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      A Guide for Post-Level 50 End-Game Contents

      Do you ever wonder why nobody writes this sort of guides anymore? And even those that did, the guides are all confusing? Most of the time, it's not the guide-writer's fault. Instead, this is because everything changes so much every patch - old tomes gets eliminated, new tomes appears, way to acquire tomes changes, addition of new dungeons and trials happens almost every patch as well… As a result, chaos is ensured, and most fresh 50s have trouble knowing what to do.

      Here, I attempt to summarize things as briefly as I can, but with just enough details to follow.

      Things to do #1: Finish Praetorium

      Before everything else, you really want to complete the “original story”, i.e. defeat the Black Wolf (Gaius) and his Ultimate Weapon in the “Praetorium”… until you see the credit scene. Then congrats, you have officially finished everything pre-end-game.

      Things to do #2: Relic Reborn

      Every wonder why you never have that "authentic" weapon of your battle class? Well, you have to earn it! Your "Relic Reborn Quest" starts in Vesper Bay at Western Thanalan. Please see the following link for all details:

      You will get to meet Gerolt, the Legendary Blacksmith, at the top right corner of North Shroud, and he will direct you for a bunch of tasks to get your Relic Weapon.

      Along the way, you will need to supply Gerolt with a "Pre-Relic Weapon":
      The Pre-Relic Weapon does NOT need to be HQ. If you have a crafting class at level 50, you can make it yourself. Alternatively, just buy it from market board. If you personally know a crafter as a friend or someone in your FC, and they demand "mats" (crafting materials), then you can either buy the mats, or farm for them yourself. The Pre-Relic Weapon is made from 1x "Bloody XXX" (e.g. Bloody Grimoire Binding, Bloody Lance Head, Bloody Cesti Cover, Blunt Aeolian Scimitar etc) + some mats like Darksteel Nugget, Spruce Lumber etc. "Bloody XXX" are from "Wanderer's Palace", and the other mats like Darksteel nuggets are crafted by level 50 crafting classes using raw mats like Darksteel Ore gathered by a level 50 gatherer.

      Keep in mind that once the weapon is handed in to Gerolt, you lose access to it until the very end of Relic Reborn. So make sure you have a strong substitute weapon before you hand in your Pre-Relic.

      You will need to defeat:
      - Chimera
      - Amdapor Keep
      - Hydra
      - Ifrit HM (Hard Mode)
      - Garuda HM
      - Titan HM
      ... and then supply Gerolt with an Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil (acquired from Auriana at Rev Toll with 110 Soldiery Tomes) before you will be granted your Relic Weapon (i80).

      When you buy your Radz-at-Han Quenching Oil, it is recommended that you buy 3x Thavnairian Mist (450 Soldiery Tomes for 3 mists) as well from Auriana. This way, right after you acquired your i80 Relic, you can immediately upgrade it into Relic Zenith (i90) using the "Furnace" near Gerolt.

      Things to do #3: Collecting Tomes to Gear Up for End-Game Contents

      There will be many, many end-game trials, raids and dungeons, and it is very important that you gear up yourself properly before you take on these challenges. As of Patch 2.5, the two currently existing tomes are Soldiery tomes and Poetics tomes.

      Soldiery tomes allow you to purchase i100 Weathered Gear/Accessories (Soldiery Gear) from Auriana at Revenant's Toll, Mor Dhona, which can be upgraded into i110.

      Poetics tomes
      allow you to purchase i120 Ironworks Gear/Accessories (Poetics Gear) from Auriana, which can be upgraded into i130.

      Soldiery Gear/Access
      are upgraded using "Sand of Time/Oil of Time" (See "Things to do #4 & #5).
      Poetics Gear/Access are upgraded using "Carbontwine/Carboncoat" (See Things to do #5).

      After acquiring the Sand/Oil/Carbontwine/Carboncoat, bring all the items to "Drake", who stands right next to Gerolt at top right corner of North Shroud. There, you will be able to perform your upgrades of gear, accessories & weapons.

      Soldiery tomes have no weekly limit. You can collect as much as you want. In other words, if you have the time to grind for Soldiery tomes, you can gear up ALL your level 50 classes to at least avg ilevel 100 by supplying them all with Soldiery Gear/Access. Poetics tomes have a weekly limit of 900. Each week, you want to try to max out that amount so that you can buy more Poetics gear.

      To purchase weapons with these tomes, you have to seek out Aelina at Rev Toll.

