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      1.) Introduction
          1.1) Changes at-a-glance
          1.2) Abbreviations and Keywords
      2.) Lancer Abilities
          2.1) Lancer Weaponskills
          2.2) Lancer passive abilities
          2.3) Lancer Job Class Quest Abilities
      3.) The Dragoon
          3.1) Small Intro
          3.2) Unlocking the Dragoon
          3.3) Dragoon Abilities
      4.) Your Role as a LNC/DRG
      5.) Cross-class Abilities
          5.1) Small Explanation
          5.2) DRG Cross-Class abilities
      6.) Rotations as a Dragoon
          6.1) Chaos Trust
          6.2) Non-Chaos Trust
          6.3) Jumps
          6.4) DPS Cooldowns
          6.5) Conditions and Caveats
      7.) Stats and Gearing
          7.1) Stat Priority
          7.2) Specific Stat Weights
          7.3) Specific Stat Caps
          7.4) Grand Company
          7.5) Entry-level Raiding
      8.) Materia
      9.) Endgame Theory
      10.) Tips and Tricks to maximize your potential
      11.) Changelog
      12.) Special Thanks

      Welcome to the first Dragoon Compendium for FFXIV:ARR. This guide will cover everything from the basics, to advanced techniques, to serve as a reference for both players new to FFXIV:ARR, new to MMOs in general, and veterans.

      As of writing this on 7/19/2013, this guide is still largely opinionated and guesswork, as the game as yet to be released.Some of the information listed below is from 1.0, and is still unconfirmed whether to be ingame. I'll make notes where it's needed, warning readers that the relevant information is merely rumored.

      Regardless, I want to get a jump-start, and create a centralized post where players can have a quick, easy reference to keep themselves up-to-date with all things Dragoon.

      Changes at-a-glance

      8/1/2013 - .dat mining from database available with benchmark tool:

      -No longer has Archer as a sub-class.
      -Pugilist has been added as a sub-class.
      Keen Flurry: Parry rate increased from 20% -> 80%
      Vorpal Thrust level reduced to 4
      Keen Flurry Level increased to 6
      Life Surge: Healing component reduced from 20% -> 10%
      Jump: Potency increased from 180 -> 200. Recast reduced from 60s -> 40s.
      Phlebotomize: DoT potency increased from 10 -> 20.
      Power Surge: Recast reduced from 180s -> 90s.
      Dragonfire Dive: Recast reduced from 300s -> 180s.
      Exhilarate (trait): Additional TP gained from Invigorate increased from 450 -> 500.

      Keywords and Abbreviations

      AA - Autoattack
      ACN - Arcanist
      ARC - Archer
      BLM - Black Mage
      BRD - Bard
      B4B - Blood for Blood
      CNJ - Conjurer
      Crit - Critical Chance to Hit
      CT - Chaos Thrust
      Det - Determination
      DFD - Dragonfire Dive
      Dis - Disembowel
      DS - Doom Spike
      DRG - Dragoon
      EJ - Elusive Jump
      FT - Full Thrust
      GCD - Global Cooldown
      GLD - Gladiator
      HT - Heavy Thrust
      HP - Health Points; Health Pool
      ID - Impulse Drive
      Inv - Invigorate
      KF - Keen Flurry
      LeS - Leg Sweep
      LNC - Lancer
      LS - Life Surge
      MNK - Monk
      MP - Mana Points
      MRD - Marauder
      MS - Mercy Stroke
      NCT - Non-Chaos Thrust
      PGL - Pugilist
      PS - Power Surge
      PT - Piercing Talon
      QS - Quelling Strikes
      RC - Recast Time
      RoT - Ring of Thorns
      RS - Raging Strikes
      SCH - Scholar
      SkS - Skill Speed
      SMN - Summoner
      Str - Strength
      SS - Straight Shot
      SSD - Spineshatter Dive
      THM - Thamaturge
      TP - Technical Points
      TT - True Thrust
      TTC - Time to Cast
      VT - Vorpal Thrust
      WHM - White Mage
      WS - Weaponskill
      Lancer Abilities

      Lancer Weaponskills

      [​IMG] [1] True Thrust
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 70 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Req: LNC DRG
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 150.

      [​IMG] [2] Feint
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 80 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 120.
      Debuff: Slow +20%, for 10 sec

      [​IMG] [4] Vorpal Thrust
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 60 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Req: LNC DRG
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.

