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      Note: FF14 Advanced Crafting Guide by Caimie Tsukino has just been re-vamped! Tips on all other types of Expert Recipes can be found in Ch26:

      Caimie Tsukino's Guide for Expert Recipes and Skybuilders' Tools

      Published: 9th Feb 2021
      Updated: 12th Feb 2021
      Updated: 14th May 2021


      This guide documents tips and hints for the final step of the "Skysteel Tools" (a.k.a. crafters' & gatherers' "relic weapons"), which turns the tools into "Skybuilders' Tools" that glow with dragon scales when unsheathed. FFXIV had previously introduced 2 other glowing tool sets in the Stormblood expansion, including the "Blessed XXX-keep's tools" (glows in gold in action) and the "Blessed XXX-king's tools" (glow in purple-ish silver in action). However, all the Blessed Tools only glow when they are "in action", whereas normal "relic weapons" of battle jobs supposed to glow immediately when unsheathed. As of Shadowbringers Patch 5.45, the Skybuilders' Tools are 1st set of crafting/gathering tools ever introduced in the game that glow immediately when unsheathed, which is an extremely attractive glamor item.

      In terms of stats, the Skybuilders' Tools are i510. If you already possess pentamelded i490 Aesthete mainhand tools that focus on control stats, the Skybuilders' Tools will actually be slightly inferior in terms of control. However, if never pentamelded your Aesthete mainhand, or if you didn't focus on control in the pentamelding process, or if you're just using white scrip i500 mainhand, or if you're using the Skysung Tools, then the i510 Skybuilders' Tools will be an upgrade for you. Skybuilders' Tools also come with 6 CP, which is great. However, they have no slots for melding materia (See picture at the end of this section if you are curious with the actual craftsmanship/control stats of the tools).

      The "Skysteel Tools" questline is one of the side quests of the Ishgardian Restoration event in Shadowbringers. The questline starts at the Skysteel Manufactory at Foundation, Ishgard. If you have not even started the questline yet, please visit the following website for more information:

      The questline basically starts off with you buying the "Skysteel Tools" with gil at the Skysteel Manufactory, and then upgrading them to "Dragonsung Tools" with a 2-step procedure (ridiculously easy crafting). After that, the tools can be further upgraded to "Skysung Tools" with another 2-step procedure (slightly more difficult crafting). Finally, the tools will be upgraded to "Skybuilders' Tools" in a 1-step procedure before the tools will shine (difficult crafting).

      After the numerous steps at the Skysteel Factory, the questline eventually takes you to the Firmament (x9.7, y14.6) (to enter the Firmament, use the big main Aetheryte at Foundation), where you will be taking the quest "Pinnacle of Possibility" from the pretty NPC, Emeny (Remember, she's your Emeny, not Enemy!). Ignore the NPC, Joelle, as she is useless. But the robot Spanner is the spammer NPC that you'll be spamming a lot on -- constantly submitting collectables to him in exchange for the tools parts to be turned-in for the quests from Emeny.

      For crafters, collectables with 65000 quality or above (= 6500 collectability) will grant you 3 tool parts. You need a total of 60 tool parts for each Skybuilders' crafting tool.

      - The NPCs, Emeny and Spanner, at the Firmament.

      - The quest "Pinnacle of Possibility" taken from Emeny. You must be carrying the Skysung Tool to take this quest.

      - When interacting with the robot Spanner, you can submit collectables in exchange for tool parts.

      How to do Expert Recipes for Crafters (Disciple of the Hand, DoH)
      For crafters to upgrade the Skysung Tools to Skybuilders' Tools, one needs to turn in collectables made using special "Expert Recipes" designated for Skysteel Tools upgrades. To locate the Expert Recipes, please see the picture below.

      - Expert Recipes (****) located under the "Ishgard Restoration" tab - "Skysteel Tools" recipes.

      These special Expert Recipes for the Skybuilders' Tools are different from those under the "Restoration (4)" tab. Those under the Restoration (4) tab are much harder, as they have over 12K progress and 82400 quality to fill. The ones you need are much easier, as they have only ~10K progress & 76939 quality in max. In fact, you NEVER need to do as much as 76939 quality, because as seen from 2 pictures above, you don't get any extra tool parts after hitting 6500 collectability (i.e. 65000 quality). So you just need to go over 65000 every single time to maximize your time and benefits.

      Ideally, if you can hit over 65000 quality every single time, then you just need to submit 20 Expert crafts to Spanner to acquire the required 60 tool parts. But in reality, you usually need a little bit more than that. For me, my best runs were 21 crafts per class (which happened with 4 classes), and my worst run was 24 crafts (which unfortunately happened with 1 class).

      Note that, despite these special Expert Recipes being a lot easier than the other Expert Recipes, they're still Expert Recipes, which means you can't suck at crafting!

      Since Stormblood, endgame crafting has become ridiculously easy. Everything could be macroed, so there was a real lack of challenges, and the marketboard has since been flooded with endgame crafted gear because every crafter was able to macro anything. Macro is a very important part of the crafting game. But if everything in the game is macroable, crafting would be easy, boring and dull, as no skill/decision-making will be involved.

      Because of how easy and boring crafting had become, I created a mega-thread in Feb 2020 on the FFXIV official forum, representing the community of veteran crafters, to request for harder recipes and better rewards from Yoshi P and his team of developers (https://forum.square-enix.com/ffxiv/threads/415298-Request-for-better-challenges-and-better-rewards-(Formal-Letter-Megathread)). Both the Expert Recipes and the shiny Skybuilders' Tools were probably their partial answers to our request.

      The ideas behind Expert Recipes are that:
      (1) You should NOT be able to macro them, because even a regular Byregot finisher at IQ11 will not give you enough power to effectively hit max quality.
      (2) You need to make use of conditions, and be able to improvise and utilize different crafting actions.

      The key to doing Expert Recipes is to make use of conditions as much as you can, and be able to be flexibly modify rotation to make magic happen. Thus, you can't just "copy and paste" people's rotations. But you actually need to know (1) what each button does, (2) what each condition does, and (3) how to combine crafting actions into "combos" and how to utilize conditions for specific crafting actions.

      If you are unsure what each button does, please LEARN THEM. In fact, if you do not consider yourself an expert in the crafting game, please visit the APPENDIX in the last section of this guide to read about each crafting action, and deepen your understand.

