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    So with the old relics being out-dated there's still one benefit left to them; they're some of the best looking items in the game and can be used as glamours. Upon completing a relic to Zeta and then doing a side quest, you're able to purchase glamours of every stage of relic for that particular weapon (Atma, Nexus, Zeta, etc.) The problem is that the new Anima relic gives you the option of discarding your Zeta in order to progress faster, and if you haven't completed the quest to acquire the relic glamours then you are no longer eligible to complete the quest, which requires that you equip the Zeta first.

    Basically if you didn't do the quest "The Vital Title" and then sacrificed your Zeta, you can no longer buy the glamours of your previous relic stages.

    @MasterBox has tried a few approaches and is still working on getting this corrected. The support ticket option for a one-time item restoration doesn't apply here because the item you've lost can't have been used as a quest turn-in (Otherwise you'd have your cake and eat it too). There are a number of people struggling with this issue at the moment, and hopefully SE will correct it by not requiring you to have your Zeta equipped, but rather allowing you to progress simply by having the achievement.

    If you want to follow his progress or suggest a solution to the issue, hop into his thread here: http://ffxivrealm.com/threads/stupid-mistake.15461/#post-198703

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