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    The Wanderers FC is accepting new applications!
    Let’s say goodbye to #Stormblood together.

    General Info:

    • The Wanderers FC is a casual, chilled and caring FC, we are a toxic-free FC and we always encourage players to enjoy this beautiful game and have fun

    • The Wanderers FC is currently helping new members catch up and prepare for ShB

    • The Wanderers FC owns a Large Mansion at the Goblet (psst: we've got nice neighbors who do daily activities in the ward)

    • Members aren't forced to join any in-game activities, we actually offer help all the time

    • We have EXP buffs running 24/7 and we can execute any specified buff if a member needs it

    • We do monthly giveaways!

    • Most of our members are fairly new hyped players, so we welcome any feedback and suggestions to grow the family
    The Wanderers FC Rules:

    • Be respectful of other members

    • Keep politics and religion out of FC chat and discord
    How to join the family:

    • Apply in-game through the <View FC Profile> Option when clicking on any of our FC members running around, or message me here on Reddit
    Discord Server:

    • We have a dedicated Discord server for our FC, members usually hang out there to talk, chill, ask questions, and share memes!
    The Wanderers FC's Lodestone Link:
    More Info:

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