      Prepare Your Gear, Food, Medicine, Soul Stone & Delineations
      You can't tackle these recipes with crappy gear. You do need pretty strong gear, i.e. at least i470+... preferably i490+, with pentamelds on most gear (the new i500 white scrip gear is OK for tool/hat/chest/gloves/belt, but you should at least get the crafted i490 Aesthete pants and boots so you can add significantly more CP on those). You do need to max out your CP as much as you can. Keep in mind...

      The Golden Rule of Crafting:
      CP > Control > Craftsmanship
      ...CP is the most important stats out of all 3!

      For food, you can use as lowly as HQ Matcha, which is dirt cheap to make, OR you can use HQ Blood Bouillabaisse, which is better, or you can use HQ Chilli Crab, which is the strongest.

      For medicine, you can just use NQ Cunning Craftsman's Tea or NQ Cunning Craftsman's Syrup.

      Try to set "Specialist" onto the class you're working on as well, i.e. equip your "Soul of the Crafter". Not only does the soul crystal gives you extra stats, it also allows you to use the crafting action "Careful Observation" which costs Delineations. Buy these Delineations on the marketboard or exchange them from any Scrip Exchange NPC using yellow scrips.

      Technically, "Specialist" status is NOT required to do these Expert Recipes. I did 2 classes without the help of the soul stone. But if you're not comfortable with Expert Recipes, it's better to get as much help as you can using these soul stones. If you have no idea what "Specialists" are, how to acquire them or how to change specialist classes, please visit the following link: https://ffxiv.consolegameswiki.com/wiki/Specialist_System

      In addition, the Free Company buff "In Control II" is also helpful as it adds 10 extra control stats to you. If you have access to it, I recommend you utilize it.

      Crafting Conditions
      There are only 5 different conditions in these Expert Recipes for Skybuilders' Tools:
      Centered: Increases action success rate by 25%
      Sturdy: Reduces loss of durability by 50%
      Pliant: Reduces CP cost by 50%
      Good: 150% Touch action effectiveness
      Normal: N/A

      Unlike regular recipes, there's no "Excellent" nor "Poor" conditions in Expert Recipes. Furthermore, unlike regular recipes, "Good" can appear 2 times, or even 3 times in a row here.

      Centered is best paired with actions that have less than 100% success rates, i.e. Hasty Touch, Patient Touch or Rapid Syn, as these crafting actions have either only 50% or 60% success rates.

      Sturdy is theoretically supposed to be best paired with actions that cost a lot of durability. However, there are only 2 such actions (Preparatory Touch (PrepT) & Groundwork), and in reality both actions are usually buffed with other actions before use (such as Great Strides+Innovation or Veneration). So you can't really use them when a Sturdy pops up. In the end, Sturdy is mostly just used for some harmless Hasty Touches or Rapid Syn spamming instead. It is still a very helpful condition though.

      Pliant is probably the MOST important condition of all. It is best paired with crafting actions that cost the most CP, i.e. Manipulation (Manip), Master's Mend (MM) & Waste Not II (WN II). Because the more CP cost is the action on Pliant, the more CP is saved. Thus, whenever a Pliant pops, you always try your best to use Manip. If Manip is already active, see if you can use MM. If Manip is already active and durab is too high to use MM, I'd rather do a Prudent Touch instead of WN II. I have tested WN II many times, and I HATED it. Once WN II is activated, you can't do anything except performing durab-consuming actions. Otherwise, you lose steps of WN II for nothing. Because of this inflexibility, I usually end up doing things I don't want to do, or end up doing things I want to do but lose like 3 steps of WN II. My conclusion: Don't bother using WN II at all even if it's on Pliant.

      Good is usually used for Precise Touch, Intensive Syn or to be used for "Trick of the Trade" for CP gain. If Veneration is active, and you're trying to work on progress, Good should be spent on Intensive Syn to reduce Rapid Syn spamming. When you're building up IQ stacks, it's almost always better to use Precise Touch, since it securely adds 2 IQ stacks. When you're done with progress and IQ stacks, then depending what other actions are active you may use it on Precise Touch, Preparatory Touch (when both Great Strides & Innovation are active) or Trick of Trade (explained under the Touch Combo phase section below).

      Openers + Progress Phase
      Both Muscle Memory and Reflect openers are fine. I personally prefer Reflect. After Reflect, if Pliant pops, immediately use Manip. If Centered, use Patient Touch. If Sturdy, use either Hasty Touch or Rapid Syn. If Good, use Precise Touch. If Normal, then use Veneration (Vene) to proceed to progress phase.

      If Pliant appears again after Manip on Pliant, you can either do Prudent Touch or simply proceed with Vene. Avoid WN II. If Centered appear again after Centered, you can either gamble your life with another Patient Touch (which will get you immediately to max IQ11 if succeeded), or you can play safe and do a Rapid Syn instead.

      After Vene is active, spam on Rapid Syn to work on progress. For me, I just need 2x Rapid Syn that lands within Vene + 1x Rapid Syn without Vene to be 1 Basic Syn away from completion. If your craftsmanship is lower, you may need 3x Rapid Syn under Vene. But be aware that the 3rd Rapid Syn under Vene may complete the craft pre-maturely. So use Final Appraisal before the 3rd Rapid Syn to be 1 progress away from completion.

      After Vene is active, if Good pops, replace Rapid Syn with Intensive Syn. Intensive Syn costs 6 CP and is slightly weaker (400 efficiency) than Rapid Syn (500 efficiency), but Intensive Syn is SECURE, and that's more important. If in the end, due to the use of Intensive Syn, you need another step of Observe+FocSyn or another step of Careful Syn to be 1 step away from finishing, it's OK to add that into the progress phase. It's always better to spend a little bit of CP but be secure.

      If Vene is active but a Pliant pops, then see if Manip needs renewal or not. If yes, click Manip before going back to Rapid Syn. If Manip is already active, but durab is low, you can do MM before going back to Rapid Syn. If you can't use Manip nor MM, then just Prudent, before going back to Rapid Syn.

      If Vene effect ended, but you didn't successfully land 2 Rapid Syn, and your durab is running low (15 durab). Consider using Careful Observation (cost a Delineation) or even just Observe 1-3x to bait for a Pliant to use Manip. DO NOT use another Vene unless your durab is 25+ even if you have Manip active. If Manip is NOT active, you need at least 35 durab to use Vene. If your durab is 10 or 5 after using Manip, you MUST recover your durab by using 1-3x Observe (or use Trick of Trade if a Good pops). Alternative, if your durab is already as low as 10 or 5 when the Pliant pops, considering using MM instead of Manip. After durab is back to 25+, then you can use Vene again, and try your luck again with Rapid Syn.