      Combo: (http://xivdb.com/?skill/75/True-Thrust) Delivers an attack with a potency of 200.

      [​IMG] [6] Keen Flurry
      RC: 90 sec TP: 0 MP: 0

      Increases parry rate by 80%, for 20 sec.

      [​IMG] [8] Impulse Drive
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 70 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 100. 180 when delivered from behind.

      [​IMG] [10] Leg Sweep
      RC: 30 sec TP: 0 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Req: LNC DRG
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 130.
      Debuff: Stun, for 3 sec

      [​IMG] [12] Heavy Thrust
      RC: 2.5 sec ~ TP: 70 ~ MP: 0 ~ Range: 3m ~ Radius: 0m
      Req: LNC DRG
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 100. 170 when delivered from a flank.
      Buff: DMG +10%, for 10 sec if attacked from a flank.

      [​IMG] [18] Life Surge
      RC: 90 sec ~ TP: 0 ~ MP: 0
      Req: LNC DRG
      Buff: Ensures critical damage for first non-magic action used while Life Surge is active. Damage dealth will be absorbed as HP, up to 10% of your maximum HP.

      [​IMG] [22] Invigorate
      RC: 180 sec TP: 0 MP: 0
      Instantly restores 450 TP.

      [​IMG] [26] Full Thrust
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 60 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Req: LNC DRG
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
      Combo: (http://xivdb.com/?skill/78/Vorpal-Thrust): Delivers an attack with a potency of 300.

      [​IMG] [34] Blood for Blood
      RC: 80 sec TP: 0 MP: 0
      Buff: Increases damage dealt by 20% and damage suffered by 25%, for 20 sec.

      [​IMG] [38] Disembowel
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 60 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Req: LNC DRG
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
      Combo: (http://xivdb.com/?skill/81/Impulse-Drive): Delivers an attack with a potency of 220 and reduce target's piercing resistance by 10%, for 20 sec.

      [​IMG] [42] Doom Spike
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 160 MP: 0 Range: 10m Radius: 10m
      Req: LNC DRG
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 135 to all enemies in a straight line before you.

      [​IMG] [46] Ring of Thorns
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 120 MP: 0 Range: 0m Radius: 5m
      Req: LNC DRG
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 100 to all nearby enemies.
      Combo: (http://xivdb.com/?skill/79/Heavy-Thrust): Delivers an attack with a potency of 150 to all nearby enemies.

      [​IMG] [50] Chaos Thrust
      RC: 2.5 sec ~ TP: 60 ~ MP: 0 ~ Range: 3m ~ Radius: 0m
      Req: LNC DRG
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
      Combo: (http://xivdb.com/?skill/87/Disembowel): Delivers an attack with a potency of 160 and inflicts DMG over time with a potency of 20, for 20 sec.

      Lancer Passive Abilities

      [​IMG] [8] Enhanced Strength
      Increases strength by 2.

      [​IMG] [14] Enhanced Feint
      Extends Slow duration inflicted by Feint to 20 seconds.

      [​IMG] [16] Enhanced Strength II
      Increases strength by 4.

      [​IMG] [20] Keener Flurry
      Extends Keen Flurry duration to 30 seconds.

      [​IMG] [24] Enhanced Strength III
      Increases strength by 6.

      [​IMG] [28] Enhanced Leg Sweep
      Shortens Leg Sweep recast time to 20 seconds.

      [​IMG] [32] Enhanced Life Surge
      Shortens Life Surge recast time to 60 seconds.

      [​IMG] [36] Exhilarate
      Increases the TP restored by Invigorate to 500.

      [​IMG] [40] Heavier Thrust
      Extends Heavy Thrust duration to 15 seconds.

      [​IMG] [44] Enhanced Blood for Blood
      Improves Blood for Blood damage increase to 30%.

      [​IMG] [48] Exenterate
      Extends Disembowel duration to 30 seconds.

      Lancer Class Quest Abilities

      [​IMG] [15] Piercing Talon
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 130 MP: 0 Range: 15m Radius: 0m
      Req: LNC DRG
      Delivers a ranged attack with a potency of 120.
      Quest NPC: Haurtefert(Old Gridania/Lancer Guild)

      [​IMG] [30] Phlebotomize
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 90 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Req: LNC DRG
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 170 and inflicts damage over time with a potency of 10, for 18 sec.


