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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Ormond, Jan 2, 2014.

  1. Ormond

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    Hello, all, nice to have you here first of all, I love this forum. I picked up ARR over last week and am completely getting immersed, but one of the aspects that is being only somewhat fulfilled for me right now is the social component of the game. I am on PS3 only so all I can hope for right now is a keyboard for my PS3 and a way to use my headset with my FC. Does anyone know more about the particulars? Is there an equivalent to Vent (like on WoW)? I'd like to be able to talk about game play with other players if possible. As far as RPing, I don't know how well I'd do vocalizing Role Play but I'd like to try!! I have 3 characters in 3 different data centers, 1 on Balmung, 1 on Mateus, and 1 on Unicorn. I am thinking about deleting the one on Unicorn (Abraham Lincoln as a MMORPG character name just doesn't seem to be the appropriate veneration).

  2. Brahma

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    The FC I was previously in used Vent. I got on it a few times, and it was a good resource for primals and such. I didn't use it as a social mechanism very often, though. My current FC uses Team Speak. In fact, they rely on its use so much that I feel all other forms of communication are lacking, which I dislike. I've also heard the name "Mumble" used for FC voice chat. Whatever the FC uses is up to the FC itself. Personally, I'm not a fan of voice chat, but it is useful. Most serious FC's utilize voice chat in some form.

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  3. The47thSen

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    Don't use voice chat.

    Used it for a bit when playing diablo3 but found it too distracting.

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  4. Ormond

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    I will suppose then that this "quest" of mine may take an ilm of trial and error. I am going to ask my FC what they use and what they would like to use. I wonder if it's possible for everyone in the FC to use different voice programs. I'm not really a fan of voice chat either, but it may provide useful at some point.
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    Thanks for the advice, I have never tried so I don't know how it will factor in. I haven't used it on WoW, but I may pick up Vent eventually.

  5. Cynessae

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    Our FC uses voice chat rather frequently. A bunch of us are friends so we use it to socialize, as well as talk about in-game stuff and coordinate strategies when we run various dungeons and events. We require it for end-game stuff, just because it makes it easier on everyone.

    Of course, our FC chat is very active, as well, as we don't ignore that while we're on Vent, either, because we realize some members aren't on Vent or don't wish to use it at that point in time.

    It basically just comes down to how each FC runs things. It isn't possible for everyone to use different voice chat programs and still communicate, usually the FC leadership will run one (Ventrilo, TeamSpeak or Mumble are likely the most popular) and that's what everyone has to use.

    I don't RP over voice chat. ;)

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