      Some people like to use Groundwork for progress. But from my experience, Groundwork is not so great for these Expert Recipes. Groundwork is best used under the effect of both Vene and Waste Not (WN). WN cuts the durab cost in half, making Groundwork deducting only 10 durab each time. However, Groundwork itself is already 18 CP each, and WN is another 56 CP. It just burns off your CP too quickly. Furthermore, Groundwork is only 300 efficiency, which is inferior to Intensive Syn or Rapid Syn. So all in all, I prefer not to use Groundwork here. I like Groundwork a lot for some other recipes though.

      Inner Quiet Stacking Phase
      After progress is done (i.e. 1 Basic Syn away from completion or 1 Careful Syn away from completion), you want to build up that IQ stack to IQ11.

      - In general, you want durab to be floating between 15 to 25 during this phase... This allows flexibility in utilizing conditions that suddenly pop up.
      - If Manip is already active from the previous progress phase, you can start spamming Hasty Touches.
      - If a Pliant pops and Manip isn't active yet or has only 1 step left, then use Manip before spamming Hasties.
      - Alternatively, you can keep using Observe to bait for Sturdy / Centered before using Hasty Touch.
      - During the baiting using Observe, if a Pliant pops when Manip is already active, and durab is higher than 25 so you can't use MM, then you can actually use Focused Touch to increase IQ stack (Because you just used Observe, the Focused Touch will become 100% in success rate).
      - If durab is high but Manip is NOT active, you can still keep spamming Hasties, and bait for a Pliant for Manip.
      - If durab is low but Manip is already active, you can use MM on a Pliant. Keep in mind durab has to be 25 or lower if you are to use MM. Otherwise, you will go over max durab when you hit the MM button.
      - If durab is maxed at 60 after using MM, and if Manip is active too, make sure your next action is a durab-consuming action so that durab is not wasted from the durab recovery from Manip.
      - If you have only 1 step of Manip left and a Pliant pops, you should use Manip instead of MM.
      - If 2 steps of Manip left and a Pliant pops, you can consider renewing the Manip if durab is high.
      - If durab is low (15 durab), Manip is NOT active, and no Pliant, you can try Careful Observation or Observe 1-3x to bait. If you don't get any Pliant at all after baiting, then too bad, you have no choice but to either Manip or MM on Normal. If Manip, then keep using Observe to recovery durab.
      - If durab is 15 or 10, but a Sturdy happens, you may try to bait 1 more time with a Hasty Touch. But keep in mind that you MUST use MM when durab is 10 or 5. Otherwise, if you use Manip, your durab remains at 10 or 5 right after Manip, and your craft will botch if you try to touch again immediately.

      Assuming durab is higher than 15 and Manip is active, if Centered pops, and IQ<3, just do Hasty. If Centered pops at IQ3, you should use Patient Touch. If Centered pops at IQ5 or IQ6, you can consider Patient Touch again (but very risky). Otherwise, just keep spamming Hasties on Centered or Normal until IQ reaches 11.

      At IQ3, Patient Touch is actually a valid gamble. If succeeds, you earn 3 extra IQ stacks. If fails, you lose only 1 stack. So if Centered appears at IQ3, I ALWAYS gamble with Patient Touch. Even without a Centered condition, it's still acceptable to gamble at Normal condition. But if you prefer safer ways, then just keep spamming Hasties instead. I wouldn't bother baiting a Centered with Observe just to get a Patient Touch though. If the Centered comes, great. If not, I just Hasty my way through IQ3. Alternatively, I can spam Observe a few times until I get a Sturdy before using Hasty.

      If a Good pops any time, use Precise Touch (assuming durab is 15+).

      If you're at IQ10, have sufficient CP, and don't want to gamble with Hasty anymore, then just do Observe+FocusT. It cost you 25 CP, but it's a valid move. The Observe step allows you to bait for another favorable condition. If something great happens, awesome! If nothing happens, then just proceed with Focused Touch. It's still a nice move, as it is 100% secure and gives you a decent amount of quality boost even at IQ10... and it safely sends to you IQ11.

      Touch Combo after IQ11
      After IQ reaches 11, you want to stop using risky Hasty Touches, but switch to using 100% secure touches instead. Check your durab and Manip status. You need at least 30 durab to use your "Touch Combo". This 30 durab may include any Manip steps that are still active, i.e. you can have 20 durab left and 2 steps of Manip left, or you can have 10 durab left and 4 steps of Manip left. If you don't have enough durab+Manip steps, you will need to burn off any remaining Manip steps using Hasties (or Observe), and try to refresh a Manip on Pliant by Careful Observation. At this point, CP is critical, so you don't want to waste much CP on more Observe for baiting anymore. Worst case scenario, if durab+Manip steps is <30, and no Pliant, then just Manip on Normal.

      At this point, if you have >300 CP and your Manip is active, you're in very good shape. If your CP is ~200, then you're in danger.

      Now, do this Touch Combo: "Great Strides (GS), Innovation (Innov), Observe, Focused Touch, Prudent, Prudent".

      Before GS:
      - If a Pliant pops before GS, land the GS on the Pliant to save 16 CP if your Manip is already active.
      - If a Centered or Sturdy pops before the GS, and if you have >30 durab+Manip, you can test your luck with a Hasty before starting the combo, or you can just ignore the Centered/Sturdy, and proceed with the combo anyway.
      - If a Good pops before GS, take Trick of Trade for CP, and proceed with the combo.

      After GS:
      - After hitting GS, if Good pops, immediately do Precise Touch (need 15+ durab... if not, then just Trick of Trade, Innov, Prudent, GS, Observe, Focused Touch).
      - After hitting GS, if Pliant pops, see if you have Manip active. If Manip is NOT active, or if there's only like 1 step left, then just renew the Manip on Pliant. This leaves you with just 2 steps of GS, which is NOT enough to cover "Innov, Observe, Focused Touch", so modify the combo into "GS, Manip (on Pliant), Innov, Prudent, GS, Observe, Focused Touch". This way, you can utilize the Pliant properly on a Manip while not wasting your GS since you already initiated the combo.

