Free Company Zodiac Braves - Recruiting tanks/dps for 2nd/3rd Coil group!

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    The [Zodiac Braves] were founded by a group of people whose friendship reaches back to the good old days of FFXI. We have picked up some good people along the way, from RL to WoW, and we are looking for more! We are fun, helpful, experienced and we relish in the idea of overcoming obstacles and progressing as a FC. Yes, we are FFT fans too. [​IMG]

    What we offer:

    We have an awesome community of people that are always willing to help you with what you need, whether it be low level dungeons, getting your relic, or farming for Philo/Mytho. Primals are down, and Turn 1 and Turn 2 are down.

    What we expect from you:

    Be respectful to everyone, help each other out, and participate in the FC. We don't expect you to play all the time, but we would like to get to know you in order to create a lasting friendship. Also, ability to use Ventrilo is a must.

    What we'd like to accomplish with you:

    We are aiming to get our third group of Coil off the ground in preparation for Crystal Tower.

    We do our raiding Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:00pm to 11:00pm EST.

    Casuals/crafters are always welcome!

    You can fill out an application at:

    or you may contact me in game for an interview at: Vespera Cognomen


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