      1300 Soldiery tomes (for buying 10x Rowena's Token [Soldiery] from Auriana) + Unidentified Allagan Tomestone (a.k.a. "UAT", see Things to do #5) allow you to buy the i100 Weathered Weapon from Aelina at Rev Toll, which can be upgraded into i110 (a.k.a. "UAT weapon") using Sand of Time. The i110 UAT weapon is the easiest, quickest way to gear up a class post-level 50 for end-game content. Similar to gear, weapon upgrades are done by speaking to "Drake" at North Shroud.

      1300 Poetics tomes
      (for buying 10x Rowena's Token [Poetics] from Auriana) + Encrypted Tomestone (see Things to do #5) allow you to buy the i120 Ironworks Weapon from Aelina at Rev Toll, which can be upgraded into i130 (Augmented Ironworks Weapon) using Carbontwine.

      Things to do #4: Hunts

      You will sometimes notice people shouting on your chat in specific areas with something like "Hellsclaw, Eastern La Noscea (17, 10)". These are hunts coordinates. Please read this:

      Rank B hunts give no rewards unless you have taken up a Mark Bill from the Grand Company's hunting board.
      Rank A hunts give Soldiery Tomes, Poetics Tomes & Allied Seals.
      Rank S hunts give even more Soldiery Tomes, Poetics Tomes & Allied Seals.

      As of Patch 2.5, Rank A & S also occasionally drop "Unstained Mark Log".

      Allied Seals can be used to purchase "Blood-Spattered Mark Log" (250 seals) or "Unstained Mark Log" (500 seals) at the "Hunt Master" at your Grand Company. These logs can be used to exchange for Sand/Oil of Time or Carbontwine/Carboncoat at Aelina at Rev Toll:
      3x Blood-Spattered Mark Log can be exchanged for 1x Sand of Time.
      2x Blood-Spattered Mark Log can be exchanged for 1x Oil of Time.
      6x Unstained Mark Log can be exchanged for 1x Carbontwine.
      4x Unstained Mark Log can be exchanged for 1x Carboncoat.

      To effectively do hunts, you should get yourself on a "hunt linkshell", so that you get 1st hand information on any hunt happening. When you are in a hunt, just ask the people there to add you onto a hunt linkshell. When you hear coordinates, click onto the coordinates in your chat box, and you should get a flag on you map showing you where the target is. You then gotta try to get there asap, and shout "invite please!" to be invited into a party. Hunt rewards depends on the "threat" generated by the individual or the party. Obviously, being in a party is of a much bigger advantage. If you hunt alone, it is likely that you will get very minimal rewards.

      The most useful hunt macros are:
      <t> <pos>

      Put these into your "Users Macro" under "System" menu, and drag the buttons to your hotbar.

      <flag> allows you to display the coordinates of your current flag on the chat box, thus allows you to spread hunt info. To use this macro, you must first have a flag shown on your mini map. If you had previously clicked on a coordinate in the chat box before, you will already have a flag on your map. Alternatively, if you are on a PC, you can generate a flag any where on the map by "Control Right-Click" on it.

      <t> <pos> allows you to display the coordinates of a selected target on your chat box. If you see a target in front of you, and want to spread the info, select the target and then use this macro.

      Things to do #5: Crystal Tower Trilogy

      The Crystal Tower Trilogy consist of 3 large scale raids: Labyrinth of the Ancient (LoA), Syrcus Tower (ST) & World of Darkness (WoD). It is unlocked by speaking to Rambroes at the St Coinach encampment at Mor Dhona. For more details of the trilogy, please visit:

      The trilogy provides an extremely fast route to gear up your classes. LoA drops i80 gear, ST drops i100, and WoD drops i120. You can redo these raids and loot for things as many times as you want.

      Apart from gear, ST also drops the Unidentified Allagan Tomestone (UAT), which is a critical item for obtaining the UAT weapon. The i100 Weathered UAT weapon is obtained by supplying Aelina with the UAT + 10x Rowena's Token (Soldiery). You can buy Rowena's Token (Soldiery) from Auriana for 130 Soldiery Tomes each. Thus it cost a total of 1300 Soldiery Tomes to get the i100 weapon.

      In addition, ST also drops Sand of Time & Oil of Time directly, which are extremely useful for upgrading any "Weathered" gear or weapon from i100 to i110 at Drake.

