What 2 types of crafting/gathering complement each other well?

Discussion in 'Crafters & Gatherers' started by Rico Laflare, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Hiname

    Hiname Adventurer

    Lets see...

    I picked up Mining and goldsmith.

    Noticed relatively soon though, with the material i need to level up mining, I could level up goldsmith ten times over. I ended up with so much mroe Material then I could ever need, not to mention stuff I don't even have use for.

    Picked up Armorsmith ina ddition.. worked through my gathered material so much easier and with so much less waste.

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  2. Kaiserleingod

    Kaiserleingod Adventurer

    I think the blend into all forms. I needed wood and logs for some blacksmithing and armourer items. Haven't tried anything else crafting wise though. I think I'm gonna be learning both mining and botany gathering anyway. Then bsm and arm. Possibly some other crafts too.

  3. Fybrile

    Fybrile Administrator

    You will get materials from Botanist for Weaver when you are allowed to equip you're off-hand tool (which is a scythe). The scythe allows you to harvest bushes, which provide materials like cotton balls and ingredients for dyes. I believe the off-hand begins at 12 - though I could be mistaken.

    One of the great things I like about FFXIV is that there are few crafting classes you will be able to excel at with just one gathering class. For example, to make a bow, you need hempen yarn (weaver), feathers (botanist) and lumber (carpenter & botanist). To make a shield (same primary carpenter item), you will need lumber (botanist & carpenter) and bronze rivets (blacksmith?). Which means that the economy thrives with crafters selling smaller parts for others to craft the greater whole, and also that parts come not only from gatherers. This makes each job profitable in a way.

    Fish, Yoshi-P has said, will have little-to-no monetary value (because the new fishing mechanic, he has alluded to, can be botted since it is a "getting closer to nature" system rather than a gathering system). I expect you will still be able to use fish to cook, though I don't expect that it will be used as it was in the past for other crafting classes.

    So, if you have one crafting class you would like to just have one gathering class for, I suggest you gather gil.

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  4. Illithar

    Illithar Crystal Brave

    Fybrile: Thanks for the info! Looks like I was pretty close to being able to equip a scythe. I really like the approach FFXIV: ARR is taking to crafting and gathering. It encourages cooperation between players in terms of selling/trading, and also rewards the individual for taking the time to utilize multiple professions and gather all materials alone, which is what I primarily want to do.

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  5. Mitoni Katsu

    Mitoni Katsu Adventurer

    Why limit yourself to just 2? I've started learning them all for a couple of reasons.

    1) tools and gear. Craft your own and make them HQ. the extra stats will help immensely.

    2) crafting synergy. This is the best, most well thought out crafting system I have seen since DAOC. Rather than waste money on "additional materials" needed for recipes, everything needed to craft something is either a gatherable item, a dropped item, or made by another craft. Hell, even the tools used to craft with are made by another craft. As soon as I possibly could, I traveled to the 3 cities and joined every crafting and gathering guild. If a recipe calls for metal, my smith can smelt it. If it calls for lumber, my carpenter can cut logs for it. Need some cloth, that's fir my weaver. Those logs and ore and fibers, as well as all the shards needed to craft anything, are gathered by my 3 DoL classes.

    I can see why you may try to pair them up, but we no longer have the limitations of 2 crafts! (im looking at you blizzard) Free your minds brothers and sisters and just follow these simple words...


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  6. racooperii

    racooperii Warrior of Light

    I plan on being a craftaholic for sure, how else will I fund my dungeon runs and...crafting addiction.

  7. Strov

    Strov Adventurer

    Almost any piece of gear you make above lvl 10 requires you to have materials that come from all, Botany/Mining/Adventuring.

    I leveled Goldsmith/Blacksmith/Armorer and Miner to 35 during Phase 3 and I had to depend a lot on the AH for materials that came from other classes or I had to ask guys in my FC.

  8. Daniel

    Daniel New Member

    I believe that Carpenter, LeatherWorker, Armorer and BlackSmithing compensate each other very well. Start of with BlackSmithing, you get to make all the tools you need, for each of those jobs. That's a good start straight away. I know with the quests at the respected guilds, you can acquire, lvl1, lvl5 items etc but you have to start somewhere. For the other three crafts, they all use relatively the same materials, give or take a few differences and this can take you to level 12-13. If you don't want to go out and harvest them, the majority of them can be brought at the guild shop. After level 12-13 I found that Carpenter work needed a lot more IronIngots which were not sold at the shop. These can made early levels as an armorer. With LeatherWorker, I needed a lot of Lumber (I think, my memory is starting to go a little)... any ways, I can confirm as I tried this method in Beta Phase 3. I got my Carpenter to level 20 and my LeatherWorker, Armor and BlackSmithing all to level 15. Also I was making High Quality stuff, which when turned in for a LevesQuest, gave me double the rewards. I was getting like 12-15k experience for one LeveQuest.

    Hope I've not confused things...

    EDIT: Thinking about it, one LeveQuest was worth 6.5k experience so with that, I got that experience plus a bonus of 13k (double the LeveQuest experience) experience which gave me 19.5k experience for one LeveQuest.

  9. Strov

    Strov Adventurer

    If you want to be a crafter you should consider going GSM BSM and WVR :)

  10. ThadeusStern89

    ThadeusStern89 Crystal Brave

    The crafting and gathering classes are wonderfully integrated in this game. In my opinion, however, the best gathering class is Miner. There are far more spots to mine than to chop down trees as a Botanist, for example. Either way you'll profit from it (selling crystal shards to crafting classes). So MIN pairs well with any other crafting class, but specifically BSM, GSM and ARM as stated because of ores required for armor.

  11. Mitoni Katsu

    Mitoni Katsu Adventurer

    When turning in the levequests, it pays to make all HQ items. The reason behing is, you get DOUBLE xp when turning in. Then, if you have more HQ items of the same type for the quest, you get offered to do the quest again, but WITHOUT USING AN ALLOWANCE. That means, if you keep turning in HQ items, you can continuously chain the same quest.

  12. ThadeusStern89

    ThadeusStern89 Crystal Brave

    Exactly! It's amaaaaazeballs! Lol. Makes melding for higher level DoW and DoM classes way easier if you can level up the corresponding crafts.

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