Whats next gear wise?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Baltho Rin, Nov 22, 2013.

  1. Baltho Rin

    Baltho Rin Adventurer

    What do you think will be the next type of gear we aiming for.AF2 and Allagan is currently the best obviously.Do you think the Crystal Tower is going to drop some crazy loot or we stuck with what we have till 2.2?

  2. ilmaestro

    ilmaestro Crystal Brave

    CT gear will be ilvl80. They showed designs for "actual" AF2 in the last live letter, but gave no real details as far as I know.

    Probably most exciting thing on the horizon gear-wise is the PvP gear.

  3. Nyekun

    Nyekun Crystal Brave

    Wouldn't be surprised if they give us recycled weapons from the Extreme Mode Primals simply with high iLv's tagged.

  4. Balaur

    Balaur Crystal Brave

    So this is how it will work.

    AK/WP = ilvl60 // Darklight, HQ Philo crafted gear = ilvl70 // HM Primals & Relic - ilvl80 // Myth gear, Coil & Relic +1 = ilvl90

    What it will become:
    AK/WP/PS = ilvl60 // Darklight, HQ Philo crafted gear = ilvl70 // CT, Moggle Mog, HM Primals & Relic - ilvl80 // Extreme Primals/Ultima, Myth gear & Relic +1 = ilvl90 // Coil = ilvl95

    With stronger breaks along the way, the diversity of items, designs, and paths increases. At each level, this diversity means greater opportunities to get distinct looks, gear options, and gearing paths for various Jobs. This allows you to switch to another Job and gear that up, but it won't be as strong as your main you can still tackle the harder content in that gear. You are still allowed to take down Extreme Ifrit in the same required gear as HM Ifrit, from what Yoshida said.

    Edit: There may be some doubt as to whether the Allagan weapons from Coil only, or all Allagan Coil gear will shift from 90 to 95. At least the weapons will shift. This may impact how you spend Myth tomes, but at least they are raising the cap so as not to limit purchases as much. Nonetheless, Allagan weapons will become "BiS."

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  5. Joygasm Ironfist

    Joygasm Ironfist Crystal Brave

    Hard Mode Copperbell/Haukke will also be ilvl 60.

    However, I'm pretty sure they said AK will be scaled back to WP, not the other way around.

  6. Balaur

    Balaur Crystal Brave

    This is true on that point, but based on my observations so far the WP and AK gear are nearly identical as it is. It is not necessary to get WP vs AK gear, one can use either to help defeat the other, or HM Primals, even Garuda (can be done in AF, ffs).

  7. Hulvein Blitz

    Hulvein Blitz Crystal Brave


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