      Once completed all 3 raids of the Crystal Tower Trilogy, you will have unlocked the quest "The Gift of the Archmagus" from Koh Rabntah in Mor Dhona (x21,y8). This quest can be taken once per week. The quest allows you to obtain 1x Encrypted Tomestone or 1x Carbontwine or 1x Carboncoat per week. I strongly recommend you taking this quest once a week, and obtain the Encrypted Tomestone or Carbontwine, but not the Carboncoat. This is because Carboncoat can be obtained with 4x Unstained Mark Log, where as Carbontwine requires 6 logs. The difference of 2x logs = 1000 Allied Seals, which is a lot. To use the Encrypted Tomestone for acquiring i120 Ironworks Poetics Weapon, you need to supply Aelina with the Encrypted Tomestone + 10x Rowena's Token (Poetics) from Auriana for 130 Poetics Tomes each. Thus it cost a total of 1300 Poetics Tomes to get the i120 weapon.

      Please see this link for details:

      NOTE: The i100 dropped from ST cannot be upgraded into i110 using Sand of Time. Similarly, the i120 dropped from WoD cannot be upgraded into i130 using Carbontwine. Only Weathered Soldiery Gear/Accessories/Weapons & Ironworks Poetics Gear/Accessories/Weapons can be upgraded.

      Things to do #6: Continue with the Extended "Main Quest" to Unlock All Primals & Expert Roulette

      Always pay attention to the "Meteor" logo:
      This is your main quest logo. After finishing Praetorium, you should be able to pick it up from the Waking Sand, and continue with the extended storyline. This will lead you to unlock all the remaining trials & dungeons. Trials include King Moggle Mog XII, Leviathan, Ramuh, Shiva, Chrysalis, Steps of Faith etc. And dungeons include Snowcloak, Wanderer's Palace Hard Mode, Amdapor Keep Hard Mode, Keeper of the Lake etc. All the way until you reach the very end of FFXIV A Realm Reborn.

      Expert Roulette is perhaps one of the fastest way to obtain Poetics tomes. To unlock Expert Roulette, you have to unlock and beat all the hard mode dungeons. Each day, you will be able to obtain 35 "bonus" Poetics from Expert Roulette on top of the 40 Poetics you obtain from the dungeon, making a total of 75 Poetics in one "Light Party" dungeon. This is the most you can get in a "Light Party" dungeon.

      For more details, please see:

      Things to do #7: Defeat all Extreme Primals, and farm for Weapons/Ponies

      Subsequently defeat Garuda Ex, Titan Ex, Ifrit Ex, Leviathan Ex, Ramuh Ex and Shiva Ex (and Mog Ex as well... although technically King Moggle Mog XII is not really a primal). All these Ex Primals drop precious items like Vortex Feather, Crag Heart, Inferno Horn, Kingly Whisker, Diamond Tear etc. which can either be sold for very high price on the market board or be crafted into precious glamor weapons or furniture. The Ex Primals also drops rare "Mounts" (a.k.a. "ponies"), which are very pretty rides. Lastly, Shiva Ex drops i100 Ice Weapons, which can be upgraded into i115 Diamond Weapons at Aelina with 5x Diamond Dust. The i115 weapons are very decent in powers, and is a nice way to gear up yourself before you have anything stronger. Each time you defeat Shiva Ex, you obtain 1x Diamond Dust.

      For more information on Extreme Primal trials, please see:

      Things to do #8: Zodiac Weapon

      The never-ending quests of upgrading your Relic Weapon into Zodiac Weapon:
      From Relic Zenith to -> Atma -> Animus -> Novus -> Nexus -> Zodiac Braves -> Zodiac Zeta
      Zodiac Zeta is currently the strongest weapon in the game.

      For more information, please see:

      Things to do #9: The Binding Coil of Bahamut

      All that work above to gear up yourself is all for this final quest-line of defeating Bahamut. This is the ultimate challenge in the game.
      Finish this, and claim yourself to have finished A Realm Reborn:

      Things to do #10: Hildebrand Mandeville Quest-Line

      If you have not done this, please do it. In fact, you can ditch all other "Things to do", but just do Hildebrand quests and be happy about it. It is the most hilarious thing in this game. You simply cannot miss this.
      For more details on where to start the quest-line, please see:

      Things to do #11: Beast Tribe Quests

      If you haven't started any of these since level 44, you can try to get them done now. The biggest reward from these quests are the mounts. Each Beast Tribe will reward you the access of buying a unique mount at the end. In addition, you will also gain access to buying special minions, crafting mats, dye etc.
      For more details, please see:
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