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    We are actively recruiting officers to fill our ranks.

    If any great players are interested in becoming part of an organized FC and would like an opportunity to become an Officer of our Company, or you know another player that would be a great fit please respond to this thread below. I will set up a brief interview with candidates via Skype to discuss the role and expectations.

    Officer positions are listed below.

    - TFO Recruitment Officer:
    Responsible for recruiting talented and friendly players along with maintaining FC Population to at, or around 100 members.

    - TFO Morale Officer:
    Will work closely with Recruitment Officer to welcome new members and will be responsible for organizing FC events like dungeon runs, Fate grinds, farming contests, or whatever innovative methods they can come up with in an effort to keep things fresh for our members. This Officer will also be instrumental in moderating disputes and keeping the peace when disagreement arise.

    - TFO Raid Lead Officer:
    Responsible for researching end-game raid strategies and educating raid members about boss fights while leading the overall raiding experience.

    - TFO Crafting/Gathering Officer:
    This Officer lives to craft and is the expert with all things Hand/Land. This officer is responsible for working with members and other officers to ensure TFO has the appropriate level of crafted and gathered materials inventory. They will be a support resource for members to aid in leveling associated Land/Hand skill levels to support the prosperity of the company. They will work closely with the Finance/Auction Officer to price and sell any excess FC inventory for Gil that will be deposited directly into the company coffers.

    - TFO Finance/Auction Officer:
    Responsible for managing company finances and swelling the Company Coffers with GIL. This will be done through the selling of excess unused FC inventory and by selling unused items/gear dropped from Raids through Auctions. The proceeds will be used for RAID gear repairs and crafting material purchases as well as FC Events or awards planned by the Morale Officer.

    For more details, or for invite follow this link:

    Or contact me in game @
    Aaerowynn Laermeluion (Marlboro server)

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