why you should jump on. As stated before we are two brothers (Aged 26 & 32) who have been gaming together for a large part of our life (starting with Final Fantasy 6).

    As you may have guessed from the picture above we are also both Iraq Vets and damn proud of it. This has been an idea of ours that never could seem to take off because of life getting in the way. Now that we are both settled with steady jobs and families it's time to make it happen.

    You absolutely won't find more dedicated community leaders to the gaming lifestyle. We're here to make the most badass, close-knit, awesome sauce gaming community anyone has ever seen.

    Our member base is currently pretty small comprising of real life friends and each other, but with your help we can change that.


    Apply for membership or learn more here:

    Wardens of Aether - Click here to apply!

    Thank you for applying and we look forward to meeting with you.

    -Titanburner & Digital_Shinobi

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