(FC) First world problems seeking active members!

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    What's you first world problem? Not finding a decent FC to run static groups? Tired or relying on pug groups for lingering quests displaying on your HUD screen? Is your FC quite, don't talk much, or have fun communicating to keep inspired in the game. A casual gameplay experience for leveling, dungeons, hunts, pvp and raiding, we are rebuilding our group, and seeking valuable and fun gamers like you! Join us at our lavender beds mansion, "Renew" your love for FFXIV <3

    Send in your applications to "First World Problems" or ask for a invite to any member in our FC with the "Renew" tagline, join our home and make it yours.

    -Melime Shire
    Jedi Council

    Let the Recruiting begin

    Exterior of Mansion

    Inside of Mansion

    Our FC running into S ranks

    Attempting T5, thus forming static groups to join us

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