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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by qagen, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. qagen

    qagen Adventurer

    Hi guys
    I have a question that I tried asking SE support but still no reply

    I have a FFXIV 1.0 account and I want to upgrade it to FFXIV ARR CE and get the Early access

    the question is
    If I pre order FFXIV ARR CE ( Digital ) can I use the Cd key to Upgrade my FFXIV 1.0?
    or there is a upgrade pre order version?

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  2. Jabberjay

    Jabberjay New Member

    Bump. I also want to upgrade my FFIXV 1.0 Account. No option has been presented as yet!

  3. ThadeusStern89

    ThadeusStern89 Crystal Brave

    The way I understand it whether you're entitled to a free copy of the game via digital download or not, you still have to pre-order the game to be entitled to early access. Is that what you're talking about?

  4. Cynessae

    Cynessae Crystal Brave

    This is correct. Early access is for pre-orders of a new copy of ARR or Legacy members only. They have announced a digital ARR CE upgrade service, but said it will not be ready until the game officially launches on August 27th. You can't "pre-order" it.

    You also can not "upgrade" your 1.0 purchase to any form of ARR (CE or not), you must start an entirely new service account or simply wait until the upgrade becomes available (but unfortunately, no early access with that).

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