Oct 17, 2013


    It is in the fires and on the anvils of blacksmiths that weapons and tools of metal are crafted. Their work is in demand far and wide, whether it be hammering the blade of a sword at the forge, or whetting the edge of an axe at camp.
    Limsa Lominsa has been renowned for its blacksmithing tradition since antiquity, though the advanced metallurgical techniques passed on today bear little resemblance to the simple practices of ancient times. The relatively recent birth of firearms has created an entirely new area of expertise which is being adopted with fervor by many ambitious smiths.


    Icon Level Name Description
    img 1 Basic Synthesis Increases progress.
    CP: 0 Efficiency: 100% Success rate: 90%
    img 5 Basic Touch Increases quality.
    CP: 18 Efficiency: 100% Success rate: 70%
    img 7 Master's Mend Restores item durability by 30.
    CP: 92
    img 9 Steady Hand Improves action success rate by 20% for the next 5 steps.
    CP: 22
    img 11 Inner Quiet Grants a bonus to control with every increase in quality.
    CP: 18
    img 13 Observe Do nothing for one step.
    CP: 14
    img 15 Ingenuity Lowers recipe level to current level for the next three steps.
    CP: 0
    img 18 Standard Touch Increases quality.
    CP: 32 Efficiency: 125% Success rate: 80%
    img 21 Great Strides Doubles the efficiency of the next Touch action. Effect active for next 3 steps.
    CP: 32
    img 28 Master's Mend II Restores item durability by 60.
    CP: 160
    img 31 Standard Synthesis Increases progress.
    CP: 15 Efficiency: 150% Success rate: 90%
    img 37 Brand of Fire Increases progress. Progress doubles when recipe affinity is fire.
    CP: 15 Efficiency: 100% (200%) Success rate: 90%
    img 43 Advanced Touch Increases quality.
    CP: 48 Efficiency: 150% Success rate: 90%
    img 50 Ingenuity II Lowers recipe level three below current level for the next three steps.
    CP: 0

    Cross-class Skills(top)


    CP - Craft Points: They're what allows you to use Abilities in any craft, it is wise to have a lot of CP generally for most players.
    Craftsmenship: This is what increases you're progress in synthesis. This is for both quality and progress. (needs verification.)
    Control: Increases your overall success rate for all Abilities.

    Note: Base stats MAY help (such as STR, VIT, DEX, ETC) certain crafts aswell. However as of Beta Phase 3, There is no way of telling exactly which stats help each craft.