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    Feeling aimless? lonely? bored?? Valiant Phoenix may be the solution you need! Dungeon runs, raids, endgame content! Want a house? We've got a gorgeous, Medium beach house in Shirogane! Want ponies? birbs? doggos? We have monthly farm nights, and plenty of masochists that enjoy the pains of random farm invites! Maybe you just want to talk lore, Where ffxiv has been and where it might go? We have a discord channel dedicated to it!* Just want to chill with other adults who share your love of a beautiful game? So do we.

    If any of this sounds as good to you as it does to us, contact N'welhi Syhraisyn in game, or N'welhi#2493 on discord for a free trial of Valiant Phoenix fc membership. No obligations, No commitment. Love us and you can stay for the low, low price of Your eternal Soul Nothing. That's right, Absolutely Free!

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    *(+18 plus, relaxed environment for casuals and hardcore players alike. )

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