The Phoenix Brigade is Recruiting

Discussion in 'Malboro' started by Atlas, Jan 10, 2014.

  1. Atlas

    Atlas New Member

    Our website just went live so if your interested in joining read the rules and regulations and sign up through the recruitment link at

    We are a medium core FC who's goal is to clear content but also to help others do so as well. We believe in a collective of exceptional gamers, new to FFXIV or not, to band together and defeat everything the game has to offer, at out own pace.

    Join us at the link above :)

  2. HelixOom

    HelixOom New Member

    Hey guys!

    thought I would stop by and say HI since it looks like this server is having a slow start.

    It looks like you guys are all pretty high up there. I'm still new to the MMO scene and the game, but am liking everything so far!

    Hope to chat soon!

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