      After GS, Innov:
      - After hitting "GS, Innov", if Good pops, you actually want to do Prep Touch. Check to see if you have 25 or more durab. If yes, this is the best scenario, do Prep Touch. If you only have 20 or 15 durab, do Precise Touch instead. You should NOT be 10 durab or less here because your Manip should be active, so you should gain 5 durab after the GS. So you should have no chance of using Trick of Trade after Innov.
      - After hitting "GS, Innov", if Pliant pops, you may consider using Prep Touch or Manip. Check to see if you have 25 or more durab, and check to see if you have a good number of Manip steps left. If you have plenty of durab and Manip is active, then do Prep Touch. If only 1 step or zero step of Manip is left, you might as well just do Manip instead. And then modify the combo to "GS, Innov, Manip (on Pliant), Prudent, Prudent, Prudent".

      After GS, Innov, Observe:
      - After hitting "GS, Innov, Observe", if Good pops, follow the above and try to do Prep Touch. Otherwise consider Precise Touch if durab is an issue.
      - After hitting "GS, Innov, Observe", if Pliant pops, just follow the combo and do Focused Touch to save some CP.
      - After hitting "GS, Innov, Observe", if Sturdy pops, this is actually great, just follow the combo and do Focused Touch.

      After GS, Innov, Observe, FocusT:
      - After hitting "GS, Innov, Observe, FocusT", you will still have 2 steps of Innov left. If a Good pops any time, replace any of the Prudent with Precise Touch.
      - After hitting "GS, Innov, Observe, FocusT", if a Pliant pops, use "GS, Prudent" to replace "Prudent, Prudent". Apart from CP being saved on the GS (on Pliant), the "GS, Prudent" combo also allows you to conserve 5 durab.
      - After hitting "GS, Innov, Observe, FocusT", if a Centered pops, you may consider replacing Prudent with Hasty. This will burn durab slightly faster, and the move is riskier too, but it will save you 25 CP. However, if the first Hasty fails, I usually won't do another Hasty on the last step of Innov. Because remember, you need at least 2 quality-gaining actions to justify 1 use of Innov. So if the first Hasty fails, I'd just follow up with Prudent to finish the combo.

      Rules of thumbs:
      - Keep in mind that each Innov SHOULD be utilized by at least 2 touches to be worth its CP spent (either the buffed Focused Touch + 1 Prudent, or 2x Prudent).
      - Each step of Manip restores 5 durability AFTER your actions. So if you have only 10 durab left, and you perform an action that consumes 10 durab, you will hit ZERO durab and botch the item before your remaining active Manip steps can restore durability. Thus, try NOT to stay at 10 durab or lower for too long. It limits your next action... e.g. if a Good pops at 10 durab, you CANNOT do Precise Touch, but is forced to use Trick of Trades.
      - If you have only 1 step of Manip left, and got a Pliant, you PROBABLY SHOULD renew your Manip.
      - If you have 2 steps of Manip left, and got a Pliant, you should consider using MM. Otherwise, renewing Manip is an OK option too.
      - If you have 1 step of Manip + 1 or more steps of Innov left, and got a Pliant, you should still consider renewing your Manip.
      - If you have 2 steps of Manip + 1 or more steps of Innov left, and got a Pliant, you should probably just Prudent Touch, because activating a Manip would mean quite a lot of CP wasted in those remaining steps.

      Basic Finisher Combo
      You need 15 or 20 durab and at least 74 CP for your basic "Finisher Combo", which is "GS, Innov, Byregot" and then complete the item with a Basic Syn or a Careful Syn (cost an extra 7 CP). Your finisher should be able to produce around ~19500 quality. So you just need to have around ~45500 quality before the finisher to meet the 65000 quality mark.

      If a Good pops after GS, you should skip Innov and immediately use Byregot.

      Tempering the Rotation Near the End
      Towards the end, this is a critical time which I call "twisting the dragon's tail". Depending on the situation, you want to tweak your rotation to meet that ~45500 quality before the finisher, while catering your remaining durab and CP.

      For example, keep in mind that ~150 CP & 25/30 durab is required if you want to merge your last Touch Combo (just GS, Innov, Observe+FocusT without the 2x Prudents) with the Finisher Combo (GS, Byregot). This allows the last Touch Combo to share the same Innov with the "GS, Byregot".

      And for example, if you have 150 CP left, but durab is only 20... Then you can't use the above combo, otherwise you run out of durab. So you can do "GS, Innov, Prudent, GS, Byregot" instead.

      However, if you have 150 CP left, and durab is only 20, BUT you're still FAR from reaching 45500 quality (and you already used your 3x Careful Observation). Then perhaps you should consider gambling -- Spend 88 CP on an MM to restore durab. You will end up with only 62 CP left, which is NOT enough for the 74-CP basic Finisher Combo. However, you can now test your luck by spamming Hasty Touches to bait for more CP. If you get a lucky Good, then you can restore 20 CP. Then you pop Innov, and continue spamming Hasty Touches before finally using GS + Byregot under the Innov. If you don't get a lucky Good, your Hasty spam may still work, and then you just finish off with GS + Byregot without Innov.

      Another scenario... if you have only 99 CP and 25 durab left. You can still do "Innov, Observe, Focused Touch, GS, Byregot" to maximize quality.

      Lastly, even after you completed your Finisher Combo and having only 5 durab left, if a few Good comes and you take in Trick of Trades, you can still consider doing a Delicate Synthesis to complete the craft while making a last ditch on quality.

      Just keep in mind that you need to be ultra-flexible towards the end of the rotation to utilize everything you have on hand.

      Other interesting tips:
      Prudent Touch cannot be used under the effect of WN (or WN2).
      Under Sturdy, Prudent Touch will decrease durab by 3.
      Under Sturdy, if WN (or WN2) is active, Hasty Touch will decrease durab by 3.
      Under Sturdy, if Manip is active, Hasty Touch will NOT decrease durab.
      When both WN (or WN2) and Manip are active, Hasty Touch will NOT decrease durab.
      Under Sturdy, WN and Manip, Preparatory Touch will NOT decrease durab.
      Under Sturdy, if WN (or WN2) and Manip are both active, Hasty Touch will actually increase durab by 2.

      Good luck! :)

      - My favorite Skybuilders' Frypan! <3

      - This Skybuilders' Saw is sooooo sexy!