      [45]Ring of Talons
      RC: 60 sec ~ TP: 2000 ~ MP: 0 ~ Range: ??? ~ Radius: ???
      Req: DRG
      Delivers a melee attack to enemies in range.
      Combo(Impulse Drive): Increased critical rate.
      Quest NPC: Alberic(Coerthas Central Highlands)

      The Dragoon


      The job class of the Lancer, the Dragoon, is an iconic staple of the final fantasy series. Dragoons are powerful physical attackers that wield various types of spears and lances. They wear special armor meant to invoke the imagery of dragons, including helmets shaped like a dragon's head, spikes, and wing and scale designs.

      The trademark ability of Dragoons is Jump, which allows them to leap into the air, avoiding attacks while airborne, and descending later to impale enemies and deal heavy damage.

      Unlocking the Dragoon

      Note: The following is from 1.0, so take with a grain of salt

      All jobs are unlocked from a level 30 quest, with the reward being a soul-crystal that gives the player various stat boosts, and re-classifies them as their job, ours being the dragoon.

      Quest for the Jobcrystal
      [30]Eye of the Dragon(Old Gridania/Lancer Guild: Haurtefert)
      Requirements: Lancer L30, Pugilist L15
      Rewards: Soul of the Dragon, The Keeper´s Hymn, Jump

      Once this quest is complete, at various levels, you also obtain new Dragoon Job Quests, which unlock more iconic abilities, and give various rewards. There is also another rumor bouncing around that because we don't obtain any PGL skills as a DRG, the job requirement could no longer be a level 15 pugilist, but something else. I could see MRD being the new requirement.

      Unlocks: [35]Lance of Fury(Disembowel)
      > [40]Unfading Scars(Elusive Jump)
      -> [45]Double Dragoon(Drachen Gear)
      --> [45]Fatal Seduction(Ring of Talons) <please note: this is a rumored ability. I haven't found any concrete 2.0 info>
      ---> [50]Into the Dragon´s Maw(Drachen Mail, Dragonfire Dive)

      Dragoon Abilities

      [​IMG] [30] Jump
      RC: 40 sec TP: 0 MP: 0 Range: 20m Radius: 0m
      Delivers a jumping attack with a potency of 200. Returns you to your original position after the attack is made. Cannot be executed while bound.

      [​IMG] [35] Elusive Jump
      RC: 180 sec TP: 0 MP: 0 Range: 15m Radius: 0m
      Executes a jump to a location behind you, while removing any Heavy or Bind effects.
      Buff: Reduces enmity.

      [​IMG] [40] Spineshatter Dive
      RC: 180 sec TP: 0 MP: 0 Range: 20m Radius: 0m
      Delivers a jumping attack with a potency of 170. Cannot be executed while bound.
      Debuff: Stun, for 2 sec

      [​IMG] [45] Power Surge
      RC: 90 sec TP: 0 MP: 0
      Buff: Increases the damage dealt by a single Jump or Spineshatter Dive by 50%, for 10 sec.

      [​IMG] [50] Dragonfire Dive
      RC: 180 sec TP: 0 ~ MP: 0 Range: 20m Radius: 5m
      Delivers a jumping fire-based attack with a potency of 250 to all nearby enemies. Cannot be executed while bound.

      Your role as a LNC/DRG

      A LNC/DRG is, above all, a melee DPS. Your primary focus is to help burn the boss by using damaging abilities, and reducing it's health to 0. A LNC/DRG is a high-burst DPS, that is, our damage is very spiky, due to our combo mechanics. In contrast, a MNK is more of a sustained DPS. They won't see near the higher burst numbers we will. Another difference between DRG and MNK is our usage of higher defense/magic defense armor, and the Keen Flurry buff, allowing us to "off-tank" of sorts.

      However, you should never be called to off-tank any sort of add, as it is both A.) A DPS loss, and B.) You are nowhere near as sustainable as an actual tank. We are a DPS class. Not a tank.

      As a melee DPS, you should always be attacking the mob from the flank (side) or from behind the mob. Never stand in front of the enemy, due to cleaving abilities, breath attacks, and so on.

      Cross-Class Abilities

      FFXIV:ARR is unique in that, as you level and progress other classes/jobs other than your primary one, you can unlock a pre-determined set of abilities, allowing you a bit of variety. Fortunately, for Dragoons, we obtain some very useful cross-class abilities, including a 20% DMG increase DPS CD, and even an execute that is both off the GCD, and doesn't have a TP cost.

