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    I must admit I've never seen this happen where they refused to do there job but then again it's normally me that doesn't get the drop.
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    As I've got better at healing it's definitely become a more situational ability

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    This is what I have noticed. one example is sastasha HM the second boss when the adds swarm and he starts going mental with his gun then I feel is a good use for it but it does feel a bit like a HOLY S**T button.

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    I'd have to disagree with you on that I use it when I know there's going to be consistent raid wide damage or after a big aoe that hits multiple people but I don't have time to fully heal them all because I need to focus on the tank. It's just another tool in in my arsenal.
    The only ability I'd class as OH $#!¿ is benediction

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    Definitely not a holy s**t button. I use Med II more than Medica in endgame raiding. Far, far more. Cure III > Medica II is my go to AoE heal in things like T13.
    Basically like Delta said, to use Medica II, consider this: Will the party be taking consistent damage? Do you have a scholar who's fairy will just heal everyone up after? Do you need powerful heals RIGHT NOW because of another AoE coming up that hurts more?
    Consistent damage, such as add phase in T12, generally means you want Medica II ticking the entire time to make it so you don't have to Medica spam and waste more mana. Scholar heals generally make it so that after a big burst of damage and no more, you focus on tanks, SCH fairy does the rest. Big damage repeatedly tends to be Medica or Cure III time.

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    I'm not raiding as high up as MiKa, but I use Med I when people need a burst in hp (Cure III if applicable) and Med II when more damage is expected. Titan EX for example, there's his stomps followed by his jump. Med II will continue ticking when he lands dealing more raid-wide damage. I once managed to save the raid with swiftcast > Cure III > Cure III when most of the party was near death and Titan started up his stomping fit.

    There are 2 different types of raids for me, when it comes to healing as SCH or WHM. Short fights and long fights. As either healer in short burst fights like found in ST, my co healer finds themself bored. I utilize things like Med II and Succor a lot because I can afford it comfortably. But then there's long fights like T5, T9, where use of all my skills are situational, and mp management matters.

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    I've done so much Shiva Ex (a.k.a. SEX) as WHM that I can close my eyes to heal it now!
    For that fight, all these different AoE spells serve different purposes at different phases. I would like to use SEX as a practical example to show how I make use of these different AoE spells in a real fight situation.

    Medica has higher burst heal potency than Medica II, while Medica II's regen effect eventually give rise to more totally HP recovery than Medica over a period of time. Cure III's AoE effect is much much smaller than Medica and Medica II. So while it's extremely strong, if you're targeting it to yourself and the DPS's, it probably can't reach the tank (and vice versa). It is a good thing to use if you see 2 or more people being hurt badly and if they're still clustered together. If they're not hurt too badly, or if only 2 people were injured, I'd just use Regen on each of them. It saves a lot of casting time since Regen is instant.

    In phase 1, I first let tank establish some aggro first. Then I give him a Regen (and from this point onwards, I always keep tank on Regen 24/7). And then after 3 more seconds, I cast Medica II as safety net because we dunno whether staff mode would come first, and some noobs would cluster and send themselves to the brink of death.

    When Shiva grabs her Sword in Sword mode, I would start casting Medica. The first cleavage attack (that required shared damage) will then happen, and the Medica will go off right after everyone is hurt. If Medica II expires now, I would re-activate it. Then a wave of icicles would arrive where you see both "true experts" and "true noobs" dodging it, while others staying in the middle. This is the time I will use "Sure Cast", and then Medica. If you don't use Sure Cast, the icicles will disrupt the casting of the Medica. The "true expert" would take zero damage, and come back unharmed triumphantly, while the "true noobs" would take double damage, and come back to the center with barely any HP. All others will just briefly hurt in the middle, and will all be healed by the Medica. The Medica II that is still ongoing will finish healing the rest.

    If Sword mode came first, the next mode will have to be Staff mode. So when she started talking nonsense, I'm already on my way to the outer rim of the arena. The noobs will start moving 3 seconds after I clicked by "DODGE PLEASE!" alert macro, and hopefully they don't cluster and die. And while they're moving out, I'm already moving back in to the center. You can see their paths, so it's easy to pick one that is safe without overlapping anyone. When the rest of the party are moving back to the center, I'm already standing in the center casting Medica or Medica II (depending whether the regen effect is close to expiration or not).

    Adds phase then arrives. I would first give a Regen to MT, one for OT, one for myself. Activate Shrouds of Saints to reduce the aggro and gain back the lost MP. The ongoing Medica II and the regen would have given myself a lot of aggro on the adds, so the Regen for myself is needed to keep myself alive after the adds hit me once. Keep an eye on Shiva. When she draws her sword at the beginning of add phase, it's time to cast either Medica or Medica II depending on whether Medica II has expired. The adds will attack me first, but OT will have grabbed them in seconds with Flash spam. Once stabilized, I will reactivate Regen on both MT and OT. Then BAM - Cleric Stance, Presence of Mind, Holy x2, then depending on MT's HP and my own MP, I may add 1 or 2 more Holy, or immediately turn off Cleric Stance to go back to healing again. After healing is stabilized, I can choose to Cleric again for more Holy (optional). Before Shiva freezes everyone, activate Medica II. Then comes Shiva's AoE, and I just simply add in another Medica, and everyone is back at full health. If the DPS are soooo damn good that all adds are cleared early, I can even

    Phase 2, the two waves of icicles & circular bombs are still most DPS's dead cause (on the Duty Finder). If they don't know how to dodge these, there's no remedy. When I see the same DPS dying in the same phase, same mechanics, 3 times in a row, I know there's not very much I can do. I do try my best to keep them on Medica II at all times, and throw them individual Regen if need, so they don't die that quickly. Anyway, so it's quite important to refresh that Medica II during the first wave of icicles, so it will last through the 2nd wave of icicles. When the first wave of icicles is happening, I usually move myself close to my assigned letter. But I will NOT go there yet, and keep an eye on what weapon Shiva is drawing. If she's drawing a staff, I know I can just move out to my letter to dodge the 2nd wave of icicles. If she draws a sword, I want to stay in the middle for as long as I can afford, and usually, while I'm moving to my assigned letter, the Sword cleavage attack will happen, and I would have helped sharing the damage while I was running to the letter.

    At some point in phase 2, Shiva will start going nuts on "blizzards" AoE attacks where everybody is forced to get hurt, much like Tumult in Titan Ex. These blizzards happen between icicles and circular bombs, and they get more and more frequent/severe towards the end. Medica spam is ensured, but this leaves the tank rather vulnerable. So during the 2nd or 3rd repeat of phase2, right after the initial 2 waves of icicles, I would give MT an "Eye for an Eye" or even "Virus" on the boss if need. Then pop Divine Seals or even Presence of Mind... and hopefully, the Medica spam will reach the tank as well, so that he stays alive through the blizzard before I can go back to Cure II on him. Spamming Medica II is a big NO NO NO here! Medica II's burst heal is low, and you're just burning much MP for very minimal heals. You want a Medica II to be actively having the Regen effect on your party, but you want to spam Medica here instead to get the most heal out of the least MP. The real "Oh Shxt" button here is actually the "Swift Cast" button, where you can Swift Cast -> Medica (and then continue spamming Medica), and potentially save the whole party from a wipe.

    Then circular bombs will happen... then Bow stance, and then Laser tag, which are relatively straight forward.

    Sometimes messes happen during tank swaps, and the MT and OT are both hurt and they're close to each other. This is the time for a nice Cure III by placing it on the MT. The use of Cure III is really situational, but I will not hesitate to use it if it procs for free.

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