Tradecraft Leves rewards (reset?)

Discussion in 'Crafters & Gatherers' started by Rohirrim4, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. Rohirrim4

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    So I made some items for the weaver and Leatherworker level 20 tradecraft leves. The reward was Diremite web and Aldgoat skins, which I found incredible nice. But after I turn the first one in, the quest reward immediately changed to shards :(. So is this a cycle? Should I continue turn in until the Diremite web comes as reward again?or should I wait and turn in one piece every x hours? Do they reset?

    and every time I turn in one piece it immediately changes the reward? or I was unlucky and while I was crafting the items, the reward changed because of the time past? Have you ever turned in x items in a row with the same reward given to you? My intention is to "farm" some Diremite webs through it possible?

  2. Gossamer Isto

    Gossamer Isto Crystal Brave

    It will be random every time you complete the leve, and the Levemete renews its list of available jobs.

    You'll just need to get lucky and hope there's a Tradecraft leve with a 3/3 turn in, then keep submitting High Quality items so you can repeat it. You'll still get extra materials (or shards if you need those instead) every time.

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  3. Rohirrim4

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    Thanks a lot. Indeed once I turned in the next leve quest, the reward was again Diremite web and I was lucky enough to get 3 in a row. The level also give a quest with 3 items turn which I can repeat...but so far I have lot of leve allowances and prefer the 1 turn in cause it's less materials -> more turn-ins..

  4. Fuin

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    Yep random indeed, the webs is a good reward :-D

  5. Solanales

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    I'm working on doing the same. There is a leve in Quarrymill that awards 11 Diremite Webs for Initiate Slops. There is also another one that awards XP for Cotton Work Gloves. It seems if you alternate the two of them, you can get the Diremite Web reward pretty often.

    I plan on crafting a bunch of HQ Initiate Slops and Cotton Work Gloves and using the bonus XP to propel me past needing too many webs.

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