What will people start as? Job/Class poll

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scrogge, Jun 17, 2013.



  1. Monk

  2. Warrior

  3. Dragoon

  4. Bard

  5. White Mage

  6. Black Mage

  7. Summoner

  8. Scholar

  9. I will start 1Class and se later on what Job i want

  10. I will level all Classes to 15 to se what i like

  1. scrogge

    scrogge Member

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    Hi its always nice to know what class/Jobs are popular!

    so i wanna make a poll to se what u will start as and why, Please tell us ur Thoughts on why u wanna play just that!

    < White mage, Because i think Healers will needed and will also be a stable start solo leveling and then i can easy convert it to a Paladin later on!

    Paladin Vote : 2
  2. Kassatsu

    Kassatsu Member

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    Summoner! wee! As long as phase 4 carries over I'm going to finish off War or Mnk then and get Smn going once they release it!
  3. Hyoda

    Hyoda Active Member

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    Have this feeling everyone is jumping on the conjurer train because they want Cure, Raise and etc. I'll be taking a different route just for that reason alone. Plenty of healers to go around while leveling. Picked SMN because it's going to be my main class to focus on for end game. But I'll probable focus in on three jobs while leveling. 1.SMN 2.SCH 3. BRD
  4. scrogge

    scrogge Member

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    Maby time to rethink this, maby its the warrior/paladin thats needed :D

    Lol just saw that u failed making the poll, Paladin was the name of the poll not first choice :(

    Type in chat and i try add number on ppl who wanna play paladin
  5. Calle Sigvardsson

    Calle Sigvardsson Member

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    <--- Going to play full on out Archer! I will see if I choose to make it Bard, maybe I´ll wait and see if there will be any other job choice for archer :p
  6. Mr. Benzedrine

    Mr. Benzedrine New Member

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    I started this weekend as Lancer, got it to level 23 and really loved it, I was always a fan of DRG in ffxi and I like the direction they've taken LNC in ffxiv. It almost plays like a THF in ffxi, with abilities that have additional effects or damage if you are behind or to the side of the mob. It also can somewhat tank (with the help of a good CON) when a GLD or MRD is nowhere to be found, at least in the starting lv15 dungeons (tam tara, copperbell, and sasthana) as well as Halatali. I was especially happy with the Lancer Guild quest line, it was interesting with its on defined "bad guy" and really made me feel attached to my character.
    I also got GLD to lv10, and while it didn't give me a very good feel for the job overall, it did give me enough interest that I'll be making a new character (roegadyn) as a GLD this upcoming weekend.
    I've also been asking every player I meet about their opinion on the class their playing, and overall the opinions have been very positive. I especially want to try out THM after a guy I was partying with in Sasthana told me about how fluid and engaging the class is.
  7. Rostnhaemr Zirnundsyn

    Rostnhaemr Zirnundsyn Well Known Member

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    This weekend I'm making a Hellsguard Roegadyn Gladiator...for launch, most likely a Sea Wolf Roegadyn Marauder.
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  8. Amaranthia

    Amaranthia Active Member

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    I'm going lalafell whm. I've always liked healing (it's fun to hold people's lives in your hands, oh the power!) and also I'm going to be my groups main healer so it just makes sense to get this done first then when it's capped I will be able to work on some of the other classes
  9. Kaell

    Kaell New Member

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    Think Ill be heading off in the guardian Direction untill Im able to get PLD (Tanked FFXI as PLD back in the day)then that all the way for Endgame, If I can find an EU LS/FC to join that is :D
  10. metallicorphan

    metallicorphan Active Member

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    I am always a warrior at first(and a Hume at that),then i go from there when i am a higher level

    I am have not started the beta yet,can you not have two jobs on the go like in FF11?....'WAR/WMG' for example?.otherwise i may as well just go for Paladin
  11. GodEaterZwei

    GodEaterZwei Member

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    Definitely getting CNJ to 50 ASAP, once I have that at 50 I can sit back and decide what I want to play.
  12. KyoKunChan

    KyoKunChan Member

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    ARC/Bard all the way.
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  13. Jenova

    Jenova Member

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    black mage i think!! but always subject to change!!!
  14. Mr. Benzedrine

    Mr. Benzedrine New Member

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    This. For the first time in any MMO I've ever played, there was an excess of healers this weekend. At one point I had trouble finding members for a dungeon because there were literally only healers (besides myself) looking to do the content.
  15. GodEaterZwei

    GodEaterZwei Member

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    No lol. DPS will always be the number one choice in mmo's. Followed by healer then tank. The reason CNJ is the most played class first is because it's abilities literally make playing every other class easier.
  16. Dirkonis

    Dirkonis Member

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    Most definetely going for Dragoon as a main. The idea of a lalafell jumping into the atmosphere then BOOOOM back down to earth and crushing an enemy is just to awesome not to go for. I am however huge on group support so whm and scholar for sure. Wait ...wait, I plan on leveling everything.
  17. scrogge

    scrogge Member

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    Vote vote vote!
  18. Illithar

    Illithar Active Member

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    I know that I will be starting as a Lancer, and will be unlocking a large number of jobs upon completing my L10 quest. I probably will go Dragoon as my first class, but alot can happen between now and release.
  19. Ggrab

    Ggrab Member

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    I'm going to lvl all the jobs to 30ish and hopefully get all of them to 50 by the end of the year...

    But my first lvl50 will be monk =]
  20. Mondo

    Mondo Member

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    Warrior to make him into a Tank, if that falls on its face, fall back on paladin
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