What I Took Away From Live Letter XII

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  1. Fybrile

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    Avatars will get wet in the rain.
    Implementation of a Party Decline feature


    Hard & Extreme modes
    iLvL of gear will be released next live letter
    No new egi from leviathan just yet
    Battle takes place on a ship/platform that tilts
    There will be Leviathan chocobo boarding (picture shown)

    Amdapor Township/Ruins
    High level
    Explains what happened to the Warriors of light

    Binding Coil of Bahamut
    4 new turns (no turns like Turn 3)
    These aren't turn 6/7, they're a new entrance
    You must clear turn 5 to enter turn 6.
    Planning to remove 1 week restriction on turns 1-5
    Adding a player buff to make 1-5 easier to clear
    Turns 1-5 will be added to DF

    CE box shown
    Fat Chocobo mount and wind-up moogle bonuses
    Current CE owners will receive these items also, don't need to buy new CE
    PS4 bonuses items are also previous CE bonuses
    Digital upgrade available for non-CE owners
    Beta begins February 22nd
    Open to everyone with a PS4
    Will be released 4/14/2014
    Preorder begins Jan. 27th

    New hairstyles (pic shown)
    Thornmarch (hard mode)
    Brayflox Long Stop (hard mode)
    Halatali (hard mode)
    Beast tribe quests for kobolds and sahagin
    There will be a fishing stool so you can sit while fishing!
    "Glamours" - vanity system, will be called Mage Prism - more next letter
    New Allagan tomestones
    New crafting recipes
    New fishing Challenges
    New "god" fish
    Next live letter in March from Sapporo
    FFXIV:ARR OST on blu ray (7 hours of BGM, 119 tracks, 03/26)
    OST comes with a wind-up Bahamut minion
    Two official guide books coming 02/27, 469 pages ea. one atlas, one job,class,item info
    Lightning returns returns, 02/04-02/24
    Yoshi-P hints that Shantoto will return
    Valentines day event, 02/04-02/17
    Comes with a rd costume that will make a heart effects when near another wearer
    Little Ladies Day event, late February

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  2. The47thSen

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    Is that the official name?
    It's called Mirage Prism in JP. I thought this would be something they'd keep consistent, having gone through all the trouble of giving it an english name.

    Then again there's the content finder -> duty finder....

  3. Fybrile

    Fybrile Administrator

    Orally, they called the system Mirage Prism. On the PPT, it read: "Glamours (formerly vanity system)

    Personally, I think they had it right with Vanity System. All this fancy nomenclature BS just makes the whole thing convoluted.

  4. GeekMatt

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    I can't begin to tell you how excited I am for PS4s FFXIV. :wideyed: Anyone have more information on how the beta process works? I've always read that anyone playing on the PS3 gets the beta, but above it says as long as you've got the PS4 system you can play beta. Would this just be available for download like any other game, or does beta require some application-type process??

  5. The47thSen

    The47thSen Scion

    No application required. Anyone with a PS4 and active PS3 account will be able to register for the beta.

    The initial beta will be a closed beta held on a test server mainly as a hardware test. The next one is where you'll be able to play with your own characters on any server. I'm not even sure why they need to perform a hardware test at all considering they've already had it running. But I guess they just want to play it safe incase the consumer version differs from the developer versions.

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