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      Launched on 2021-09-15

      Bozja Duels Cheesing Guide by Caimie Tsukino


      How to “cheese” in the duel “Aces High” (vs Gabriel) or “And the Flames Went Higher” (vs Sartauvoir)

      Preparation in advance:

      - Put a waymark (e.g. “A”) at where the Striking Dummies are at base (Waymark panel shortcut key: “Ctrl M”).
      - Equip Lost Swift(weight: 4)& Lost Flare Star (weight: 20) onto the Lost Finds Holster
      - Load up: Lost Swift(onto the 1st Lost Action Slot) (Greatly increase movement speed for 10 sec)
      - Load up: Lost Flare Star (onto the 2nd Lost Action Slot) (To avoid confusion, KEEP Lost Flare Star there and NEVER load anything else onto 2nd slot to replace this action)
      - Equip the following onto the Lost Finds Holster (because you simply don’t have time to do it right before the duel) but don’t load onto Lost Action Slot yet:

      Banner of Noble Ends (weight: 10)
      Lost Chainspell (weight: 20)
      Lost Reraise (weight: 12)
      Lost Spellforge (weight: 3) (all attacks deal magical damage) (*For Gabriel ONLY. Gabriel is more vulnerable tomagic)
      Lost Bravery (weight: 8)
      Lost Bubble (weight: 5)
      Resistance Ether Kit (weight: 3)
      Deep Essence of the Breathtaker (weight: 10) or Essence of the Breathtaker (weight: 6)
      Deep Essence of the Ordained (weight: 10)
      Lodestone (weight: 1) (in case your “Return” is on cooldown when you need to access a Lost Finds Cache)
      Resistance Elixir (weight: 4)

      Total Weight: 86 (-4 if using Essence of the Breathtaker) (-3 if without Lost Spellforge)

      *Resistance Ether Kit, Deep Essence of the Ordained & Resistance Elixir are “item-related” actions, so they can actually be dragged from the Lost Finds Holster onto your hotbar for easy access. Drag them onto the hotbar of your Red Mage (RDM) (or any other caster jobs).

      *Do not equip Lost Font of Magic (weight: 25) & Lost Excellence (weight: 25) yet onto the Lost Finds Holster, because they clogs up a lot of action weight in the Holster.

      *Instead, LEARN & REMEMBER where these actions are on the Lost Finds Cache panel, so you can quickly equip them later. You don’t have time to slowly look for them after you are chosen for duels.

      Before entering the Critical Engagement (CE) “Vigil of the Lost” or “Metal Fox Chaos”:

      - Switch job to Paladin (PLD) (I prefer PLD because Hallowground is just great to avoid getting hurt)
      - Use: Pizza HQ (To help further push damage in case you got into the duel after the CE.)
      - Use: Deep Essence of the Breathtaker or Essence of the Breathtaker (increased movement speed, poison resistance and evasion) (This helps with not getting hit during the CE.)

      During the CE:

      - Use Lost Swift(Greatly increase movement speed for 10 sec) if need.
      (This also helps with not getting hit during the CE.)

      - You must NOT get hit by any avoidable attacks in the CE. Any hit that caused a vulnerability stack disqualifies you for the duel.
      - Even if you succeeded in NOT getting any vulnerability stacks, you still may NOT be chosen for the duel. This depends on how many people also qualify, and how many Notoriety Points each qualified person has.

      After CE ended:

      - If the CE is won and you had no vulnerability stacks, IMMEDIATELY use “Return” to get back to base, switch to Red Mage (RDM) (or any other caster job) and stand next to a Lost Finds Cache.
      - The duel invitation will pop, so click “accept” for the duel. Now anyone else who “accepted” will also be considered for the duel, but only 1 person will get it. Whoever has the most Notoriety Points will likely be chosen.
      - Open the Resistance Recruitment panel, so you can actually see the timer for commencing.
      - DO NOT wait for the timer to decide who will duel. Immediately start using the following actions (while on RDM) to save time. Yes, I know it’s very wasteful if you don’t get selected in the end, but this is NECESSARY. If you wait until it’s decided that you are the dueller, you won’t have enough time to use all these actions. The following actions are ALREADY IN your Holster.
      - For the following actions, just use from your hotbar:
      -------- Resistance Ether Kit (Restore MP automatically when below 20% for 20 min)
      -------- Deep Essence of the Ordained (weight: 10) (+24% damage, increase max MP by 60%)
      - Now open your Lost Action Holster.
      - For the following actions, load up from your Holster onto the 1st Lost Action Slot and immediately use from the slot, one after another (keep replacing the previous Lost Action with another on the 1st slot, and click the 1st slot to use):

      Lost Reraise(80% chance of auto-revival upon KO)
      Lost Spellforge(all attacks deal magical damage) (*For Gabriel ONLY. Gabriel is more vulnerable tomagic damage)
      Lost Bravery (+5% damage for 10 min)
      Lost Bubble (+30% HP for 10 min)
      The above should free up quite a lot of action weight, allowing Lost Font of Magic (weight: 25) & Lost Excellence (weight: 25) to be equipped onto the Holster.