      Dragoon Cross-Class Abilities

      Dragoons obtain cross-class abilities from the PGL and the MRD. Below I will list the abilities we obtain, beginning with PGL skills:

      [​IMG] [4] Featherfoot
      RC: 90 sec TP: 0 MP: 0 Range: 0m Radius: 0m
      Increases evasion by 25%.
      Duration: 15s

      [​IMG] [8] Second Wind
      RC: 120 sec TP: 0 MP: 0 Range: 0m Radius: 0m
      Instantly restores HP with a potency of 650. Scales off attack power

      [​IMG] [10] Haymaker
      RC: N/A TP: 40 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Instantly delivers an attack with a potency of 170.
      Can only be used immediately after evading an attack.
      Additional Effect: Slow +20%
      Duration: 12s

      [​IMG] [12] Internal Release
      RC: 60 sec TP: 0 MP: 0 Range: 0m Radius: 0m
      Increases critical hit chance by 30% for 15 sec.
      Duration: 15s

      [​IMG] [42] Mantra
      RC: 120 sec TP: 0 MP: 0 Range: 0m Radius: 0m
      Increases HP recovery via curing magic by 20% for self and nearby party members.

      Duration: 15 sec

      Marauder Skills:

      >Please note: Marauder weaponskills have increased enmity generation, and we don't want to pull aggro.

      [​IMG] [2] Foresight
      RC: 120 sec TP: 0 MP: 0 Range: 0m Radius: 0m
      Increases defense by 20%.
      Duration: 20s

      [​IMG] [4] Skull Sunder
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 60 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
      Additional Effect: Increased Enmity

      [​IMG] [6] Fracture
      RC: 2.5 sec TP: 80 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 100.
      Additional Effect: Damage over time
      Potency: 20
      Duration: 30s

      [​IMG] [8] Bloodbath
      RC: 90 sec TP: 0 MP: 0 Range: 0m Radius: 0m
      Converts 25% of the damage dealt by next successful offensive ability into HP.
      Duration: 30s

      [​IMG] [26] Mercy Stroke
      RC: 90 sec TP: 0 MP: 0 Range: 3m Radius: 0m
      Delivers an attack with a potency of 200.
      Can only be executed when target's HP is below 20%.
      If delivered as the killing blow, up to 20% of your maximum HP will be restored.

      Dragoon DPS Rotations

      Dragoons have a unique mechanic in the Combo System. Perform one attack, and the next attack will combo off the first, and have a higher potency. Right now we have two single target combos, and one AoE combo:

      http://xivdb.com/?skill/75/True-Thrust > http://xivdb.com/?skill/78/Vorpal-Thrust > http://xivdb.com/?skill/84/Full-Thrust

      http://xivdb.com/?skill/81/Impulse-Drive > http://xivdb.com/?skill/87/Disembowel > http://xivdb.com/?skill/88/Chaos-Thrust

      and for AoE

      http://xivdb.com/?skill/79/Heavy-Thrust > http://xivdb.com/?skill/89/Ring-of-Thorns

      To start, there are two primary DPS rotations DRGs will use, depending on a few factors, which I'm calling a CT rotation, and a NCT rotation. To clarify: one rotation will keep the -piercing resistance debuff, and the DoT from CT up. The other forgoes the ID > Dis > CT combo, and focuses on the T > V > F combo. The caveat to the 2nd rotation is that you must have a 2nd DRG maintaining the debuffs from ID > Dis > CT combo.

      Secondly, ALWAYS finish your combo that you've started. You will lose far more DPS by ending a combo early, than you would from finishing the combo, and reapplying a buff/debuff.

      I'll say it again: ALWAYS FINISH YOUR COMBOS

      Given the 2.4s GCD, the CT rotation will be like this:
      Heavy Thrust
      Impulse Drive
      Chaos Thrust
      Heavy Thrust
      Heavy Thrust
      Impulse Drive
      Chaos Thrust
      Heavy Thrust
      Heavy Thrust
      As you can see, there will be periods where you will NOT be able to fit a full T > V > F combo. To make it easy, whenever you're reapplying heavy thust AND the ID > Dis > CT combo debuffs, do not start a T > V > F combo. Fill this small gap with other abilities, such as http://xivdb.com/?skill/92/Jump, http://xivdb.com/?skill/96/Dragonfire-Dive, or http://xivdb.com/?skill/95/Spineshatter-Dive.

