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Discussion in 'The Realm Noticeboard' started by Fybrile, Oct 13, 2021.

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    Just starting FFXIV? Trying to get to the end of Shadowbringers before the next expansion?
    Or, maybe interested in starting an alt and experiencing the game anew?
    Or, having trouble finding a community of active players you like? Want to be part of a new FC from the ground up?
    Or, just want to meet other people from the Realm?

    Well, we are starting alts on Hyperion and are hoping some of you lurkers will come join us! In a couple weeks, maybe we'll even have enough players to start an FC? I would absolutely LOVE to play this game with you all! Even if it's just a place to park an alt, come join us on Hyperion!

    Message me here, or in game as "Fybrile Bardiche" on Hyperion, for a CWLS or FC invite!~

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