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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by scrogge, Jun 22, 2013.

  1. scrogge

    scrogge Adventurer

    Hi, i wonder how i can lvl with my friends on release if we decide to go on diferent classes at lvl 1 ?????

    Im so far lvl 14 on beta, not playing to much just enough so i learn the basic, wanna save the fun for release. BUT! how do i travel to another starting city with my conjurer????

  2. ZephyrAM

    ZephyrAM Adventurer

    It's easy enough to go from Ul'dah to Gridania, or vice versa, by renting a Chocobo, though it does take the entire 10 minute rental duration basically, so don't waste time ^_^

    As of now though, going from either of those to Limsa isn't really possible because of the ferry fee, which is apparently ridiculous. You might be able to take the boat out of Limsa for less, not sure, but don't count on being able to go there.

    Of course, once you do your lvl 15 Class quest, you can snag an Airship pass, which gets you easily to any of the three cities. So all depends on just how low level you're talking :)

  3. scrogge

    scrogge Adventurer

    lvl 1 :D but it seams like one of us have to start a class just be in same city untill 15 and start over

  4. Sithius

    Sithius Crystal Brave

    I don't think the ferry is in the beta. I had like 25k and it says I need more money.

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