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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Fybrile, Jul 16, 2013.

  1. Fybrile

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    This isn't a thread for discussing whether or not you want minions in the game. If you've got a bone to pick, go start your own thread. This thread is for raw speculation and fanboy excitement over some of the most interesting collection of pets ever seen in an MMO.

    Frankly, SE - by tapping into previous titles - has a LOT more to work with in making interesting, cute and meaningful pets than other MMOs (which typically only have smaller versions of in-game mobs as their pets).

    So, without further ado, the best picture with the biggest collection of minions I could find:


    I see goblin, tonberry, cactaur, marlboro, some kinda cat with a red handkerchief (currently my personal favourite).. hmmm... so far so good. BUT, Yoshi-P did say they were going overboard with the minions (and that no holds were barred when it came to taking from other FF games). So, my question to you is this:

    If you could create a minion, what would it be and what would it's resting action be?

    Personally, and not to be boring, but I'd love to see Moogle minions. IDC what you'd have to do to get it, I'd do it. It's resting action would be the double jump and twirl motion from FFVI (which was the moogle dance!)
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  2. Exire

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    Well that's a question I wasn't expecting. I'd have to think about it...but considering I'm posting this immediately after reading, not that much. I'd want Tonberry, he'd wander and pace around me with his lantern. Or perhaps he'd make stabby motions at people that went by me during the day and then do the lantern thing at night. To this day I still remember my first encounter with Tonberry.

    "Oh, what a cute guy with his little lantern. Doesn't look strong at all, I'll annihilate him." *Party gets wiped one by one as I try to run away in vain*

    And no Final Fantasy fan was ever the same again.
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  3. GenRiur

    GenRiur Active Member

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    I would like to see a Mandragora -sleep action would be using dream flower.

    OR a mimic - Would sit there and look like a chest for sleep action and surprise anyone who walked up to it.
  4. Laychu

    Laychu Active Member

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    The black cat on the left with the red scarf. SAKAMOTO!
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  5. PurelySavage

    PurelySavage Well Known Member

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  6. Rostnhaemr Zirnundsyn

    Rostnhaemr Zirnundsyn Well Known Member

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    I want Donkey from Shrek. It's resting action would be random quotes they stole from the movies. Classics such as: "On the road again..." "I like that boulder, that is a nice boulder.", "Are we there yet?", and more.

    I would buy it for $35 in a heartbeat.
  7. Grimus

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    I'm onboard with the Mandragora. By far my favourite of the FF series monsters. Although I would also love my own goblin speaking broken skewed English too.
  8. Hyoda

    Hyoda Active Member

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    I'm actually digging the baby imp >_<
  9. Cassidy

    Cassidy Member

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    Looking at getting a Coblyn for my Miner, Mandragora for my Botanist, and i certainly wouldn't mind a moogle for my main combat class, Pugilist/Monk. I'm planning on getting every minion and macroing a different minion to appear with each class.

    What i'd REALLY like though, would be minions that take the appearace of people on my friends list! Or maybe my favorite npcs. Minions don't have to be monsters do they? Gimme mi'qote YoshiP then.

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  10. Luko

    Luko Well Known Member

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    Really looking forward to the Gobby. I'm hoping we can eventually name them. I can't wait to be a fisherman with his own personal Goblin Bountyhunter patrolling with me.
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  11. Senexya

    Senexya Member

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    I would want my own little Jaggety Eared Jack and a Tonberry!
  12. Hyoda

    Hyoda Active Member

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    Jaggety Eared Jack that dang rabbit in FFXI?
  13. Senexya

    Senexya Member

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    Yep lol, it would always get the urge to kill him though...I'm sure everyone would :p
  14. Najla

    Najla Well Known Member

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    A Lalafell slave hmm... Maybe I'll take a tiny Adamantoise? If not..Whatever minion is the fattest and while resting they would stuff face.
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  15. racooperii

    racooperii Well Known Member

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    I want a miniature Vivi from FFIX, his resting motion would be adjusting his over sized hate. Cause I mean....lets face it Vivi was really the main character of IX since nearly Half the story was about him and the other Black Mages.

    That or Cloud in a Wheelchair, yes specifically that. Who didn't find it hilarious to see him so....well high I guess is the only word I can think of.
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  16. Exire

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    Haha the Cloud thing almost makes me sad, that's slightly sadistic. But hey, it's all pixels. xD

    Love the Vivi idea, never thought of that. If you can get Cait Sith for a pet, then why not other characters? Chibi Quina could be fun too, he/she/it could berate people about food.
  17. askew

    askew Member

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    Naj, you had it right the 1st time...there is nothing better than a taru servant!

    If not, can we rock a mini fafnir?
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  18. Glamedril

    Glamedril Active Member

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    I was thinking of Fafnir or Bahamut as a minion that would be awesome
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  19. deneathor

    deneathor Member

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    You didn't cross out that lalafell part enough to blind me from the pain and sadness it has caused me!
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  20. Eranak Valistar

    Eranak Valistar Member

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    might as well add ALL 500+? PKMN to the wish list while we are at it...

    Everyone should possess a Taru Taru Servant... FFXI fishing would been so boring without my BOTaru

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