      - In terms of stats, these tools are i510 with 6 CP. No slots for melding though.

      Miner's and Botanist's Tools (Disciple of the Land, DoL)

      Before you start doing MIN/BTN tools, please make sure you're loaded with Hi-Cordial (~120+ of them). They're untradeable, and can only be purchased using Yellow Gatherers' Scrips from any Scrip Exchange NPC.

      You may also consider carrying some Peppered Popotoes (https://ffxiv.gamerescape.com/wiki/Peppered_Popotoes), to boost your max GP. Both NQ / HQ are ok depending on your GP pool. You just need 700 GP to perform Task #2, but of course, the more GP the better.

      Task #1: Obtaining HQ Oddly 'Annoying' (Delicate) Raw Jade & Birch Log from Diadem
      For MIN and BTN, each class has 2 tasks to complete. Task #1 is to gather 750x HQ Oddly Delicate Raw Jade (MIN) and 750x HQ Oddly Delicate Birch Log (BTN). Every 30 HQ Jade / Logs can be exchanged for 1 Inconceivably Delicate Pickaxe Part / Hatchet Part (Sweet Jesus.... these names are just annoying...) at Spanner the spam bot. And you will need 25 of each of these Inconceivably 'Annoying' (Delicate) Pickaxe/Hatchet Parts to get the task done.

      - You will need 750 HQ Oddly 'Annoying' (Delicate) Raw Jade / Birch Log to exchange for 25 Inconceivably 'Annoying' (Delicate) tool parts for each class.

      These items are located in "Diadem". Speak to the NPC, Aurvael, at Firmament x10.8, y14.0 to get into Diadem. After getting inside, fly to the island located in the middle of the map (x24.5, y16.0). The island is at a very low altitude, so fly LOW to reach it. If you have trouble finding the place, you can easily use your gatherer action "Lay of the Land II" for Miner (or "Arbor Call II" for Botanist) to locate it instantly.

      Once you reached the gathering node, keep in mind that you need your Skysung Tool equipped, otherwise your chance of obtaining HQ will be reduced to ZERO.

      - NPC to get into Diadem.

      - The island inside Diadem where you can gather the HQ Oddly Annoying / Oddly Irritating items. You have to fly low to reach it.

      - Using "Lay of the Land II" (or "Arbor Call II"), you can instantly locate where the gathering node is. See the blink that happens at the circular mini-map at top right corner.

      - At the gathering node, make sure you are equipped with your Skysung gathering tool. Otherwise, your chance of obtaining HQ will be reduce to ZERO as shown in this picture.

      Task #2: Obtaining Oddly 'Iritating' (Delicate) Adamantite Ore & Feather as Collectables from Azys Lla
      Task #2 is to submit collectables to Spanner in exchange for Oddly Delicate Pickaxe/Hatchet parts. Oddly Delicate Adamantite Ore can be found at Azys Lla (x36.5, y28.0). Oddly Delicate Feather can be found at Azys Lla (x11.2, y26.7). Similar to Task #1, you need to equip the Skysung Tools in order to collect these items as 'collectables'.

      This task is a bit trickier, as it involves the relatively new gathering collectable game. The collectability vs reward in return is shown below,
      Collectability 400-699 = 1 oddly delicate tool part
      Collectability 700-999 = 3 oddly delicate tool parts
      Collectability 1000 (max) = 7 oddly delicate tool parts

      You need a total of 250 oddly delicate tool parts for each of MIN and BTN. If you do all collectables at 700-999 collectability, then you need 84 collectables. If you do all collectables at 1000 collectability, then you need only 36 collectables. If you follow my approach below, then you need somewhere in between the two numbers. So clear your inventory to have around 30 spaces, and then you should be able to finish this task in 2 runs between the Firmament and Azys Lla (2 runs for each of MIN / BTN... so a total of 4 runs for both classes).

      Ideally, you want to reach maximum collectability every time. Because the difference between 3 vs 7 is more than DOUBLE! Saving inventory space also means fewer runs. However, due to limitation of GP, it is hard to do so. Let me explain the collectable game briefly below and suggest a rotation:

      - Each of the nodes have exactly 4 integrity. 1 integrity allows you to collect 1 collectable item.
      - Scrutiny (cost 200 GP) buffs your next appraisal action, while Scour, Brazen Prospector & Meticulous Prospector are the appraisal actions that increases collectability.
      - Scour always uses up 1 integrity. By contrast, Meticulous usually uses up 1 integrity, but has a small chance of NOT reducing integrity, despite it being 25% less powerful than Scour. Thus, ideally, you want to use only Meticulous as long as you get enough collectability. This maximizes remaining integrity, so you can collect more items. Brazen is totally luck-dependent, so we want to avoid it if possible.
      - Start off with "Scrutiny, Meticulous, Scrutiny, Meticulous". This should be enough to reach >700 collectability already (unless your perception stats is really poor).
      - If any 1 of the 2 Meticulous above managed to NOT reduce integrity, then do ANOTHER Meticulous (without Scrutiny) to reach 1000 collectability. And then use the regular gathering action Solid Reason (cost 300 GP) (or Ageless Words for Botanists). Solid Reason is a regular gathering action, so it's on your hotbar, but not the collectable panel. This action increases integrity by 1 as long as the node is NOT currently at max integrity.
      - If BOTH Meticulous managed to reduce integrity, then again, just add another Meticulous (without Scrutiny) to reach 1000 collectability. However, if ALL 3 Meticulous did NOT reduce integrity, make sure you use the gathering action to collect an item BEFORE using Solid Reason (300 GP). Otherwise, the Solid Reason will do nothing since the node's integrity is at max.
      - If NONE of the 2 Meticulous above managed to NOT reduce integrity, then don't bother spending more GP. So just collect everything and meet the 700+ collectability requirement.
      - To include Solid Reason in this rotation means you need 700 GP. Thus, before you engage a node, you want to have ideally 700 GP. However, after executing the rotation once, and drinking a Hi-Cordial, you probably have only 400-ish GP. And that's OK. You can still engage another node with 400 GP and conduct the same rotation to reach 700+ collectability. Alternatively, you can do the 3x Brazen rotation below, and wait until you have 700 GP before starting off with another rotation.
      - When your GP is lower than 400, you can STILL engage a node, but you can only rely on Brazen. If you're lucky enough, 3x Brazen will get you over 700 collectability. Then you just collect 1 collectable item, and move on to the next node.
      - Sometimes, the Meticulous will "crit hit", and give you more collectability. It doesn't change your rotation much. However, if BOTH Scrut-buffed Meticulous managed to crit. Then your collectability will likely be maxed already, and you can skip the 3rd unbuffed Meticulous.

