Warrior Initial enmity rotation when dealing with high aggro medicas?

Discussion in 'Disciples of War' started by Don, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. Don

    Don New Member

    New mob pops out and healer steals aggros with medicas.

    What is the best enmity rotation to deal with it?

    Provoke -> Tomahawk -> Flash -> Overpower?

    Or just Provoke -> Repeat Overpower (and Holmgang if it stills goes after the healers?)

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Scape

    Scape Crystal Brave

    I'm not sure on how much each builds enmity compared to others, but I typically Provoke>Tomahawk>Butchers Block combo. Overpower/flash might be faster instead of the combo, but idk, never had much problems. If multiple then mobs, then of course, those are better.

  3. Noilane

    Noilane Adventurer

    First of all if the healer knows an add spawns (like in the garuda hard/ex fights) and he still casts medica 2 close to spawntime.
    he deserves to die... (my opinion xD)

    but for the fastest threat generation

    (if the mob is still on the move/spawned)
    Tomahawk x2 -> Butcher Combo

    thats what i use

    Provoke sounds flashy but only 1 emnity above the current number one with medica ticks u will just waste ur Provoke Cooldown.

  4. Cyn Romanace

    Cyn Romanace Scion

    This is an ok way to do it but tomahawk is big sink in TP so avoiding multiple uses of it is always good unless there is just no way to get to the mob in time.

    For example, look at Garuda EX. Charuda and suparna need to be seperated to oppsite sides of the fighting ring, a good way as a warrior to maximize your snap aggro is to prime you your BB combo and get in position for charuda to spawn. As soon as she spawns hit her with BB and run to the position you need to place her in.

    1 primed BB is enough to get a nice aggro cap on medicas and mdeica ticks. If you want to cement it even more, pop berserker just before charuda spawns and then hit her with BB.

    In regards to Tomahawk, I only use it as an opener if there is no way to prime a BB before engageing or if I need to tag a mob from range. That said, it is also a good practice to prime your Tomahawk with berserker, internal release, or unchained to up its damage and threat generated.

    Failing being prepared for the mob to spawn as mentioned, Provoke is your next option to keep the mob from spending too much time on the healer or dps who got initial threat. Now provoke is only current threat cap+1 and should imediately be followed by a berserker+tomahawk or breserker+primed BB, this situation should look like this

    Berserker -> Provoke -> tomahawk/BB

    You pop berserker first becuse you dont want to waste the time after provoke and risk another medica or DoT tick going off. Also the advanatage of this is to minimize your over all movement so you dont need to take a boss or high damage yeilding mob close to the group. The important thing to remember though is that after you have gotten the monsters attention depending on how close it is to you or not you may or may not need to Tomahawk again to insure that it reaches you but once it reaches you, you need to execute a quick BB rotation on it to further cement the threat hold on the target. After that you can work the target into a single target threat rotation which I advise over spamming over power since you never know when your going to have to burn a chucnk of TP to peal another mob off another player. However if you are more comfortable useing overpower to cement aggro on multiple targets then do that, just be cautcious of your TP pool.

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  5. Noilane

    Noilane Adventurer

    yeah thats kinda advanced tactics ^^
    u wanna prime bb for like everything in later content :)

  6. Don

    Don New Member

    Sorry for the late reply but BB stands for Bloodbath or Butcher's Block?

    Another question i wanna know about skull sunder. Does it produce the same amount of aggro as Butcher's Block?

  7. Noilane

    Noilane Adventurer

    it stands for Butchers Block

    nope the aggro of skull sunder is lower then the one of butchers block if i remember correct the multiplier on SS was x3 and BB x5 (dont nail me on those numbers!)

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