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    Welcome one and all!
    Gatherer's Party is a newly formed casual free company and linkshell on the Masamune server. This is the Free Company for those who love gathering and crafting in FF14:ARR!

    Gatherer's Party is for all gatherers and crafters a like;
    -We are for the right of all gatherers to sell their wares at a fair price. We wish to encourage setting items up for sale at the correct minimum prices so that buyers and sellers get a fair price all the time.
    -We are for promoting a healthy market trend.
    -We are for helping with gear upgrades.
    -We hope to get an excellent reputation among players.

    We are a casual free company that focuses on gathering and crafting. We are an open friendly free company that will welcome all who are interested in gathering or crafting and needs a home of like-minded people.

    Some general rules to follow;
    - Be kind to all inside and outside the free company/Linkshell.
    - Have fun.

    We may be able to get more goals in the future as we grow, so if you wish to help us, help you then consider joining the Gatherer's Party today!

    Please apply online or contact Adan Jabari in game.

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    Updated information.

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