      These things are so irritating, so I now call them Oddly 'Irritating' Adamantite Ore & Birch Log...

      - Oddly 'Irritating' Adamantite Ore... found at Azys Lla (x36.5, y28.0). You need to get enough collectables to exchange for 250 pickaxe parts.

      - Oddly 'Irritating' Feather... found at Azys Lla (x11.2, y26.7). You need to get enough collectables to exchange for 250 hatchet parts.

      - My beautiful Skybuilders' Pickaxe and Hatchet! :)

      Fisher's Tool (Disciple of the Land, DoL)
      To acquire the FSH shiny Skybuilders' Fishing Rod, you need to acquire 2 kinds of fishes as collectables:

      - Both of these fishes are from Azys Lla. As you can't stack any collectables, inventory space is crucial to reduce the number of runs between the Firmament and Azys Lla. Have at least 30 spaces ready to transfer the fishes.

      What to bring? You need about 300 to 400 Signature Balls. Just buy them from the robot NPC Spanner at the Firmament. You also need a large amount of Hi-Cordial. Buy them using Yellow Gatherers' Scrips from any Scrip Exchange NPC.

      To get the required Flintstrikes and Pickled Poms, it's important for you to know the EXACT locations of them. When I said EXACT, I do mean EXACT. The two locations are extremely close by, but the results are completely different. Please see pics below:

      - Both the Flintstrike and the Pickled Poms are located a the "Pappus Tree". The Pickled Poms are specifically located at x7.7, y34.7, near the downstream region of the river, close to the island in the middle of the water.

      - The Flintstrike is specifically located at x7.5, y35, towards a more upstream region of the river, a bit more towards the west from island.

      - The FATE "Yak it Up" pops up very frequently at where the fishes are. The location that I am standing in this pic here is towards the upstream region at the west side, and can fish for Flintstrike.

      Repeat with me here:
      Ok, good to go.

      Unlike some youtube video was suggesting, NO snagging is needed for either fish.

      For both fishes,
      - First, set up Patience II (You can use Patience too, but I found Patience II better. Keep in mind that refreshing that button takes time, and also quality of fish MATTERS, as it affects collectability. More high quality fish = fewer fishes needed, which means fewer runs between the Firmament and Azys Lla)
      - Then, use Hi-Cordial
      - Cast your rod in, and start fishing
      - If you're fishing for Poms, pull "!" with Precision Hookset. Ignore all "!!" DO NOT bother to waste GP on slapping the Aether Eyes. Instead, use "Release" once on an Aether Eye, so it will automatically discard all hooked Aether Eyes to save space. After obtaining 1 Pom, use Identical Cast to get another.
      - If you're fishing for Flints, pull "!!" with Powerful Hookset. Ignore all "!" DO NOT bother to waste GP on slapping the Fountfishes. Instead, use "Release" once on a Fountfish, so it will automatically discard all hooked Fountfishes to save space. After obtaining 1 Flint, use Identical Cast to get another.
      - Use Hi-Cordial any time when its cooldown is done to maximize GP gain.

      *Most importantly, after catching the first desired Pom/Flint, if you do NOT have enough GP for Identical Cast, then DO NOT click "YES" to accept the collectable yet. WAIT until you have either enough GP or the cooldown of Hi-Cordial finishes, then you click YES, and then use Identical Cast. You can stay in that position forever until you have enough GP. After clicking YES, the Identical Cast button will only flash for like 10 sec. If you don't have enough GP for it, you lose that button. Using Identical Cast is MUCH more effective than testing your luck on the next desired fish. So always WAIT until you have ~400 GP (or an available Hi-Cordial) before clicking OK on the collectable. And always make sure Patience II or Patience is active to ensure the best collectablity before you cast your rod again.

      - After catching the 1st fish, make sure to wait until you have ~400 GP (or Hi-Cordial cooldown to finish) for Identical Cast + Precision/Powerful Hook set before clicking that "YES" button.

      - Enjoy the beautiful Skybuilders' Fishing Rod!

      APPENDIX - Crafting Actions Explained in Details

      - Reflect replaces the action Inner Quiet, as it immediately grants IQ3 status.
      - It can only be used on the 1st step of a craft. Thus, this action and Muscle Memory are mutually exclusive -- you can only use either one.

      - Muscle Memory has 2 effects.
      - (1) It increases progress at 300% efficiency
      - (2) It grants you 5 steps of a progress-buff that can buff your next progress-increasing actions by 100 efficiency. However, this buff goes away immediately after you perform a single progress-increasing action.
      - It can only be used on the 1st step of a craft. Thus, this action and Reflect are mutually exclusive -- you can only use either one.
      - A valid opening combo for Expert Recipes would be MusMem, Veneration, Rapid Syn spam (first successful Rapid Syn will be buffed by both MusMem and Vene)
      - An example of a valid opening combo in macros for other endgame recipes would be MusMem, Veneration, WN, Groundwork, Groundwork, Groundwork, PrepT. The MusMem buffs the first Groundwork. The Vene buffs all 3 Groundworks. And the WN covers the 3 Groundworks and the PrepT to reduce their durab consumption from 20 to 10 each, effectively reducing total durab consuption from 80 to 40.

      - "IQ stack" is basically the backbone of crafting. The IQ stack increase by 1 every time a touch action is performed. The higher is your IQ stack, the stronger your touch action becomes.
      - The IQ stack is eventually consumed when you execute "Byregot's Blessing", which is your most powerful quality-increasing action in the crafting game.

      - Extremely useful in buffing multiple consecutive steps of progress-increasing actions.

      - In some macros for endgame recipes, this action is actually useful in the early phases of a rotation. E.g. You can set up Veneration, WN (or WN2), and then spam Groundwork and Prep Touch to quickly work on progress and increase IQ stacks. The WN (or WN2) will reduce the durab cost of Groundwork / Prep Touch to 10 per action. However, this usage is not recommended for the Expert Recipes here.

