Need help whats my enix id?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Aziah, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. Aziah

    Aziah Crystal Brave

    I am trying to add my square enix ID and it doesnt seem to be my email

    Does anyone know which it is?

    I login to my account just fine on their website and there are 2 names

    One is in red and the other is in gray which one would be my ID login?

    I tried them a few different ways with caps and without caps I am so confused please help :]

  2. Kaven

    Kaven Crystal Brave

    Your Square Enix ID is the ID you log in to with
    If you usually log in to that site with your email address, then login as normal (with your email address as the ID).

    Then within the banner at the top of the page you'll see the ID field which will contain your ID.


  3. Aziah

    Aziah Crystal Brave

    Yea I login to my account with my email address and there is a name at the top right for security purposes I will give a different example of what it says JoeTheSmo

    Now I add that in just like it says and it says that its wrong. I even changed my password to make sure. I tried it without capitals and with still no luck :[

    Contacting customer support and I have a 1 hour wait :[
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    I got it figured out now I am having trouble entering my registration code though.

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  4. fluttersnipe

    fluttersnipe Crystal Brave

    The ID system is stupid, you have 3 different ways you can login. SquareID, profile ID, and email address.

    Try logging into this one with your e-mail address, It's where I registered mine and my wife's copies of the game (I think it's just the shop). But It also displays your name at the top. A different name from the one on the other page.

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  5. Staal

    Staal New Member

    If you got your mails saved from when you created your account, usually you have a number at the end of your "name", the name + number is your ID...
    So far the only way I could find it was searching my mail for Square, and punch that ID in.

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