Level 70 gear thoughts?

Discussion in 'Crafters & Gatherers' started by Elivercury, Jul 12, 2017.

  1. Elivercury

    Elivercury Crystal Brave

    So I was wondering what people's thoughts were on level 70 gear?

    It's obviously a bit premature atm, as there is an expected release of master books with savage next week, but thought I'd get the discussion rolling.

    In an ideal world I would like multi-class gear, but given Ironworks/Carbonweave were not released until 3.3, we probably can't expect anything similar before 4.3. Even if we're optimistic and say 4.2, that's a good 6 months away.

    Accessories thankfully are always cross-class so is an easy decision. If like 3.05, 4.05 brings some green two star accessories I'll be all over those. If not you're probably best off sticking to HQ ironworks, or HQ white accessories if you don't have the ironworks gear.

    What about left side though? Unless you go for HQ white gear you're into class specific gear. Again, assuming 4.05 follows 3.05 you'll be able to choose your flavour of scrips or crafted, so it's much a case of how much you fancy scrip farming/melding I suppose. A big factor will be whether you can make 2 star items with only HQ white gear, if not then your hands will be somewhat tied.

    Tools is a similar deal. If 4.05 gives new options you'll be able to craft both, if not then white HQ for secondary and scrips for primary are your only options.

    One thing worth considering is that scrips gear/tools will potentially be able to get upgraded to augmented versions again further down the line, that said, by that point the ironworks equivalent will probably be out and you'll want to opt for that instead.

    To summarise my rambling, I'll hopefully be going for new green 2** accessories if they are released and melding the crap out of them as they'll most likely get me some considerable mileage.

    Tools I am on the fence with tbh. Scrip farming seems like a royal pain at 1300 a tool (~10000 scrips total), but then melding 8 tools also seems like a royal pain. I suspect I'll go craft/melded for core crafts that I'll need (BSM, WVR, LTW, maybe CRP or GSM) and scrips for the others. For secondary tools it'll be green all the way, while I will meld eventually.

    Body I suspect I'll go with some HQ white unmelded gear atm and see how far that gets me with 2** crafts. If I can easily meld to where I need I'll do that, if I can't I'll have to start augmenting with scrips gear. Realistically I'll have 22 items to max meld before even looking at the class specific body sets, so I'll probably opt for scrip gear.

    So yeah, big rambling post that I've mostly made to collect my own thoughts but wondered if anyone else had any ideas on the matter? Once again, it's all a bit guesswork until 4.05 hits next week.

  2. PrincessNewb

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    Currently the crafted white HQ melded gear is better than the scrip gear, so I'm not bothering with it. I stuck some CP on my accessories, but other than that I'm holding off until I see what the stats are for 2 star crafts before I jump into melding (I don't want to assume I need a certain stat over another and then not meet stat requirements). I already meet stat requirements for 1 star crafts with the hq White gear, so no need to do any over the top melding now. Same goes with gathering, except for I'm only doing scrips for my gathering folklore books. I always tend to stick the crafted gear route unless the scrip gear is obviously better.

    As for the scrip gear getting upgraded, I don't think that happened until the crafted ironworks came out, and the ironworks tools were better if melded a bit. This is all assuming they go the same route they did with Heavensward--they might change things up this time around.

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  3. Lebensohl

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    For normal crafting I just use lvl 70 Spiritbond gear (HQ accessories and apron, NQ vendor gear), since the crafts are easy enough. Its a great way to generate materia VIs.

    But I really don't see the point of melding anything right now. I believe that any craftsman/control over minimum requirements is essentially a wasted point (unless you have some serious macro that needs it).

    Also just a reminder, Alchemist added three new Teas that provide a small buff that stacks with Food. So it should be easier to 'stretch' to reach requirements for 2* crafts with very cheap melds.

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  4. Caimie Tsukino

    Caimie Tsukino Realm Scribe

    Most of us are sitting with lightly melded i290 HQ white gear. When new recipes arrive, we will either remove and re-meld, or simply make a new set. For now, I have no plans in acquiring any of the class-specific gear. Why? Not only because they are not strong enough to worth the money and time sink, most importantly, they are not that pretty. The class specific gear sets back in HW were a lot prettier!

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