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    Happy New Year Everyone! The News Team got a shiny new medium house for Christmas, so it's time to recruit and fill all that space! We're a small, casual-to-medium-core, low-level/newbie-friendly Rank 8 FC that focuses on helping with MSQ progression, leveling alts, and reaching whatever personal goals you might have (which is "Get Anima" for most of us right now). Here are some of the bells and whistles:

    • Two gardens almost always available for your green thumb, chocobo stables, and airship facilities
    • Tanks and healers to help you queue!
    • Three airships to collect spoils and run the Diadem!
    • Scheduled map nights for rare mats, Anima bullcrap and shenanigans
    • Regular runs of older content (CT, Primals, oddball instances you need to clear)
    • A PSN Community to stay social and active outside Eorzea
    • The legendary Ron Burgandy himself. If you're lucky, he just might sing for you with a voice that could make a wolverine purr and suits so fine they made Sinatra look like a hobo.
    Other than 24-man content, we stay out of raids and spend a lot of time helping each other with dailies and first-time dungeon clears (slowly working our way through this new content ). If you're interested, contact any one of the following leaders. Stay classy Brynhildr!

    Ron Burgandy

    Mistral Paulabdul

    Braya Wheelers

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