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    Hi all! A little background before the pitch: my FC was on life support for months, and recently died due to losing our small number of active players. We're down to four active, long-time members, and we want to get this FC back on its feet instead of bailing.

    So without further ado, ANCHOR TEAM ASSEMBLE! The News Team (EPIC), a very small Rank 8 FC on Brynhildr, is recruiting! We are looking for active, friendly members who regularly log, and who enjoy the comradery in helping others progress with content and reach personal goals. Players at all stages are welcome to join! Currently the only active members are nearing the end of Heavensward MSQ material (and various crafting/gathering stages), but new players are welcome to (and encouraged) to join. We are casual on average, and not a group that grinds raids or be the first to down new patch content.

    Our main goal right now is to simply grow and get a core group of active players together. If you sound like you may be a good fit, or want to get involved with an FC finding its new direction, don't hesitate to get in touch with myself or a co-leader. Thanks a bunch for considering!


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