      - A very powerful action that trumps Groundwork in both CP-cost, durab-cost and efficiency in progress. However, because it can only be executed in Good or Excellent conditions, it is only useful in manual crafting most of the times.

      - The original function of Observe is to bait conditions. So it doesn't actually do "nothing". It is also paired with Focused Touch and Focused Syn to increase their success rate to 100%.

      - When paired with Observe, this is actually the best action in terms of quality efficiency per CP cost and per durab consumption, that is independent from conditions. This is also why it is the chosen action for the Touch Combo.
      - However, its pairing with Observe is also its weakness - you can at most fit only 2 of such combo within the 4 steps of an Innov. You also cannot make use of an existing favorable condition (such as a Good or Pliant) for the touch action in the combo due to it having 2 actions.
      - Also, in the middle of the Observe+FocusT combo, you CANNOT use Careful Observation to bait for conditions. Otherwise it breaks the combo, and the FocusT will lose the success rate gained from the Observe.

      - Much like Focused Touch but for progress, when this action is paired with Observe, it is actually the best action in terms of progress efficiency per CP cost and per durab consumption, that is independent from conditions.
      - However, its pairing with Observe is also its weakness - you can at most fit only 2 of such combo within the 4 steps of a Veneration.
      - Similar to Observe+FocusT, you CANNOT use Careful Observation in the middle of the Observe+FocusSyn combo, otherwise it breaks the combo.

      - Strongest progress-increasing action in the game. However, due to it having only 50% success rate, it is pretty much UNUSED in normal endgame recipes. But for Expert Recipes, due to the high difficulty, this is actually a preferred action, especially when Expert Recipes have the Centered condition that can buff its success rate up to 75%.

      - A very useful skill to prevent pre-mature completion of a craft. This action does NOT take a step. So, whatever condition you are having (such as a Good) will not change when you execute this action. This is a great action to have, because, let's say you got a Good, and wanted to use Intensive Syn. But you are worried that it would pre-maturely complete the craft. Then you just need to pop this action, and your Good will remain active, and then you can still use that Intensive Syn.

      - This is usually the final action of any crafting rotation.

      - This is a useful alternative to Basic Syn or Observe+FocSyn.

      - Delicate Syn is a costly skill that, if used properly, can have amazing results. Despite it being 32 CP to use, it increases both progress and quality simultaneously, which means you are effectively saving durab.
      - Its effect on quality is equivalent to that of a Basic Touch (100% efficiency), whereas its effect on progress is actually slightly weaker than that of a Basic Syn (120% efficiency). Since a Basic Touch costs 18 CP, this means, for Delicate Syn, 32-18 = 14 CP is spent on the progress part without reducing extra durability. As each 10 durab is worth at least 24 CP, this is really not a bad deal at all.
      - However, the fact that its efficiency on progress is only 100% is an issue. For recipes with a lot of progress to fill, 100% efficiency is really weak even when buffed with Vene.
      - Also, Delicate Syn's blessing is also its curse. When both progress & quality are tied together, it's difficult for you to buff both together using Vene/Innov.
      - Furthermore, after acquring Prudent Touch, we don't really use Basic Touch as a mean to build-up IQ anymore. Thus, even though Delicate Syn offers some benefits over Basic Touch, it is still not as handy as Prudent in most cases.

      - This is perhaps one of the best actions ever. Normally, our CP pool limits what we can do. As I mentioned before, CP > Control > Craftsmanship. CP is KING! So the ability to increase CP is golden. Normally, when a Good condition pops, I'd recommend people to use this over Precise Touch. But with Expert Recipes, Precise is actually preferred before reaching IQ11.

      - Great Strides DOUBLES your next quality-gaining action's efficiency. As this action costs 32 CP, we don't usually use it to buff regular touches. But after reaching IQ11, we usually start off the "Touch Combo" with this action to buff the Focused Touch, Precise Touch or Prep Touch. We ALWAYS include this action for our "Finisher Combo" to buff Byregot's Blessing.

      - We usually do not bother using Innov until IQ is 11, and then you can start using it as part of the Touch Combo. This is because when IQ is low, the quality gain from each touch is small. So the effect of Innov becomes small as well. Furthermore, in Expert Recipes, we rely mostly on Hasty Touches in the IQ-building phase, which is very insecure. Together with the need of utilizing conditions that may suddenly pops up, it's very easy to "waste steps" of Innov. e.g. If you pop an Innov, fail a Hasty, activate Manip due to a Pliant, and then fail another Hasty, you will end up with just 1 step of Innov left, which is totally not worth your 18 CP spent. This is why we don't usually use Innov before we reach IQ11. But it's a not a strict rule. If you have an ocean of CP to spend, you can potentially add in Innov during IQ build-up phase.
      - Keep in mind that you need to perform at least 2 quality-increasing actions within an Innov to justify its CP spent. If you perform only 1 quality-increasing action, it's a deficit. If you perform 2 quality-increasing actions, it's break-even. If you perform 3 or 4 quality-increasing actions, it's a surplus.

      - Your most basic quality-increasing action.

      - Slightly stronger than Basic Touch, but a lot more expensive in terms of CP. Definitely not a efficient way of spending CP.
      - However, if paired up as a combo after Basic Touch, its CP consumption will be reduced to 18, making it a decent skill to use.

      - Not only does this skill gives 150% efficiency. This skill is ONLY usable on Good condition, and Good condition provides 1.5x bonus on quality gained. Thus, the quality gain from a Precise Touch is not to be underestimated. Furthermore, the additional effect of "Increases Inner Quiet stack by one" actually is an EXTRA IQ stack on top of your usual IQ stack gain per touch. So you actually gain a total of 2 IQ stacks from a Precise Touch.

      - This is arguably the most CP/durab-efficient quality-increasing action. Even though it cost 25 CP, which is much higher than a Basic Touch, do not underestimate the impact of reducing only 5 durab per touch.
      - Think this way, the most efficient durab-restoration action is Manip which cost 96 CP for a total of 40 durab gain. So every 10 durab is worth 96/4 = 24 CP. That means 5 durab is worth 12 CP. Prudent is 25 and BasicT is 18 CP. So Prudent is 7 CP more expensive. Yet by spending 7 more CP, you are earning 5 durab that is worth at least 12 CP!

      - The fact that it requires no CP made this skill a great way to gamble on free touches. However, the low success rate can actually be very CP-draining. Because each 10 durab loss actually costs at least 24 CP to replenish.
      - For Expert Recipe, this action is best performed during Sturdy or Centered condition.

