FF14 Advanced Crafting Guide by Caimie Tsukino (Re-vamped 2021)

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    Took me 12 days, but my original crafting guide from 2014 has been re-vamped!

    FF14 Advanced Crafting Guide by Caimie Tsukino (Re-vamped 2021)

    Ch1: A Reason to Craft
    Ch2: Leveling All Crafting Classes Together
    Ch3: The Importance of WVR & BSM to Crafting
    Ch4: Gathering Classes to Support Crafting
    Ch5: Retainers to Support Crafting
    Ch6: Inventory Space Management
    Ch7: Craftsmanship, Control, CP and the Basic Mechanics of Crafting
    Ch8: Crafting Actions
    Ch9: Crafting Conditions
    Ch10: Generating a Crafting Rotation
    Ch11: Common Mistakes that Novice Crafters Make
    Ch12: Learn to Modify Rotations According to Conditions
    Ch13: Macro-crafting
    Ch14: Methods of Leveling
    --------Ch14A: Leveling via Crafting Log
    --------Ch14B: Ishgard Restoration - The Firmament
    --------Ch14C: Tradecraft Leves
    --------Ch14D : Grand Company Supply/Provisioning Missions
    --------Ch14E: Collectables
    --------Ch14F : Beast Tribes
    --------Ch14G: Massively macro-crafting ingots/lumber/cloths
    Ch15: Buffs for EXP & Stats
    --------Ch15A: Engineering Manuals
    --------Ch15B: Food & Medicine
    --------Ch15C: Free Company Buffs
    --------Ch15D : Crafting Facilities
    --------Ch15E: Resting Bonus EXP
    Ch16: Leveling Gear Sets to Bridge Over Expansions
    Ch17: The Specialist System
    Ch18: Yellow Scrips & White Scrips
    Ch19: Custom Delivery
    Ch20: Rowena's Representative (Sundry Splendor)
    Ch21: The True Beginning of a Crafter
    Ch22: Master Recipe Books
    Ch23: Materia
    --------Ch23A: Materia Overmelds
    --------Ch23B: Melding Cap
    --------Ch23C: Materia Retrieval
    --------Ch23D : Materia Extraction
    --------Ch23E: Melding Strategies for Leveling Crafters
    --------Ch23F: Materia Transmution
    --------Ch23G: Spiritbonding to Produce Materia
    Ch24: Endgame BiS Gear Set
    Ch25: Skysteel Tool Saga
    Ch26: Expert Recipes
    --------Ch26A: Skybuilders' Expert Recipes for Skybuilders' Tools
    --------Ch26B: Restoration(4) Expert Recipes for Skyward Pts
    --------Ch26C: Resplendent Expert Recipes for Resplendent Crafting Tools
    Ch27: Endgame Rotations & Macro Collections

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