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    Welcome to VIP's Presentation Topic!


    About Us

    Founded on July 28th 2013, our Free Company "VeryImportantPlayers" is gathering people who wish to join a community based free company. Unlike other FC's, we might have very specific selection entry criteria but it will always be for the good of the community.
    We are hoping to play as a group of people rather than aiming for glory.
    Glory will come in time but the most important aspect we would like to stress is unity.

    Since it is impossible to grow and to create unity at the same time, we will evole step by step.
    As it is suggested by the name of this company, only a few members will be selected to join us.
    The reason for this choice is that we think it is much more convenient to get to know each other when you are part of a small group. Later on, we will of course start recruiting again.

    Criteria selection:

    • Age 24+ or mature
    • Any nationality
    • In game level around 25-30 (optional but could be nice to xp all together)
    • Pledge for Immortal Flames (optional but it would greatly help to have an honored reputation)


    We will provide multiple ways to talk with us (website, ventrilo and the in game chat). Therefore it is mandatory that you utilize at least one of those communication devises.

    Really basic rules such as be polite(don't forget to say hi when you log in), be open-minded...

    Current Needs

    First come first served.

    Contact Information

    If you're interested in our philosophy, please feel free to post on this thread or to contact Kitty Ama, Niko Ama or myself in game.

    Looking forward to discover the wonderful world of Eorzea with you.

    PS: another crucial and last point: Have fun!!!

    Kind regards,

    Ryu Qindo.

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