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      Launched on 15 Nov 2019

      Quantitative Gathering for Ishgardian Restoration by Caimie Tsukino

      Here we are at Patch 5.1! With the current craziness of everybody gathering and crafting for Ishgardian Restoration (most of us just to get the Ufiti mount... needing 8400 scrips!), I'd like to put in my 2 cents regarding maximizing gathering quantity. As the amount of gathered raw mats for crafting is estimated to be at range of thousands, maximizing quantity is rather significant, as it may save you many hours of work.

      Step 1 - Equip yourself with sufficient Hi-Cordial and Cordial. You will need these to keep refilling your GP.

      Step 2 - Activate "Sneak" (used to be Stealth in the old days... Sneak is the updated and better version).

      Step 3 - Set up Waymarks (A, B & C) at gathering points, so you can easily see on minimap where to fly, and can easily see on screen where to land.
      - Set up Waymarks A, B & C on node clusters, and activate Sneak.

      Step 4 - Always try to always keep your GP below max and Cordials/Hi-Cordials on cooldown. Because "SPENDING GP" = faster gathering of ores/logs. This is the basis of faster gathering. i.e. Spend your GP wisely, but don't be stingy about spending GP or using Cordials.
      - Keep GP below max and keep Cordials/Hi-Cordials on cooldown to maximize GP gain.

      Step 5 - This is the "chorus" of this gathering guide. So, under what condition should I use what skill to maximize yield? First, you need to realize that for these Skybuilders' Ores/Logs, you CANNOT obtain HQ, so any skill that increase quality are meaningless. All GP should be spent on increasing QUANTITY.

      - If NOTHING special pops, just "Enable Quick Gathering", and quickly finish the node.

      - If "Gathering Attempts +1" pops, use "King's Yield II / Blessed Harvest II" (500 GP) to gain 2 more yields per hit. Then "Enable Quick Gathering", and finish it off. These gathering nodes have a standard of 4 gathering attempts only. Under the condition of "Gathering Attempts +1", you will have 5 hits. Thus, if each hit gets 2 more ores, you will now obtain 10 extra ores with the 500 GP spent. i.e. 50 GP per extra ore.

      - If "Gathering Yield +1 / +2 / +3 / +4" pops, don't bother using anything, and just "Enable Quick Gathering", and quickly finish the node. You see, even if it's +4, which means each hit is 5 ores, even if you use "King's Yield II", you're still just adding 2 more ores per hit, and you still only have 4 hits on that node. This means you're spending 500 GP for only 8 more ores. i.e. 62.5 GP per extra ore. This is inefficient. Alternatively, you may ask, "What about using "Solid Reason / Ageless Words" to add an attempt? Well, Solid Reason adds 1 attempt for 300 GP. Even if you're having 5 ores per hit, you're still spending 300 GP for 5 ores. i.e. 60 GP per extra ore. That's slightly better than King's Yield II here, but still not efficient. "Gathering Attempt +1" conditions happens A LOT, so why not go for 50 GP per extra ore?

      - If "Gathering Yield +6 or more" pops, CONGRATS! You hit the jackpot! :cheer: DO NOT use King's Yield II here, as you STILL only have 4 hits here. So King's Yield II will only give you 8 extra ores. Instead, what you need is "Solid Reason / Ageless Words" (300 GP) to gain more attempts. If it's "Gathering Yield +8", each hit will give 9 ores. So each 300 GP spent on Solid Reason will yield 9 extra ores! i.e. 33.3 GP per extra ore! That is extremely efficient. Thus, if possible, you actually want to use Solid Reason TWICE. Spend that 600 GP, and get 18 extra ores.

      IMPORTANT: You CANNOT use Solid Reason/ Ageless Words when your gathering attempts are still at max on a node! You need to BURN off some attempts first, otherwise your GP on Solid Reason will go to waste. So here are the steps:
      (i) Turn OFF Quick Gathering (because you can't use skills once Quick Gathering is started).
      (ii) If you plan to use Solid Reason once, hit the node once. If you plan to use Solid Reason twice, hit the node twice.
      (iii) Activate Solid Reason once or twice (depending on your GP).
      (iv) "Enable Quick Gathering" and let it finish off automatically.

      If you don't have enough GP, and your Cordials are on cooldown, you may choose to wait, or you can go to another node to gather. However, DO NOT gather from BOTH of the other node clusters. If you go to all the other clusters and come back, that jackpot node will be reset (i.e. if your jackpot node is at Waymark C, don't gather from Waymark A and B... you will lose the jackpot). What you can do, is gather from the node near the jackpot node, and gather from another node cluster, and then you have to come back for the jackpot node (i.e. if your jackpot is at C, you can gather from C and A, and then go back to C for the jackpot).

      - If "Gathering Yield +5" pops, this gives 6 ore per hit. Here, you MAY choose to use "Solid Reason / Ageless Words", as the 300 GP spent will give rise to 6 extra ores. i.e. 50 GP per extra ore -- same efficiency as using King's Yield II in "+1 attempt" nodes.

      - If "Gathering Attempt +1" (which happens a lot), use King's Yield II / Blessed Harvest II (500 GP).

      - If it's "Gathering Yield +9", it's considered "jackpot". But DO NOT use King's Yield II! You still only got 4 attempts! Use Solid Reason/Ageless Words instead!

      - If this is the case, turn OFF Quick Gathering, and hit the node twice to burn off two attempts. This allows room to use Solid Reason twice. Each Solid Reason will give 10 extra ores. After that, turn ON Quick Gathering again, and finish off the node.

      - The Ufiti mount acquired from 8400 scrips! :)
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