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      The focus on this guide is how to level Desynthesis while making money, the target audience is a new crafter who does not have much starting capital, or anyone who wishes to make a very large amount of money quickly (Note, as all crafting classes, we are at the mercy of the Marketboards). I will only focus on the non-CUL classes.

      “But I thought only rich people can level Desynthesis!” Desynthesis is a great money maker at low levels and very high levels. There exists a middle point where gil certainly can help you get over, which is where most of these complaints come from. However by no means is gil necessary, you can still level Desynthesis at a reasonable rate by farming, in addition with the new Ixali quests, Grand Company mats are nearing the price point where it will be profitable to level during the middle point.

      "I hate RNG!" RNG can be counteracted by desynthesizing a massive quantity of items, and if you are going to be a desynthesizor, you will need to desynthesize a massive quantity of items

      Other Resources
      Desynthesis Acronyms
      FC - Fieldcraft Demimateria (FC3 means Fieldcraft III Demimateria)
      BC - Battlecraft Demimateria
      MC - Matercraft Demimateria

      Desynthesis Mechanics
      Desynthesis chance is determined by your desynthesis level compared to the recipe level of the item, with a bonus for how many melds the item has (5% per meld). HQ does not affect desynthesis in any way, nor more expensive recipes.

      Generally any item you can wear on a DoM/DoW class will desynthesize into Battlecraft Demimateria, any item you can wear on a DoH/Dol will desynthesize into Fieldcraft Demimateria. Furnature and crafting materials will also desynthesize into Fieldcraft Demimateria.

      Items with Recipe level 1-49 will desynthesize into Tier 1 Demimateria. Items with Recipe level 50-55 will desynthesize into Tier 2 Demimateria. Two star and Three star recipes will desynthesize into Tier 3 Demimateria.

      Equipment drops from the Primals will have a chance of desynthesizing into Primal Demimateria. Artisan and Forager equipment will have a chance of desynthesing into Mastercraft Demimateria.

      Step 1) Picking your Desynthesis Class
      Pick one or two Desynthesis Classes. Currently it is impossible to max 3 classes, and the more classes you have, the harder it is to level
      • Goldsmith (GSM) – Best option for creating Mastercraft Demimateria (Requires 2* CUL). Great sources of BC2s (Black Pearl Earrings), a Best Option for FC3s (Rimless Glasses). Easiest to level, and best option if you are poor.
      • Blacksmith (BSM) – Second most efficient way to create FC3s, due to Summoning Bells (Requires 3* BSM and CRP).
      • Carpenter (CRP) - Good option for making money, a good source of FC3s, however slightly more expensive (Requires 3* CRP)
      • Culinarian (CUL) – For Fishers, only way to get specific glamour
      • Weaver (WVR) – Only way to get waterproof cotton, and has a good option for FC3
      • Alchemist (ALC) – Only way to get Demimateria of Crags
      • Leatherworker (LTW) – No advantages.
      Did you pick GSM? If not take a long hard look at the list and reconsider your choices

      Step 2) Leveling from 1-60: Help! I can't stop making money
      Currently Fieldcraft Demimateria I (FC1) is in high demand since they are used in ilvl 55 accessories. You can make a lot of money desynthesizing low level items and selling / crafting the resulting Demimateria.

      Typically the rate for receiving Demimateria is around 15%, higher level items can return multiple Demimateria. Extremely low level items will not provide Demimateria. Lvl 20+ items will.

      Equipment that will be used by DoM/DoW classes will produce Battlecraft Demimateria
      Equipment that will be used by DoH/DoL classes will produce Fieldcraft Demimateria.

      Focus on finding a cheap DoH/DoL item to desynthesize. If you have trouble check out this guide for suggestions http://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/181498-Desynthesis-Endgame-Guide. The vast majority of your mat cost will be recouped by the Demimateria you get.

      It is okay to now worry about how fast you level if you find a cheap item. Personally I desynthesize many many stacks of Brass Rings of Crafting to provide myself Demimateria even though I get no exp from them.

      If you do not intend to ever make a 3* capable crafter (requires multiple level 50 crafts and lots of melds), just stop here. Unlock GSM desynthesis, go to the BSM/ARM guild, buy a stack of Brass ingots and Ragstone Whetstones. Quick synth your entire inventory full of rings, and make FC1s.

      For maximum money making efficiency wear level 30+ crafting gear so you spiritbond while desynthesis.

