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    Hello, this is Aedria of the Lovely Hearts, a level 8 Free Company, and I am looking for people to join this Free Company. We have been in hiatus for a year since the leader had to deploy to the middle east who is back now even though I am the most active member of the FC. We are interested in people that want to have a good time and we don't mind helping new people. Being inactive military myself we understand the problems that can come from being in service. also even though we like to have fun we strive to keep the language clean which helps keep some of the drama out of the FC. Also I am a Great-Grandmother and an Air Force Major that has always preferred being around individuals that respect others. Please come and check out our large house in the Lavender Beds in Ward 2 Plot 33. You can put in an application at the sign board at the gate or do a player search for the first name Aedria in game to find me and request an invite. One more thing -- I normally build leveling gears for people as required --sometimes I will ask for mats. never gill from fc members.

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