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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by metallicorphan, Jul 10, 2013.

  1. metallicorphan

    metallicorphan Crystal Brave

    I keep dying on this mission,as soon as the Vanguard appears he one shots me and i am dead,has anyone got any tips,because i am getting really cheesed off at it

    level 23(get knocked down to 22)Gladiator,so its not like i can keep my health up as my cure gives me something like 34 hp,its crap

  2. Senexya

    Senexya Adventurer

    Start killing from the back to the front (you wil get them down quick before the Vanguard comes out) and let the NPCs kite the Vanguard, thats how I did it as Thau and somehow managed. But killing archers first then continue your way up helps a lot.

    Hope it works for you

  3. Yuniver

    Yuniver Adventurer

    Is this the GC quest? If so, what I did was try to finish off as many of the enemy soldiers as fast as you can before he shows up. If you can kill them all before the vanguard shows up, you should be okay to whittle it down slowly. If friendly NPCs are still fighting when he shows up, just taunt him and kite him around until he's the only one left. You may end up tanking him for a bit. Just bash the drill cannons and face him away from your allies and you should get through it.

    Best of luck.

  4. Kolossus

    Kolossus Vice Admin

    I helped to kill almost all of the NPC enemies before the magitek showed up. As soon as it did, I peppered it with a little bit of offense, but it has extremely overpowered offensive capability toward a Pugilist. I died the first couple of times, until I realized that after you've done just enough damage to it to draw it's attention, run out of range of it, and never return to it's range. Allow the NPCs to finish it off. It will attempt to retarget you, and has the possibility of hitting you with a ranged attack that takes about 75% of your HP. The fight I won, I actually hid behind the downed airship near the end of the fight.

  5. Orien

    Orien Crystal Brave

    The biggest thing you have to do in any of these solo missions that present somewhat overwhelming odds at times is kite, kite, kite.

    For this particular mission as long as you can down the majority of the NPCs (i.e. leaving only 1-3) before the Machina makes its appearance you should be good. Don't try to be a hero and tank the mechanical giant, there is a Tank NPC that has a lot more HP than you there for that task. Simply help kill the remaining little adds and let the tank do his job. If the Machina gets on you just kite it if your HP is low. Pop a Hi Pot if needed and simply keep running until the tank NPC peels it back off you.

    Basically as long as you help kill the npcs at a quick enough pace your NPC helpers will remain alive and make this fight a breeze. The tank NPC will start busting out some pretty heavy DD attacks on the Machina once it makes an appearance.

  6. metallicorphan

    metallicorphan Crystal Brave

    Thanks for the answers guys

    'kite' is a new term for me,but i know what you mean..I will give it a shot

    I forgot i had Hi Potions in my inventory,i just have normal potions on my hotbar,so thats one thing i can remedy<<heh heh

  7. metallicorphan

    metallicorphan Crystal Brave

    Managed to finish the mission,it was a close call with all my guys dead and the Vanguard with an inch or two of health,i had to just run about curing myself with potions or cure and then hitting him once or twice and then running off again before he could use his bug guns on me

    and then Wedge came in as well,yay..and the airship was called Little Bronco like Cids plane in FF7

  8. Bastion Riddicker

    Bastion Riddicker New Member

    I am still dying here, level 22 gladiator.

    I get all the npcs down to just 1 guy... but by then, my own guys are all dead and i have no heals.

    I tried taking out their healer first, which seems to work best thus far.. but the magitek vanguard comes out and just destroys my team before im done killing the npcs. What am i doing wrong? Ive tried flash on all of them, as well as the vanguard... I've tried not doing that and going just after the npcs... but all of my own flames guys just die on me.. wtf.
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    Ok so.. nevermind. Don't know how it happened, but after the 10th fight or so... my hp was suddenly doubled?

    not sure whats up with that, but i took out the healer first. as well as repaired all my damaged armor after dying so much.

  9. metallicorphan

    metallicorphan Crystal Brave

    eughh...not looking forward to doing this mission again

    Although they have made the game easier since Phase 3,i am still thinking i may struggle with this mission

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