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    T3 leaves you short on MP if you are not with a SCH (or eating something like Pineapple Ponzecake) for Swiftcast > Flare at the end of the opener. It can still be done, but you lose one of your Fire casts, cutting into your DPS. T2 should fix the problem for all races, though the truly piety starved may have to use regular Thunder.

    Flare > Transpose > F3 is a DPS loss 99/100 times. It works for things like Titan gaols if you happen to be at that point in your rotation, but otherwise you should not be using Flare in single target rotations except when you have Convert up for Flare > Convert > Fire > B3.

    I do plenty of research myself. Here is a snap of some numbers I ran just to see whether fire weaving Firestarter procs is actually better than B3 > T1 > Transpose > F3 for my BLM guide. I parse myself in pretty much all end game content as well. Here are some unmerged parses just from very recent clears at i120-i122: 20% echo T9, 15% echo T10, 5% echo TEX just to show I have at least 1% of a clue of what I am doing.

    In any case, I look forward to the expansion blowing up rotations everywhere as well. It will be nice to have to relearn how to play everything.

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    Well, I could imagine a number of fights where mechanics will force rotations; real fights are not optimized like target dummies, sadly. As SMN, I struggle with parsing above 450 on t11, even if I hug the right flank... But (as Blm, though I've yet to try this fight as such) I could imagine even swapping down to thunder1 in that fight to minimize casting times while I pray for thunderclouds... And similarly I would probably try dumping fire3s altogether if that meant more fire1s and firestarters!

    Hmm... Maybe I found something to play with while we all wait for the expac... lol

    Lol, that nin in t10 needs some help.

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