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    I am Sivi Oribrand, Warrior of Light and Recruitment office for “Two Shiva’s One Cup”, a Free Company on the Louisoix server.
    We’re a young but active company Rank 8 company with a medium house in the Goblet. We were founded with the intention of being a casual and relaxed company with a sense of community and have managed to reach the rank of 75 in the Louisoix weekly FC rankings.
    We’re here to help players progress and are happy to provide parties as players work through their quests at their own rate and to offer advice where we can. We’re looking for like minded people who share our goals and our motto of “You don’t need a reason to help people.” We’re really keen to recruit players who are active and want to chat J
    We run regular activities and are happy to help players with Crafting and Gathering and Leveling. We welcome new players and players who may be a little reserved or anxious, we’d love to chat with you. We have a Discord server which we use for chatting, organising events and running content.
    We’re a very welcoming FC with players from the UK, Sweden, France, Holland, Hungary, Portugal and China. We mainly speak English as the FC leaders are based in Scotland.
    For further information, please feel free to reply to me here or to contact any of the following players in game:
    Pickles Wigglebottom
    Sivi Oribrand
    Didus Fairclough
    Verdonia Cordi
    Charlizard Enrobso
    Alternatively swing past our FC house Diamond Chalice in Plot 6, Ward 4 of the Goblet. You may even catch sight of our airship the Diamond Dust.
    Thanks for reading and good luck finding the FC of your dreams.

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