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    Within the shadows of the cities, members of the varied races of Eorzea began to find fliers littering the otherwise treacherous walks. The fliers all were handwritten. Decorated and flawed in different ways, no one flier was made the same. But each one held the same overall message, written clear for anyone to read. At the top of each page, a large red rose had been drawn to decorate and allure readers. "Adventurers! Do you seek work? A job that will pay you far more than toiling the fields? Would you take arms up and work a contract as a mercenary, if it means more coin in your hand than those enlisted with the Flames? The Adders? the Maelstrom? Maybe you seek a place to kick off your boots, join a hearty group for good company and release the tensions of the world after your duties? If you've yet to have to think of the answer, which we know is yes, then you'll want to find yourselves to our lovely residence. The 'Unchained Rose' is a new entertainment business, giving work to mercenaries and bodyguards, as well as employment to hosts and hostesses willing to entertain and tend to our guests and weary visitors. Come to our establishment and ask for management and we'll see where you fit within our employment! Interviews are happening at this very moment. But don't worry, if you're just here for the company, our staff are ready to treat you right!

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ((The Unchained Rose is an FC based around a heavy RP environment featuring its mercenaries and brothel. We're looking for employees to fill our roster on both sides and help us flood the ranks in all of our operations. This could be as simple as the mercenaries guarding the working escorts, heading out to complete contracts handed by the Grand Companies, to odd tasks to aid with our clientele. We'll begin taking on clients once our FC sees a healthy number, ones we expect to offer a good time and quality RP to our guests. If you’re looking for a serious roleplaying dynamic with plenty of juicy opportunities for fun, then please feel free to contact our recruitment officer Altena! Discord ID Ragnarokh#2439 with any questions you may have or for an invite to our Discord server! Thank you and have a wonderful day!))

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