Free Company <Vox Immortalis> is looking for raiders!

Discussion in 'Malboro' started by Boomr, Sep 23, 2013.

  1. Boomr

    Boomr New Member


    <Vox Immortalis> is a Free Company made up of a group of friends who moved on from raiding in other games to come experience FFXIV. We are currently in the market for players who are nearing the end of their gearing grind who are interested in raiding with an organized team!

    We are currently open to recruits of any Job, though some of the highest priorities we are looking for include:
    -Paladin Tank
    -Monk DPS
    -Dragoon DPS
    -BLM DPS

    We currently use a Mumble server for communication so a working headset is required to participate in raids. We are looking for players who have already done much of the work in their gear grind and who are serious about experiencing Coil before the release of Patch 2.1!

    If you have any interest feel free to add me in game "Boomr Kaden"

    We look forward to hearing from you!


  2. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro Crystal Brave

    I'm currently looking for them on Monday Night Football. Current evidence suggests they just don't show up.

  3. FunkTheWorld

    FunkTheWorld Crystal Brave

    I'm a 44 BLM at the moment (my signature has up to date info on all of my classes that I'm working on right now) and I'm looking for a FC like this.

    I'm not sure if I really meet any of the requirements to join this FC, but please let me know if I do. I was in a raid-oriented FC before, but the leaders grew very inactive it seems and the FC lost about half it's members within the past week because of it, so I ended up leaving too.

  4. Alena Havoc

    Alena Havoc New Member

    Are you interested in my Dragoon lvl 50 and have had my dark light gear. I also have a friend who is a lvl 50 monk and almost gears as I am that are interested in a smaller size FC of regular players to grp with.

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