      The NCT rotation is far simpler. Keep Heavy Thrust's buff up, and just spam T > V > F combos. Because you now have so many free GCDs, from dropping the ID > Dis > CT combo, you can now also fit in http://xivdb.com/?skill/98/Straight-Shot and give yourself an extra 10% free crit. Note: You can try to fit http://xivdb.com/?skill/98/Straight-Shot during the CT rotation, but the timing will be incredibly tight, and I honestly feel you'll just end up delaying key buffs/debuffs while trying to give yourself 10% extra crit. This obviously requires more testing.

      As previously mentioned, the burst potential for DRGs is incredibly high. Something along the lines of:
      Impulse Drive
      Chaos Thrust
      Leg Sweep
      Heavy Thrust
      True Thrust
      Vorpal Thrust
      Life Surge
      Raging Strikes
      Blood for Blood
      Full Thrust
      Jump/Spineshatter Dive/Dragonfire Dive
      This gives you a 60% dmg bonus, guaranteed crit, and 10% piercing debuff. Very high burst.


      Jump. A dragoon's signature skill. We have 4 jumps:

      http://xivdb.com/?skill/92/Jump: Your basic jump. 200 potency. 40s CD.

      http://xivdb.com/?skill/94/Elusive-Jump: A defensive CD. You jump back 15m, reducing your current threat, removing any slows/binds. Great for getting out of AoEs, etc. 180s CD

      http://xivdb.com/?skill/95/Spineshatter-Dive: CC jump. 170 Potency. 2s stun when you land. 90s CD.

      http://xivdb.com/?skill/96/Dragonfire-Dive: Our hardest hitting jump, at 250 potency. It's an AoE jump, but I'm unsure of the radius of the actual AoE.

      Due to animation delays, you want to weave in your jump after your combo ending Full Thrust, but before you reapply heavy thrust. This applies for all jumps.

      DPS Cooldowns

      As a DRG, we have a handful of cooldowns that directly influence our DPS. Also of key importance is buffs stacking multiplicatively. So, for example, http://xivdb.com/?skill/101/Raging-Strikes and http://xivdb.com/?skill/85/Blood-for-Blood, with B4B enhanced to 30%.

      [OODE]1.2*1.3 = 1.3*1.2=1.56[/CODE]

      Currently, there is a debate between stacking DPS percentage cooldowns, or spacing them apart (as I've seen both arguments presented to me) and I'm unsure of the proper way to do so at this time.

      We also have http://xivdb.com/?skill/83/Life-Surge, which is a 100% chance to crit on your next non-magic ability that is used. You want to save this for your hardest hitting ability, which is http://xivdb.com/?skill/84/Full-Thrust at the end of a combo (with a potency of 300)

      Next is http://xivdb.com/?skill/93/Power-Surge. This gives your next Jump or Spineshatter Dive ability a 50% damage increase. This ability is fairly self-explanatory, as you want to use this just before activating either of these abilities. With a 90s CD, you can use this (and should use this) on every third jump, because of jump's new potency.

      Last, but certainly not least, is http://xivdb.com/?skill/80/Invigorate / http://xivdb.com/?skill/90039/Exhilarate. I've already seen a few DRGs/MNKs discussing this skill's best time to activate, and most of them have been saying they use it right at 450/500 mark, and this is incorrect. Your ICC (In-Combat) regen for TP is 50 TP per 5 seconds. If you invigorate at 500 TP exactly, you'll waste the 50 TP thats about to regenerate. Others have said to Invigorate at 450 TP, and while this is a little bit better, this is still not correct. If you invigorate at , you'll jump to 950 TP, and possibly, regenerate to 1000 TP.

      For non-DRGs, you want to invigorate at 450 TP. For DRGs, you’ll want to exhilarate (notice the word change there) at 400 TP. The reason why you don’t inv/exhil to cap yourself at 1000 TP is two-fold: One, you don’t want to waste any regen from Army’s Paeon/passive ICC regen, and two you always want to avoid being capped because that’s just potential DPS being lost.

      Stats and Gearing

      Stat Priorities

      Currently, Stat Priorities, Stat Weights, picking the best piece of gear, all of this is highly theoretical, and still being heavily debated across numerous forums. Below, I’m going to list my current thoughts for all of this.

      Stat priorities are exactly that. You want to obtain the gear that gives you the highest number in the most beneficial stats. For DRGs, currently, they are:


      Strength > Accuracy to 100% > Determination > Crit > Skill Speed

      This isn't very surprising. Strength (and weapon damage) will give you the most noticable increase in your DPS. After that Determination, followed by Crit, then Skill Speed.

