Legion of Light - Recruiting new and experienced players for support/crafting/event runs

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    Welcome to the Legion of Light!

    Why join with us?

    Help build a great FC community from the start. The expectation to be the best and have a level 60 ready to raid and participate in scheduled events constantly isn't for everyone. We are looking for members who want to contribute and take on leadership roles within the FC, and generally make the game more enjoyable for everyone.

    We are:
    • Perfect for newer players who want help and support, and for those experienced players who want to help build a FC from the ground up!
    • A casual, helpful, community-focused free company.
    • Crafting and event/run/farm support focused. Need an item? We'll help you get it!
    • A place to socialize and make friends on the server.
    • Not raid-focused - but we have regular groupings, call on each other for help and to put together larger groups, and plan to explore end-game content as well as assist others who need end-game help.
    • Veteran MMO players and guild-runners, going back to Ultima Online, SWG, and other oldies.
    • Working mature adults, mostly. Silliness and off topic discussion is great and fine. Drama or whining will get you removed quickly.
    • Beer, food, and travel lovers.
    • Attain Rank 8 status
    • Build a FC house, crafting stations, and other goodies
    • Provide buffs on a regular basis to members
    • Provide helpful events to assist new or experienced players with runs, items, etc.
    • FC leadership is mostly east coast US-based. Our core play times are 8:30pm-Midnight eastern time, 7 days a week, though you will find members coming on at all times. Players from other time zones are more than welcome.
    Send a msg to Tragic Azora in game, or reply here, or email tzakiel@gmail.com

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