      - Using a Lost Finds Cache, equip: Lost Font of Magic& Lost Excellence onto the Lost Action Holster.
      - Use sprint and go next to a Striking Dummy ASAP (You had already placed a waymark there).

      If you are lucky, and got selected for the duel, you only have about 1 min:

      - Load up: Lost Excellence (onto the 1st Lost Action Slot)
      - WAIT for the timer on the Resistance Recruitment panel to reach about 12 sec. (If you use Lost Excellence too early, its effect will wear off by the time your timer reaches zero inside the duel arena.)
      - Hit the dummy with a Jolt II (to make oneself in-combat in order to use Lost Excellence).
      - Lucid Dreaming
      - Use: Lost Excellence(Nullifies most incoming damage for 10 sec, and +65% damage for 50 sec) (The 10 sec won’t last long enough, but the 50 sec of damage increase is what you’re after.)
      - IMMEDIATELY hit the Commence button on the Resistance Recruitment panel!

      NOTE: Do NOT be late for the timer to hit “Commence”! If time is an issue, don’t bother hitting the dummy. Just enter the fight, but make sure to bring along Lost Excellence!

      After entering the duel arena:

      - Close the Resistance Recruitment panel, while keeping Lost Action Holster open.
      - You can’t move until the timer hits zero. Then, you may begin the fight.
      - Use: Grade 4 Tincture of Intelligence (+10% intelligence / Cap: +464, for 30 sec)
      --- Start walking to the boss to get in attack range ---
      - Load up: Lost Font of Magic (onto the 1st Lost Action Slot, to replace Lost Excellence)
      - Hit target with a Fleche (to make oneself in-combat in order to use Lost Font of Magic)
      - Use: Lost Font of Magic(+70% damage for 30 sec, drains MP constantly)
      --- Keep moving sideways around the boss and do proper mechanics and avoid injuries ---
      - Load up: Banner of Noble Ends (to replace Lost Font of Magic)
      - Use: Banner of Noble Ends(+50% damage and inhibits self-heal for 15 sec)
      - Load up: Lost Chainspell (to replace Banner of Noble Ends)
      - Use: Lost Chainspell(+45% damage for spells, eliminate cast time, increase MP cost for 30 sec)
      - If MP is lower than required value to use Lost Flare Star, Use: Resistance Elixir from hotbar
      - Use: Lost Flare Star (from 2nd slot… make sure you’re IN RANGE of 10 yalm!!!) (300 potency damage + 350 potency damage over time for 60 sec)
      - Use:
      ------- Contre Sixte
      ------- Jolt II / Verthunder etc. …until the target dies.
      - Use Embolden (+10% magic damage for 20 sec) and/or Manafication (+5% magic damage for 10 sec) if need. But this should NOT be necessary.
      - If executed correctly, the boss should die in less than 1 min.
      - If you died before casting Lost Flare Star, you will lose some of the buffs and the cheat will fail. If you died after casting Lost Flare Star, and got Reraised, you may still win.


      Which Forgotten Fragment gives the Lost Action I’m looking for?

      Deep Essence of the Ordained / Breathtaker /Profane/Guardian/Watcher/Skirmisher: Forgotten Fragment of Becoming
      Lost Spellforge / Lost Swift /Steelsting / Banish III / Paralyze III / Dispel: Forgotten Fragment of Ingenuity
      Lost Bravery: Forgotten Fragment of Support
      Lost Bubble: Forgotten Fragment of Tenacity
      Lost Reraise: Forgotten Fragment of Hope
      Resistance Ether Kit / Resistance Potion Kit / Resistance Reraiser: Forgotten Fragment of Care
      Lost Excellence / Resistance Elixir: Forgotten Fragment of Heroism
      Lost Font of Magic: Forgotten Fragment of Sagacity
      Banner of Noble Ends: Forgotten Fragment of Resolve
      Lost Chainspell / Lost Assassination: Forgotten Fragment of Artistry
      Lost Flare Star / Pure Essence of the Elder: Forgotten Fragment of Clarity
      Lost Manawall (weight: 16) (Heavy to self, -90% incoming damage, nullify knockback/draw-in, for 6 sec): Forgotten Fragment of Caution

      Other notes:
      Effect of Essences dissipate when you switch jobs. However, effect of Reraise remains even after switching jobs.
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