Astrologian AST: Initial Thoughts

Discussion in 'Disciples of Magic' started by mitchcanter, Jun 19, 2015.

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    just FYI :idea:

    Q20. Are there any plans to make any type of adjustments for astrologians?

    A20. We’re thinking of making adjustments where astrologians will be able to use Spread while not in combat, or shortening the recast time for Shuffle. We have received feedback on how Lightspeed is hard to use, and so we’re planning to make adjustments so you can clearly feel the strength of this. As for Collective Unconscious and Celestial Opposition, instead of adjusting the stats similar to other healer actions, we’ll make astrologian-like adjustments where they switch between stances. We’ll make these adjustments without waiting for Alexander (Savage).

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    I need to give AST a try. On first glance it seems like it has a lot of "toys" to distract you from your primary role - toys which may or may not end up being of much use, and serve as justification for overall weaker healing.

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    My first main was a BRD, and then I switched to WHM. When HW came out I switched to AST to try it out.

    AST has replaced WHM as my main.

    I like the overall "flow" of the class. It seems (to me, anyway) to be a bit faster paced - and yeah, there are some things to take away from healing like cards and what-not - but I've been able to keep up with WHMs and SCH's in terms of healing in anything I've done. All in all, I'm really happy i went with AST (even before the buffs last patch I was happy, but that was just icing on the cake for me!)

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    SCH will always be my first love. I haven't replaced SCH with AST as my main healing class yet. It's a lot more fluid and fun with the new recast on certain abilities and new card effects like you said are just the topping on the cake.

    I love SCH but I like AST a lot too but a lot of people seem to be giving me a lot of grief about lvling AST. I think I'm doing a great job at playing AST but it's not me that needs to change other people's mind about AST it's all the other people who play the job poorly that is making lolAST a thing. :shifty:"

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    See, you guys are making me want to try AST.

    ...but if I level WHM I get Archmage title and Stoneskin...

    Ugh, time management sucks. :D

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