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Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by Inkte, Aug 29, 2013.

  1. Inkte

    Inkte New Member

    Hi guys, this thread is to share your warrior macros. I hate having to press keys across my keyboard so i always try to put skills into macros. I'll start off with my macros first. Note: I am still lv40 so i don't have all the skills available.

    Attack 1:
    /ac "Inner Beast" <t>
    /ac "Heavy Swing" <t>
    /ac "Tomahawk" <t>

    This is my main attack, when mob is out of range it uses tomahawk and when i have 5 stacks of wrath it uses inner beast. I know its not optimal use of inner beast but so far so good tanking in dungeons. Never had any real problems with the constant spam healing from inner beast. And im usually not in defiance mode when outside of dungeons.

    Wanted to put mercy stroke inside it as i cant freaking time it right with 2 strong dps killing the mobs, and whenever i manage to get a hit off its not like im anywhere close to dying anyway. Plus outside of dungeons you can pretty much survive without it. But in the end i just left it out because you never know if it might come in handy. Might put it inside if i find i have too many buttons to press. Haha

    Fracture+defensive cooldown timer:
    /ac "Fracture" <t>
    /recast "Bloodbath"
    /recast "Foresight"
    /recast "Thrill of Battle"
    /recast "Unchained"
    /recast "Berserk"

    Mainly to keep track of my cooldowns while using fracture every 30 seconds. I have a separate log where it just purely shows the cooldown time.

    Bloodbath+ convalescense :
    /ac "Bloodbath" <me>
    /ac "Convalescense" <me>

    /ac "Foresight" <me>
    /ac "Featherfoot" <me>
    /ac "Thrill of Battle" <me>

    And also:
    /ac "Unchained" <me>
    /ac "Berserk" <me>

    I didn't put second wind inside as its situational. Thrill of battle was also not in a macro but im starting to get alot of skills so i had to put it with the defensive skills. Wanted to put second wind+potions together as a macro but can't seem to make items work in it.

    Planned Second wind +pot macro :
    /ac "Second Wind" <me>
    /item "Hi-Potion" <me>

    If the item macro works basically whenever i use it, it uses second wind to heal me instead of wasting a potion if its off cooldown. I tried /item /items /use and it doesn't work.

    So there you go, thats the macros im using now. If you think it sucks please tell me why, we are here to learn and it helps everyone alot with your feedback. Oh, and share your macros too!

  2. Grembo

    Grembo Crystal Brave

    Hmmm, playing on PS3 for now. It's quite tough to keep a track of this many skills, i'm getting through ok but need some macros to group up skills I normally use together.

    Stuff like...

    Target to Attack 1 > Tomahawk

    Heavy Swing > Skull Sunder > Butchers Block

    Convalescence > Thrill of Battle > Bloodbath

    A macro to to recast fracture every 30 seconds would be nice too.

    Anyone got any advice?

  3. Unedus

    Unedus Adventurer

    I haven't played with the macros yet, but if it follows ffxi it would be a chain of /wait 30 between the macro for fracture. The issue is by pressing other buttons your macro is cut short. So is it possible, yes, is it a good idea, not imo.

  4. JeckylTesla

    JeckylTesla Crystal Brave

    Bloodbath and Convalescence don't work together.

    It's important, as a WAR, to not link your defensive CD's together. You will need to use them separately, since they are scarce and we have access to s**t ones too.

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  5. Noilane

    Noilane Adventurer

    you will NEVER EVER wanna use that macro in raids
    i beg to you to remove this macro from your post
    we have enough bad warriors using Inner Beast brainless and our reputation is bad enough!

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  6. Kagato

    Kagato Adventurer

    It is getting rather overwhelming, especially since I play with a controller. As comfortable as it is for this game, I really wish I could still play with a controller and use keyboard macros. If there is a way, I'd love to know it since I find macros are best suited for keyboards while normal skill use is best for controllers.

    That being said, I am interested in this topic and hope more experienced Warriors share some of their macros and explain why they're made in such a way.

  7. Noilane

    Noilane Adventurer

    <se.4> Pull INC
    /wait 1.0
    <se.5> 5
    /wait 1.0
    <se.5> 4
    /wait 1.0
    <se.5> 3
    /wait 1.0
    <se.5> 2
    /wait 1.0
    <se.5> 1
    /wait 1.0
    <se.10> PULL

    my pulltimer macro with sound effects

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