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Discussion in 'North American Server Forums' started by ZenBear, Aug 15, 2013.

  1. ZenBear

    ZenBear Adventurer

    Hello everyone! I'm interested in finding a Free Company to join with at launch (I've pre-ordered so I'll be in for early access).

    I have a good bit of experience with MMOs, FFXI being my first and holding a very special place in my heart, but I have very little experience with guilds. This lack of a stable community has leached the fun out of most every MMO I've played thus far, and I'm dearly hoping to find a home in A Realm Reborn.

    I'm friendly and mature, drama-free though I do have a tendency to call out drama-makers which doesn't always end well. I work full-time and will be starting school in a few days but will have most evenings free to game.

    I'm planning to main as a Paladin, though I am very excited to tinker around with all of the classes without having to change characters! I tend to contract alt-itis in every game, so this seems tailor made for me!

    I would prefer a North American West Coast based Free Company but I wont be super picky about it. Please respond on this forum or PM me if you think I might find a place in yours. Thanks! :D

  2. Caillie

    Caillie Adventurer

    Hi there! You would certainly be welcome at Ghost Opera!

    Our primary focus is a mix of both both casual activities and raid progression. We are newbie friendly and do not have many requirements for joining our community. We prefer members to be 18+ although we will make exceptions for mature individuals. We only have a few rules though we feel seriously about them. We are hate-intolerant, multi-ethnic, multi-religious, and LGBT friendly.


  3. Jayvir

    Jayvir New Member

    Hey ZenBear, perhaps you'd care to check out our Free Company on Cactuar server, Fangs of Bahamut. We are all experienced gamers but were tired of groups that were unable to do endgame but have fun at the same time. So here we are now and we've been going strong for 3 years now. With a storied history of endgame content across multiple games, we know how to work as a team and take on difficult challenges and not get all serious about matters. It's just a game after all. We have fun first and foremost. There are no schedules to adhere to. No need to hand over your account credentials. No need to give up your private phone number. We want to take easy and have fun but there's no reason that should interfere with doing endgame content. That is our ultimate goal.

    We are generally cracking jokes and having fun in Mumble and the atmosphere is always light-hearted and we don't tolerate troublemakers. Also, a lot of our members are split across the country so there will likely be someone on when you play unless you have strange gaming hours. If you like what you've heard, head on over to http://fangsofbahamut.enjin.com/recruitment

  4. Murdax

    Murdax Adventurer

    I would very much love to speak with you as it relates to your post here and to become of our family ^__^. I took the liberty of sending you a PM with more information.

  5. Martini

    Martini Crystal Brave

    We have quite a feq NA based FCs in the Diabolos United House of Dragons alliance. houseofdragonsalliance.enjin.com There should be a list of them there. Lots of awesome people and a TS server for the whole alliance to use. :) Hope to see you there!

  6. ZenBear

    ZenBear Adventurer

    Hello again everyone, thank you for the replies!

    I have decided to join the Ghost Opera Free Company & Linkshell on the Diabolos server, and have already spent time with them during Beta Phase 4. I appreciate the offers you all have given me, and if possible I would love to join other Linkshells on the Diabolos server to expand my network and make more friends, and maybe even foster Free Company Alliances! If this is alright with any of you please let me know via PM and I'll give you my character info so we can get in touch come early access/release!

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