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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Tigris, Jul 18, 2013.

  1. Tigris

    Tigris Adventurer

    The title may sound strange, but I will explain, what I mean.

    I would like to have the game mechanics help people to get their timing perfect, since this should not be about pressing buttons very fast (or buttonsmashing).

    What I mean it the following:

    I would like that you can press attacks a little bit before the global cooldown is ready (or the last cast is made) and then the attack will be done perfectly timed (i.e. will be executed/started (for casts) exactly the millisecond the global cooldown is ready or the cast is done).

    Additional I would like, that it is possible to use in a macro more then one attack by just pressing the button once (if at most one of the attacks has a global cooldown/cast time).

    From how I understand the macros at the moment you cannot have a macro which activates all the damage cooldowns at once even when they have no global cooldown. So even if you have a macro with all of them in it, you have to press it several times...

    Then regarding damage cooldowns, it would be really nice if they would start exactly when the next (non auto) attack is done. Else you press them and for 0.1-2 seconds they run withoug being of any use.

    This stuff would also help people, when they have a little bit of lag to still play reasonable well.

  2. Senexya

    Senexya Adventurer

    I was also actually wondering about Archer or even other melee classes auto attack, would it be a good idea to use a move, wait til you auto attack once then throw out another? I would think using moves before allowing yourself to auto attack in between, maybe it would be good for long fights to conserve TP? I really dont know but just wondering if anyone does actually know :)

  3. Tigris

    Tigris Adventurer

    I am quite sure, that this is not worth it. First i am not sure if the autoattack timer will be disrupted, when making an attack.
    Second I think the autoattacks don't deal that much damage compared with your other attacks, so I think it is better to always click the attackbuttons as fast as possible.

  4. racooperii

    racooperii Warrior of Light

    If you use an ability when auto-attack procs it still deals the damage, but what ive noticed is TP regeneration follows your auto attack. So for prolongued fights, you might want to slow it down a bit.

  5. Tigris

    Tigris Adventurer

    The TP regeneration from autoattacks is similar as in FF!! but here zou start the fight with full TP.

    But racooperil what do you mean? Is the damage from the auttoattack added to the attack (or just done as an own hit but without animation)?
    And does it still regenerate TP that way?

  6. satou

    satou Adventurer

    The idea reminds me of various Curse Add-on's for WoW like SpellFlash, where there is an meter or bar that tells you when an certain attack procs or if overall your abilities are able to be utilized. Which I am sure would be an incredibly helpful asset to many instead of leaving us to stare at our action bars or faceroll out our attacks.

  7. Tigris

    Tigris Adventurer

    For me it is less of an interface thing but more of a gameplay thing.

    I just want it to be possible to fight in the best way possible / the way player wants it.

    I mean it is quite clear, that when a player presses his attack almost immediately after the global cooldown is ready, that he wants it to be cast AS SOON AS the global cooldown is ready and not 0.1 seconds later (because of lag or just human coordination).

    Also a player wants to cast a damage cooldown in order to make his attacks deal more damage and not just to be up for a nice buff icon. And therefore it doesn't really make sense, when the buff activates 0.1-2.0 seconds before the attack takes place.

    Also this things will prevent players from just button smashing (hammering on the button, starting before the global cooldown is ready because this increases the chances to get a almost perfect timing) and makes the game more fluently.

    Especially in this game with damage cooldowns dots hots selfbuffs debuffs etc. when your debuff/selfbuff etc. goes on for 12 seconds and your Attackspeed allows you to make 6 attacks (becasue your global cooldown is around 1.99 or something) then it is extremely frustrating, if your 6. attack comes after 12.1 second because of the lag/ human coordination limit etc. it was not possible to use the attacks as soon as it was possible.

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