      - In contrast to what its name suggests, this is probably the most "IMPATIENT" touch ever! It has the potential to rushes you to IQ11 very quickly.
      - Patient Touch is great gambling technique. It is better to be used at odd numbers of IQ stacks, because if you fail you end up slightly more than half of the IQ stack. Thus, it is great to be used at IQ3 & IQ5. At IQ3, if it fails, you end up with IQ2. At IQ5, if it fails, you end up with IQ3. IQ3 is probably the best time to gamble with this skill. But sometimes gambling at IQ5 may surprise you with very attractive results as well.
      - My theory behind gambling in crafting is that, the more deficit you're having, the more risk you actually have to take to make-up that deficit. Thus, if I am ridiculously low with CP, and I'm still sitting at IQ2 due to some failed Patient and Hasty Touches (which means I'm doom anyhow), I will not hesitate to reach IQ3 with Hasty first, then consecutively do 2x Patient at 50% success rate to see if I'd reach IQ11 that way.
      - This action is best paired with the Centered condition.

      - When GS, Innov are both active and a Good pops, you want to use this skill if durab permits.
      - The additional effect of "Increases Inner Quiet stack by one" actually means this action increases IQ by 2. Thus, in some macros for endgame recipes, this action is actually useful in the early phases of a rotation. E.g. You can set up Veneration, WN (or WN2), and then spam Groundwork and Prep Touch to quickly work on progress and increase IQ stacks. The WN (or WN2) will reduce the durab cost of Groundwork / Prep Touch to 10 per action. However, this usage is not recommended for the Expert Recipes here.

      - I said this before 6 years ago in ARR. I'm saying it again now. Byregot's Blessing is the KAMEHAMEHA (click here if you don't know what it is) of crafting. All that work of building up the IQ stack is just to buff up that one Byregot's Blessing for releasing that one final smash of quality.

      - Note: This action is locked behind lvl 65 class quest.
      - The best durability restoration action in game. However, it restores durability AFTER you perform an action. So if you have only 10 durab left, DO NOT use a durab-consuming action that will reduce durab by 10. Your durab will hit 0 and the item will botch before Manip can restore 5 durab for you.
      - For most recipes, this action is best paired with Prudent Touch during the IQ-build-up phase. It "suspends" durability while you're spamming Prudent. And since both Manip and Prudent are extremely CP/durab-efficiency, this combo can be utilized for most scenarios.
      - One of my favorite opener combo is "Reflect, Manip, Innov, Prud x4", which is a pretty good opener for most recipes.
      - For Expert Recipes, I do not usually recommend the above combo, as it will burn off CP a bit too fast. However, if you managed to catch a few Trick of Trades, or if you had a lucky start with Patient Touch which shoots your IQ stack to IQ6 or IQ8, it is definitely viable to do a Manip + Prudent-spam combo to reach IQ11.

      - Not as efficient as Manipulation in terms of CP cost. But its advantage is that it instantly increases your durab by 30.

      - Waste Not (WN) is NOT a bad skill. In fact, it's one of the most useful durab conserving skill that a novice crafter would acquire at early levels. It has a very low CP cost, making it more friendly for crafters with a smaller CP pool.
      - The basic use of WN would be something similar to the following combo:
      Waste Not (40 durab & 4 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (35 durab & 3 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (30 durab & 2 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (25 durab & 1 WN step left)
      Basic Touch ( 20 durab left & WN effect ended)
      ...Notice how durability decreases by 5 in each of the WN steps, so in the end, 4 touches that supposed to consume 40 durab would consume only 20.

      - If you perform an action that does not consume durability, the effect of WN is wasted on that step.
      - Despite the point above, WN still has some flexibility. For instance:
      Waste Not (40 durab & 4 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (35 durab & 3 WN steps left)
      Trick of the Trade (35 durab & 2 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (30 durab & 1 WN step left)
      Basic Touch (25 durab left & WN effect ended)
      ...Notice how durab was not decreased during the step which a Trick of Trade was taken. In the end, 25 durab remained instead of 20. And since you can perform 3 actions (that consumes 10 durab each) on a 25 durab item, the 25 remaining durab can be treated like 30 durab. Therefore, no actual durability loss occurred when a non-durab-consuming action was performed.

      - However, if you perform 2 such non-durab-consuming actions in the middle of a WN, you WILL lose actual durability. See this:
      Waste Not (40 durab & 4 WN steps left)
      Trick of the Trade (40 durab & 3 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (35 durab & 2 WN steps left)
      Trick of the Trade (35 durab & 1 WN steps left)
      Basic Touch (30 durab left & WN effect ended)
      ...Notice how durab was not decreased for 2 steps, and now the remaining durab is even number again. You end up with only 30 durab, which is treated in the SAME way as the 25 remaining durab in the previous scenario. Yet, this time you were only able to do 2 touches during the course of WN. You ended up losing a chance of touching.
      - The same problem will happen if you use WN TWICE in a rotation, and performed 1 non-durab-consuming action in each of your two WNs.
      - For some recipes that starts off with odd number of durability (such as some 35 durab recipes), you also don't have any flexibility during the course of WN.

      - In high level crafting, WN can be utilized by pairing with Groundwork or PrepT. Groundwork and PrepT consumes 20 durab per action. WN can effectively reduce that by half, so that each Groundwork/PrepT only consumes only 10 durab.
      - Keep in mind that Prudent Touch is banned for use when WN or WN2 is active.

      - Although in terms of durab conservation per CP, it is very attractive, WN2 runs into the same problem of flexibilty as that of WN... and only worse, because now you are inflexibility for 8 consecutive steps.
      - Nevertheless, WN2 can be quite useful when you're constructing macros, which no flexibility is needed. Because in macros, conditions are ignored, so you won't modify your rotation in the middle of the course.

      - This is a very powerful action that can only performed 3 times in a craft.
      - It allows you to bait for condition without reducing the steps of any existing buffs. Thus, it almost feels like Careful Observation doesn't really count as a "step" (it actually does).
      - For example, in a Finisher Combo, after setting up both GS & Innov, you can keep using Careful Obs to bait for a Good condition before you use Byregot's Blessing.

      =THE END=

      “The best crafter is not the one with the best stats, but the one who makes the best use of one’s stats” – By Caimie Tsukino

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