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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Ormond, Jan 2, 2014.

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    Heh, Vamp, I love that "that you are so excited to make" ... Personally, I find introducing myself formally online tedious, but I really like this forum and have found it very helpful and friendly so I feel slightly obliged if I am going to be on here often.

    Um... I'm just a no-namin' student about the graduate and get out into the world to find a job to support my first child on the way. I am in beautiful relationships all across the board of my life. I like all kinds of things outside and in. I'm a bit rough around the edges, the closer you get to me, but I mean well 87% (a made up statistic) of the time. Depending on the day, I am an atheist or a Deist, or a Christian or a Buddhist but NEVER an anti-theist (if you don't know the difference please learn it before coming at me). Evaluating life on spiritual terms for me is a dialectic (ever-changing based on new ideas replacing old, defunct ideas) process. I consider myself an intellectual and do not stand idle to bad information being distributed... but I LOVE TO HAVE FUN!!!!! My gamer history is as follows: In elementary school, played the Oregon Trail, Mathblaster, Treasure Mountain, Operation Neptune, Mario Teaches Typing, Started playing Zelda Link's Awakening in 1993... been sprung on RPGS and MMORPGs ever since. I am also always an ear to listen if you need some advice, I have experienced a lot in life and I am a wellspring for good proper advice.

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    Good luck on the job hunt once you graduate; welcome to the Realm. :shy:

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    Thanks you for the warm welcome. Hope to get to play with you at some point. ^^
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    Sorry about that typo, I was starting the response as if from Ormond, but then realized I shouldn't RP as my character here (I think).

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    Welcome to FFXIV and these boards :).

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