Looking For Wayward Lalafell Looking for a Home! (FC+Social Linkshells)

Discussion in 'Cactuar' started by Euphoric-Reverie, Jan 19, 2017.

  1. Euphoric-Reverie

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    Hello there~ As the title implies, I am a pink lalafell currently in search of a new place to call home! I've been playing the game since 2013 on-and-off, and I had my own free company until I realized it was completely empty and I had no friends! ;;
    So I've closed up shop, gathered my small amount of belongings, and have come to this forum to search for that which I currently lack.

    First and foremost, I am only interested in a small free company!
    I've never been one for large, 100+ member companies. It's just too difficult to make connections when there are so many people at one time, and I always leave them within days.
    I can be a bit of a shy lala in crowded areas, so large companies aren't for me!
    I would, however, prefer a company that has under 30 members.
    The less, the better! So long as there are at least a few active players.
    New or old, the age of the company doesn't matter, nor whether it currently has a home or not.
    I'm also neutral on role-playing, I don't mind either which way.

    My main classes are Scholar (i235), Dark Knight (i130 >_<) and Bard (level 56).
    I'm one of those ambitious people who wants to get all classes to 60.
    Tanking is my favorite role, seconded by healer. <3
    However, I am an easily discouraged lala who has been so afraid to go into Xelphatol or The Great Gubal Library (Hard) on my scholar that I've been behind on the story questline since the previous patch. ^^;
    Let's just say that a few various level 60 dungeon runs in which I, having gotten hit by every AOE in the boss fight, caused our entire party to wipe several times in a row because of my death alone, has scarred me a bit~

    This is why I would like a free company with patient, understanding, and sweet players who won't become irritated when I inevitably mess up~
    So I can finally... not be afraid anymore. I can finally... move on with the storyline! ;;

    I haven't even touched upon raiding in this game, though I am interested! It would be nice to be able to form a static for the new raids in Stormblood with my free company. I'm completely open on availability too. I'm looking at possibly switching my main to DRK, though I can pretty much use any class or role, once I gear them high enough. ^^

    So, in summary:
    I'm looking for a very small (30 members MAX) free company and/or social linkshell(s) with very kind, patient, and understanding people who will hold my hand and walk with me into those new dungeons/raids! Who will tell me, "It's okay, little lala. We believe in you, we trust you. Even if you mess up, we'll all die together, start again, and everything will be fine! We'll love you anyway!" And ones who may be interested in raiding once Stormblood comes out~
    I'm not only looking for a free company, but for new friends as well! I love running absolutely anything alongside others I know, so I promise I'll be a lot of help~ :>

    If you are in a free company or linkshell that matches all these requirements, simply do the following:
    * Free Company with a Home: Reply with the name of your FC, and what housing area and ward it's in, so I may go there and submit an application myself~ (please open your applications if you do this)

    * Free Company without a Home & All Others: Reply with your name and when you'll be online (and the time zone) so I can try and meet up with you for an invite.

  2. Ish

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    Well unfortunately our FC is larger 100+ but i would say around 20 at most are active, less most likely.
    Potentially some may return for Stormblood so not sure if it would suit you, but myself and some friends are very helpful :)
    I do understand your wanting smaller groups, larger ones tend to have cliques and so on..
    Are you looking for a FC on Cactuar btw? I am on Leviathan unfortunately.
    My lalafell friend is part of a smaller company which i think only have a few active members they are Called Wind Wakers

  3. Khari

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  4. Shokumotsu

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    If you're still looking, we're a new lalafell only FC in Tonberry called LaLaHell <KIDS>. I think we might be exactly what you're looking for :D

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