      Step 2) Leveling from 60-75: Can I go back to lvl 20?
      Now you will need to start desynthesizing recipie level 50 items and 1* items. Currently Battlecraft Demimateria 2 (BC2) is reasonable profitable to desynthesize (though not as profitable as the humble Brass Ring of Crafting). However since very few people actually need them, they will take much longer to sell.

      Again, you want to focus on the cheapest item to grind. It is more important to attempt to produce as much BC2 Demimateria as you can. Although it might be tempting to produce Aetheryte Rings, FC2 Prices are currently very bad and you would end up losing a lot of money.

      For maximum money making efficiency wear level 45-49 crafting gear so you spiritbond while desynthesis.

      Step 3) Leveling from 75-85 : Apparently now I'm a PvPer
      Leveling by crafting from here on is incredibly expensive (Note if GC mat prices fall enough you may be able to start making money from leveling). However you do have the chance to obtain the coveted Fieldcraft III.

      I suggest grinding Frontlines and purchasing items with Wolf Marks. Remember to meld the items you get, each meld increases the success rate by 5%.

      Don't be afraid of Frontlines, as a 24v24v24 battle, Frontlines is more about teamwork and who has more healers than individual skill.

      Alternatively you can acquire items by grinding dungeons. A neat trick is to wait until everyone leaves the dungeon and run back and open any chests your party may have missed.

      If you are not afraid of losing gil, you can supplement your leveling progress by trying to produce FC3s. The cost efficient way to level is to desynthesize cheap ilvl 90 items. Although you have a horrid success rate, you receive much more experience, and generally the furniture is cheaper to make than ilvl 70 items.

      There is an exception. Goldsmiths should attempt to produce Rimless-Glasses (especially if they cost less than ~25k to make). You can farm the materials off of Garlean monsters and it produces Fieldcraft IIIs.

      At about level 80 desynthesis Goldsmiths should switch to dungeon drops. Halitali HM, Bray HM, and Lost City all have two accessories located in the side chests.

      Blacksmiths should produce Summoning Bells, and other classes should produce Carbuncle furniture.

      Step 4) Leveling from 85-100: I wish I was a Blacksmith
      At this point the only reasonable thing to desynthesize for experience are ilvl 90 furniture. These are the items may earn you gil (or lose acceptable amounts of gil) depending on prices.

      BSM- Summoning Bell
      CRP - Carbuncle Chair
      GSM - Carbuncle Chronometer

      Typically you will lose massive amounts of gil if you attempt to produce and desynthize DoM/DoW items. Depending on your server there may not be any profitable way to craft and produce BC3s.

      Side Note: Mastercraft Demimateria

      Mastercraft Demimateria is best created by desynthezing Artisan Glasses. Although time intensive, it is a great source of income as you have a ~12.5% chance of receiving MC, ~20% chance of FC3, and a ~12.5% chance of Gold Ingots

      The main problem is that they are very time intensive to synth. There are two methods.

      Darksteel Hook (And similar items) - You use a macro to produce two Darksteel ores, and use a macro to produce one HQ Darksteel Hook.

      Spicy Tomato Relish - Mass produce HQ Dark Vinegar, and either use NQ Tomatos and grind out the HQ Spicy Tomato Relish yourself (or a macro with a reasonable success), or purchase HQ Tomatos and use a macro to produce a guaranteed HQ.

      Here is a macro for the HQ Dark Vinegar only with an 85% HQ rate. 385 CP required
      Show Spoiler

      /ac "Inner Quiet" <me> <wait.2>
      /ac "Steady Hand II" <me> <wait.2>
      /ac "Waste Not II" <me> <wait.2>
      /ac "Hasty Touch" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Hasty Touch" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Hasty Touch" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Hasty Touch" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Steady Hand II" <me> <wait.2>
      /ac "Hasty Touch" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Hasty Touch" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Hasty Touch" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Hasty Touch" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Hasty Touch" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Manipulation" <me> <wait.2>

      /ac "Steady Hand II" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Hasty Touch" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Great Strides" <me> <wait.2>
      /ac "Innovation" <me> <wait.2>
      /ac "Ingenuity II" <me> <wait.2>
      /ac "Byregot's Blessing" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me> <wait.3>
      /ac "Careful Synthesis II" <me> <wait.3>
      /echo Macro step 2 complete <se.1>

      If you have ALC 50 you can add an Inner Quiet at the top and change a Hasty to a Basic touch (keep in mind you will need a little extra CP)

      Unlock GSM desynthesis, go to the BSM/ARM guild, buy a stack of Brass Ingots and Ragstone Whetstones. Quick synth your entire inventory full of rings, and make FC1s. Repeat
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