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    Free Company 'Saviors of Gaia' <GAIA> is looking for new active members to help fill our ranks. We're fun, friendly, and we enjoy helping new players through their leveling journey as well as partying up for endgame content. Happy to run dungeons, raids, trials, FATEs etc. of any difficulty. We believe the quality of members greatly out-ways the quantity. No random spam inviting or cluttered nonsensical company chat! Yay! Officers of <GAIA> are very active and extremely helpful. If you're interested in becoming a Savior of Gaia or have any questions, feel free to reply here or contact any of the players below.

    Nyla Nightbosom-Grand Master
    Obscuro Mortuus-Knight of Gaia
    Viktor Vance-Knight of Gaia

    "Be excellent to one another, and party on dudes!"

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