      First, I want to point out that I'm listing Accuracy 2nd because missing is the biggest loss in DPS that can happen to a DRG. Supposedly, Accuracy is going to follow the same sort of model Hit Rating has in World of Warcraft. That is, mobs that are equal, or lower, to you in level, you should have a 100% hit rate against. Mobs that are a higher level have an inherent chance for your attacks to miss, and you need a determined amount of Hit Rating/Accuracy to overcome this.

      Leading up to the Mists of Pandaria expanion, level-cap +3 had an inherent 8% chance for your attacks to miss. So as a melee DPS, you needed an extra 8% hit rating to ensure your special attacks (yellow damage) didn't miss. It's assumed Accuracy in FFXIV will work in a similar fashion.

      Skill speed decreases the recast time of your abilities, and lowers your GCD. While, at face value, this seems incredibly beneficial to us, it's actually a curse in disguise. By giving us more combos, our TP consumption increases, and our time-to-TPzero is shorter. It's a case where too much of a good thing is a bad thing.

      Finally, for stats, I want to add that right now, they're still being heavily debated. More concrete info will be available once we get ingame, and people start testing with actual 2.0 P4/Launch values.

      Specific Stat Weights

        dps ppweight
      STR  4.0595  1.0000
      DET  1.2997  0.3202
      CRIT  0.5185  0.1277
      SKSPD 0.1516  0.0373
      Specific Stat Caps

      Once we obtain more solid information on stats, and get a more concrete stat priority hashed out, I'll use this area to list plateaus, ceiling caps, and other relevant information here. For now, consider this filler text.

      For the rest of this section, pertaining to your Grand Company, and getting raid-ready as far as gearing goes, I'll add in at a later point in time. I will, however, tell everyone reading this that, as a DRG, I plan on choosing the Twin Adder Grand Company (Gridania's Company) at the start. I believe this is the best choice for us, but I need to confirm this ingame before I post it here. Also, a DRG's pre-raid weapon/armor is from farming primals.

      Once I have more information, I will update this section ASAP.


      Like other MMOs before FFXIV, gear also has sockets that can be filled with Materia. Like gems in World of Warcraft, Materia can give players the ability to fine-tune their armor pieces, and give themselves an even greater boost in beneficial stats.

      For the DRG, to repair our Armor & Weapons, a blacksmith/armorer of equal or higher level of the piece of gear in question is required. The same applies for socketing materia. To explain this, let's assume you have a level 30 cloth chestpiece with an empty materia socket. If you wish to place a piece of materia into the socket, you must have a level 30 weaver do this for you.

      For now, until more testing is done on stats at level 50, I don't want to make any comments about what to socket.

      Endgame Theory

      For this next section, I want to discuss what my Free Company, Resonate is expecting in endgame.

      Primals, such as Ifrit like we saw in the closed beta, are going to be 8man raids. A Light Party is 4 people, a Full Party is 8 people, and an Alliance is 3 Full Parties (24 people.) Because of DRG/MNK TP consumption, compared to BLM mana regen from Umbral Ice, having more than 3-4 melee DPS (2 of each) in a 24m raid, or 1-2 in an 8man raid, is probably worse in the longer fights. Because we don't know how long boss fights will last in endgame raiding for 2.0, we can't properly set up groups yet.

      Much of end-game is still a complete mystery. But never fret! I will update this guide as more information becomes available. As I learn, so shall you.

      10.) Tips and Tricks to maximize your potential

      Here, I'll just list various tips and tricks to mete out that little bit of extra DPS:

      -Using Spineshatter Dive to engage on a boss as you run it. Tanks should be using their ranged enmity generators anyway, so it won't be an issue. You'll obtain an extra GCD by using SSD as a gap-closer.
      -Leg Sweep, All your jumps, Mercy Stroke, and other abilities are all off the GCD.
      -Leg Sweep can interrupt nearly every boss ability I've encountered so far.

      As more tips are known, I'll add them in here!


      7/19/2013 - Guide created.
      8/1/2013 – Holy changes batman. Updated guide to reflect them.

      Special Thanks
      -Eein for creating the chocobro.com forums, doing all his sim work, and so much more.
      -Carraway, and his guild Blue Garter, for all the preliminary DRG theorycrafting as seen here
      -FFXIVrealm user Novaultima for his small compilation of DRG/LNC information, as seen here
      -Vaiur, of Resonate, for bugging me to finish this, and putting up with my s**t for 3 years.
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